cape girardeau real estate agent: REO property had accepted offer in two days. Is that fishy? - 11/01/13 02:51 PM
Question: "I bid today on a Fannie Mae REO property in FL that came on the market 2 days ago just to find out that they had already accepted an offer... I suspect something is shady with this listing. Can you please give me feedback about what I can do? I thought that Fannie Mae properties should stay at least a week in the market." 
Answer: There is a three day "seasoning" time for Fannie Mae listings, but that is three days on necessarily the same as marketing days in the local MLS.  It is highly possible that a listing … (15 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Poetic sounds of the coming summer... - 03/17/13 08:43 AM
Bass notes reverberating from open car windows, children laughing as they try to conquer hoola hoops, birds singing in still barren trees, and the ice cream truck preemptively summonsing eager buyers...the sounds of warm weather were all around me last week as the temperatures rose into the 70's for two days. The highs today are in the mid-30's with a cold rain and heavy sky, so last week was a mere fore-shadowing of days to come.
My office space is in a mixed-use neighborhood near our small downtown with apartment buildings right behind and on either side and a liquor store two doors … (0 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Welcome back, Daylight Savings Time! - 03/11/13 01:43 PM
Welcome back, Daylight Savings Time! You are a friend of real estate agents, because you give us a golden hour during which we can show houses.That is one more hour each day at a time when clients are home from work and can actually tour a house or two before darkness settles over the yards and home exteriors that they want to see.
We need nice weather, too, but that will come as Spring edges ever nearer. Of course, Spring gives us a few minutes extra each month, but you give us an hour all at once. Together, you two certainly … (8 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Cape Girardeau County Board of Realtors Installation Banquet 2013 - 11/30/12 12:32 PM
Congratulations to Wendy Marberry, 2012 Realtor of the Year! Wendy's selection was announced Friday, Nov. 30, 2012, at the Installation Banquet and 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Cape Girardeau County Board of Realtors. Also recognized at the banquet were 2013 officers and directors of the Board of Realtors: Elizabeth McFerron, president; Tina McMahon, vice president; Katherine Devor, secretary, Kenneth Kiefer, treasurer; Liz Lockhart and Wendy Marberry, local directors; and Wanda Duncan, Debbie Thurman, and David Soto Sr., state directors. Outgoing president is David Soto Sr. Incoming 2013 officers of the Cape Girardeau County Multiple Listing Service are as follows: Patricia … (0 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Bye to an era... - 11/23/12 06:03 AM
I admit to being a lightweight shopper. To me, shopping is a chore, not a sport. So the Black Friday hoopla is pretty meaningless to me. Most of my adult life, we traveled to see family over the holiday. Having just arrived and already facing the trip back home meant that shopping on the day after Thanksgiving or the day after Christmas just had no charm at all.
Once, I talked my husband and mother-in-law into braving the crowds for Black Friday. I wanted to snag some clothing bargains I had seen advertised. The crowds were ridiculous, the parking nearly impossible, and all of the … (4 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: From Pacific to Terrific - 05/09/12 09:17 AM
Nobody likes traffic detours or delays due to construction, but Cape Girardeau's city government does seem to be getting it right. Only one or two blocks can be closed at a time as Broadway gets its facelife, a project city leaders have dubbed "Building a Better Broadway." Contractors are about to finish, and OPEN, the first segment of the project a few days ahead of schedule.
That means that the next segment will be underway, and closed, a few days early. Detailed descriptions of the route affected are updated regularly and can be found by clicking the link below:
An overview … (0 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Stop it! *And I mean NOW!* - 12/30/11 12:16 PM
Dear Agent: Don't email me every time you get a price reduction, a new listing, or your seller decides to offer a selling agent bonus (unless--maybe--if it's enough to finance a family vacation).
I  pay MLS dues. That means I get updated information through MLS. Your email notices to me are spam, and they clog up my email. The MLS HotSheet works just fine for me. During this very busy end of the year, holiday time, I received the following email announcements today from local agents:
Hello fellow Realtors,   We have a new price on our listing ...... Great home, … (6 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna use sports quotes - 12/28/11 05:19 PM
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. ~Wayne Gretzky I first heard that slice of wisdom from my daughter's church league basketball coach nearly 20 years ago. He put it on hand-written signs for every girl to post in her room. I thought then that it was a basketball quote, but also I know it's a life philosophy. Today, while trying to find the author's name, I discovered that hockey great Wayne Gretzky is responsible for those wise words.
Turns out, Gretzky quotes apply to real estate decisions and even to a real estate career.
I skate … (6 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: TEXT-o-bia: My text phobia - 09/30/11 12:14 PM

In spite of the limitations of texting, I find more and more agents are trying to have negotiation conversations back and forth using text messages. While any written form is better than verbal back-and-forths, the text method is very difficult to print and/or save in a permanent fashion.
I admit that this is a pet peeve of mine. Text messages are often garbled and riddled with misspellings and abrv.  Sorry, I just couldn't help myself--the irony of abbreviating the word "abbreviations" was too tempting. I guess that I should pick out some wrods to spel wroong, two. My "predictive" … (40 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Sorry, Charlie! You are ineligible to write that offer! - 08/25/11 04:51 AM
HUD does NOT notify companies when their NAID number is expiring. The day you write an offer is NOT the time to discover that your firm's NAID (Name Address IDentifier) has expired. Any agent representing a client in the purchase of a HUD-owned property must have an active NAID number, and an expired one cannot be used even temporarily. 
NAID numbers must be renewed annually, and the process has no fast-track option. Finding the renewal date is easy. Follow these steps:

Go to the the HUDHomestore website by clicking HERE.
 Click on the NAID Registration link (note … (5 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: The early bid wins: Sequence does matter on BidSelect - 05/27/11 02:04 PM
Daily bids on BidSelect are looked at IN SEQUENCE. The first one that meets the required criteria will be awarded the contract, with subsequent bids not even visible to the asset manager when the property is a First Preston listing. The AM cannot open subsequent bids already in the system. I was surprised to learn (via one of our regularly-scheduled, required teleconference calls) about the sequential method and the system rules that lock the remaining bids.
The lesson here is to make your client's bid EARLY in the day, rather than waiting until just before the bid deadline. If your bid is … (4 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: When does the creepy, crawly go away? - 05/21/11 07:17 PM
I needed to do a property check on a listing of mine, a cabin on a remote three-acre parcel in a neighboring, rural county. What a lovely day it was to take a drive out to the country--temperatures in the 70s, sunny with a light breeze, the smell of honeysuckle in the air. So my husband and I grabbed the camera, stopped for gas, went through a Sonic for refreshment, and off we went.
From the US highway to the state highway to the secondary road, then we finally headed down the gravel lane to the cabin tucked away in the woods. Walking across the yard, I … (4 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Everything you always NEEDED to ask but forgot to ask - 05/19/11 04:43 PM
Scattered over the last two plus years are pieces I have written on how to swim with the sharks in the foreclosure market. Agents and buyers, alike, often struggle with parts of the process, so I am including links below to some of my "how to" entries.
Facts about purchasing a HUD property that you may not know: The Buyer has to Turn on the Utilities?
Registering and bidding on a HUD property: Illustrated guide to using HUDHomestore
Time of day to make your client's bid: Timing DOES matter on BidSelect
REO basics, including what the initials mean: Rio? As in Rio … (10 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Affordable homes on tour today - 05/15/11 03:45 AM
Homes priced under $175,000 will be featured today on the Wells Fargo Affordable Homes Tour. Get your home tour flyer in today's SE Missourian or stop at Beef O Brady's at 1pm. Register at each house you tour for a chance to win a 32 inch flat screen TV. Drawing participants must start and end at Beef O Brady's.
For a complete list of homes on tour today (including the Affordable Homes Tour and all others), buyers can also look online at the following sites:
Tour list on HouseviewOnline
Tour list on SEMissourian
It's a great time of the year to get into … (4 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Can't you hear that ice cream truck? - 05/09/11 04:20 PM
I saw an ice cream truck this weekend; the temperatures are going to be in the 80s for three days in a row; local university students are taking finals this week; area 2011 proms are history; air conditioners are going on all over town, and the water park is getting ready to open... all signs that the best selling season is here!
I am tired of the gloom and doom about the housing market, and I believe there are buyers out there who are, too. I remember hearing some sage advice when I was thinking of starting a family. "If you wait … (8 comments)

cape girardeau real estate agent: Who comes first: Gene Mundt or Liz Lockhart? Or how Gene helps keep agents safe - 05/07/11 05:54 PM
In his blog Lenders are Cyclops, Gene Mundt points out that first time buyers usually contact an agent before they see a lender, and that may be true. I have found that many first time buyers who come to me have already contacted a lender, not most of them but more and more of them. That bodes well for their buying process. If they have been lurking on the internet, they have probably also had questions about financing. I just hope they posed those questions to a LOCAL lender, not an "internet" lender. I do have to admit that I sometimes suppress … (12 comments)

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