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Words of wisdom from Yoda in "Star Wars": "NO! Try NOT! Do or do not. There is no try." Yoda seemed to be telling Luke not to try. If his attitude was that of trying, Yoda's advice was simply, "NO! Try not." I just love the sequence of the quote, because Joda first stopped Luke then went on to e...
In a short devotional at church today, I told the congregation that I am a lucky woman, having hit the TRIFECTA of fathers, for I have been blessed by three wonderful Dads in my life--my Dad, my father-in-law, and my husband. We were never allowed to call my Dad "Father," because he said that the...
If most Americans were not buried under revolving credit, I believe they would be able to afford their house payments. Credit card companies charge rates that, in any other time in recorded history, would have been considered usury rates. And in any other time in history, that would have been a c...
My Palm Centro and I have been fighting for a week now. It will not download my email anymore. I've spent over four hours on the phone with tech support people who treat me like an idiot and instruct me do the same things over and over. First ATT, then Palm, then my internet service provider. The...
Two things really irritate me in day-to-day business. Inadequate contact info on email communications Inadequate contact info on voicemail communication* Solving the email issue is very easy if you simply set up an automatic signature in your email client. Every email should contain basic informa...
  You have just got to see Craig Snead's photos of the baby Hummingbirds. The video is amazing,so don't forget to click on it. I'm sure most people overlook the wonderful nests in the wild, simply because they are so small. I am disabling comments, so be sure to go on over to the original post an...
While we were taking photos, I even joked about the supposed ghost, referring to the resident Haint or Haints. My associate, a highly-educated, intelligent woman, cast a scornful look at me, "You summons them when you talk about them!" "Oh, OKAY!"  I said, somewhat sarcastically. "You mean that y...
Are you having trouble with the concept of Designated Agency? Here's an analogy that I believe might be helpful. Doctors join together in a practice in which each is still an independent contractor. Each doctor has her own patients, but they mutually share overhead expenses, physical plant, and s...
Start your day off with a laugh about the frustrations we all face in this "moving target" industry. THIS is one of those times when there are definitely days when we don't know whether to laugh or to cry. Cherimie Crane is so RIGHT ON! I'm following her example, though, and choosing to laugh abo...
My words, my photo, my listing; but I did not place the ad on Craig's list, and the house is definitely NOT for rent.  Craig's List promptly removed the ad, when we reported it as a scam, and the local police called it an attempt at "theft by deceit." The police, however, say they do not have th...

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