listingbook: I Finally Found My Dream House... - 08/15/08 04:15 AM
A number of years ago, my brother and I were out for a Sunday drive when we stumbled upon this absurd property for sale. We couldn't really see much of the house itself because it was set quite far back from the road with a fair amount of foliage obscuring the view. We could, however, tell that it was very unique and really exquisite. Not only did the house itself appear to be beautiful and very large, but it sat upon 13 acres in the middle of a country club community (that's pretty unheard of in Greensboro). Ever since, it has become a fairly regular topic of … (2 comments)

listingbook: Straight From the Mouths of Agents... - 08/14/08 03:01 AM
On another blog, Larry Szolosi, a Listingbook member from Fort Myers, Florida, gave a fantastic example of how Listingbook works for the agent. With his permission, I am reposting his example below:
"Our MLS had a lot of features that most people did not use or didn't even know they existed. Then they added Listingbook and I am not sure when but after I discovered it and started using it, it was everything you could ask for and more. Here are a few of the things I found that are great about it.Example:  A particular buyer calls you and says they are … (2 comments)

listingbook: The ActiveRain Points System - 08/13/08 01:35 AM
As a new ActiveRain member, I have yet to completely explore all of the site's features. Not by a long shot. I have, however, become fairly acquainted with the points sustem that seems to somehow spur me on in a rather unexpected manner. I feel a bit like a child at Chuck E. Cheese's trying to earn enough tickets to get a free bouncy ball or chinese finger trap. So my question to all ActiveRain members is this:
Do you find that ActiveRain's point system provides an extra incentive to participate in the community?
Any comments would be much appreciated.

listingbook: Want to Put a Link From Your Own Website to Your Listingbook Sign Up Page? - 08/12/08 06:07 AM
This video, created by a Listingbook user, shows how to add a Listingbook focus box to your own website in order to easily direct people to your Listingbook sign up page. It's a very cool user tip!
***I should clarify that this is a user tip that only works for Keller Williams agents. However, it is a good example of a way in which a Listingbook user found a cool, new way of using Listingbook. If any other Listingbook users have tips, please feel free to share them!

listingbook: Listingbook in The New York Times!!! - 08/12/08 05:13 AM
Check out this article about Listingbook from Friday's New York Times:
The Web As Real Estate Trove
I plan on posting something with more content later today. I just got back from Kiawah, South Carolina, and I must say to those of you from South Carolina, WOW! What a beautiful State!

listingbook: Another Random Fact... - 08/08/08 04:11 AM
I found this fact on the Associated Content website and thought it was quite interesting. Even better, it relates in a roundabout way to the only kind of real estate that I've ever personally bought or sold (the Monopoly kind):
The game board streets in original Monopoly are named after streets in the gambling resort city of Atlantic City, New Jersey. In 1972, when an Atlantic City Commissioner wanted to change the names of Baltic and Mediterranean Avenues, he was met with a vocal demonstration from hundreds of fanatic Monopoly fans along with a letter from the president of Parker Brothers, … (1 comments)

listingbook: Listingbook in Minnesota! - 08/08/08 01:27 AM
I've recently learned that Listingbook will be holding agent Lift Off sessions for Northstar MLS members in Minnesota! I believe that Listingbook has been up and running in the Twin Cities area for a couple of months now, but in mid-September we will be officially launching Listingbook in MN. As part of Lift Off, we will bring in Listingbook specialists to help agents open accounts and demonstrate how you can use Listngbook to its fullest. So for those of you in Minnesota, keep your eyes open for an invitation to Listingbook Lift Off. I believe you can go ahead and open a Listingbook account today … (2 comments)

listingbook: How Do You Deal With Rising Gas Prices? - 08/07/08 01:24 AM
Driving to work this morning, I suddenly realized that I was about five miles away from completey running out of gas. This doesn't happen all that often. I tend to be pretty careful about checking how much I have left, and I usually don't like going under a quarter of the tank. I pulled into the closest gas station and proceeded to fill up my tank. All twenty-one gallons of it. At $4.11 a gallon. Wow.
I have spent the last four year in New England (where gas is certainly more expensive than in North Carolina), but I had never before filled up nearly my entire … (9 comments)

listingbook: Completely Random, Though Hopefully Interesting, Fact Of the Day! - 08/06/08 02:20 AM
Perhaps this is already common knowledge, but I recently learned that there is now a major dispute over which illness actually caused Franklin D. Roosevelt's paralysis. For many years (since the initial diagnosis), it has been believed that FDR suffered from paralytic poliomyelitis (polio), which was a major epidemic of the era. Recent studies, however, suggest that FDR's age at the time of contraction, the symptoms he suffered, and the progression of the illness point much more toward Guillain-Barre syndrome than polio.
I feel a bit like everything I learned in my 4th grade American History class must be a sham...
**This … (8 comments)

listingbook: Listingbook Is Coming to Northern Florida! - 08/06/08 01:59 AM
Listingbook is launching in Northern Florida! If you're a member of NEFMLS, starting next Wednesday you'll be able to sign up for a free Listingbook account. We've had beta agents using the system since early July and have been receiving fantastic feedback from them. So, if you're in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas, mark it on your calendar to get your account next Wednesday. Again, it's free and takes about 3 minutes to register (I actually clocked it a couple of days ago). Don't just take my word for it that Listingbook can help you increase your profits while lessening your work load, go ahead and try it … (4 comments)

listingbook: How do you like to communicate? - 08/05/08 02:29 AM
I have a blackberry addiction. There. I've said it. I feel anxious when I can't find my phone or leave it behind, and the mere feel of the device in my hand gives me a sense of overwhelming comfort. As disturbing as my PDA dependence might be, I have noticed that I am certainly not alone. Most of my friends (who, like myself, are in their early 20s) also carry around their crackberrys, iphones, treos, etc as if the devices were little electronic lifelines. We use them to text message, blackberry message, surf the web, check our email, and, of course, to … (5 comments)

listingbook: Again, what is it exactly? - 08/04/08 03:08 AM
In case my explanation of Listingbook under the comments sction of my "What do agents want"? post wasn't clear, I am also going to post a link to a page that may be more useful. Turn your volume on before clicking the link if you would like to hear what the virtual assistant on the page has to say.
Also, I would like to thank all of the activerain members who have messaged me with such warm welcomes! I think it's probably safe to say that this is perhaps the single friendliest community on the internet!

listingbook: How do YOU utilize Listingbook? - 08/01/08 03:31 AM
I want to put up one more post today, though in a slightly different topical vein. For those of you who are already Listingbook users, I'm interested in knowing what features of the program you find most useful? Are there other features that you simply don't use or find superfluous? And most importantly, do you seasoned Listingbook users out there have any tips for other users? I'm not asking for testimonials, I would just like to start a conversation that will allow new users (I include myself in this category, as I am indeed a new user) to benefit from the … (18 comments)

listingbook: What do agents want? - 08/01/08 02:46 AM
I am not a real estate agent. In fact, I've never even bought or sold a house. However, as an employee of Listingbook (one of the few who does not have some sort of real estate background), I am desperately trying to learn as much as I can about the real estate industry as quickly as I can. I have read real estate publications (from the very local to the national), I've spoken to agents and brokers about their business, and I've read a vast multitude of blogs. Now I ask you, members of ActiveRain, what do you percieve to be the … (8 comments)


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