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How often do you get a lead based paint disclosure that is incorrectly completed? Honestly, now, isn't that form the one that is most often done wrong? Buyers and sellers sign it, and that may be the only consistently correct part of the form. One or the other agent often fails to sign it. Someon...
Rejected with no counter? They can't do that! Yes, they can because they own the house. Worse yet, the seller might not even answer, choosing instead to let the offer simply die. Why would a seller choose to reject with no counter or to simply let an offer die? Most often, it's because the seller...
WHEN I am a buyer's rep and when the client asks, I do give my opinion--always in light of the fact that "this is your decision and your money." For instance, I do use the following phrases: That offer is a good place to start... I'm concerned about... If this is THE house... Have you thought abo...
This election night marks a major triumph for me--no matter what the vote count turns out to be. Four weeks ago, I had quadruple bypass surgery, and a huge goal for me has been to be well enough to work the polls for this election. You see, I have been an election judge for over 20 years, and I a...
You want to vote November 6, but you are a little confused about where your polling place is. No problem, because you have a number of ways to find out where to vote. The State of Missouri has a convenient look-up tool that can be accessed HERE. A complete list of polling places and their address...
 Owner occupants are given preferential consideration in the purchase of a Fannie Mae owned property. But the buyer or buyers must be individuals. Corporations, LLCs, and Trusts need not apply. Fannie Mae's policy is that entities are always considered investors. As such, they must wait until aft...
What does FirstLook mean on a Fannie Mae owned property? Fannie Mae may market a home exclusively to owner occupants during the FirstLook timeframe. During that timeframe, usually the first 15 days a home is listed, only offers from owner occupants will be reviewed. FirstLook is defined by Fannie...
I have a long-time acquaintance (yes, I'd call him a friend) who phoned me not long after I got home from the hospital. He said that he was glad that I am doing well following quadruple bypass surgery and admitted how shocked he had been to hear about it. It was good to talk to him UNTIL he said ...
And just how did I become a CABBAGE? After hearing nurses use the term "cabbage" several times, I asked what it meant. Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG or "cabbage") was the answer, and they were referring to ME. Much to the surprise of almost everyone who knows me, I had quadruple coronary byp...

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