liz lockhart realtor: Sorry, Charlie! You are ineligible to write that offer! - 08/25/11 04:51 AM
HUD does NOT notify companies when their NAID number is expiring. The day you write an offer is NOT the time to discover that your firm's NAID (Name Address IDentifier) has expired. Any agent representing a client in the purchase of a HUD-owned property must have an active NAID number, and an expired one cannot be used even temporarily. 
NAID numbers must be renewed annually, and the process has no fast-track option. Finding the renewal date is easy. Follow these steps:

Go to the the HUDHomestore website by clicking HERE.
 Click on the NAID Registration link (note … (5 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: School district calendars for Cape Girardeau County - 08/23/11 02:30 PM

Schools all over Cape Girardeau County are beginning the academic year. Click on the appropriate links below to see the calendars for the public school districts in Cape Girardeau County. Most districts also have websites for the individual school buildings within the district.
Cape Girardeau School District's calendar can be found HERE. Jackson R-2 school calendar can be found HERE. Delta R-5 school calendar can be found HERE. Oak Ridge R-IV school calendar can be found HERE. Nell Holcomb school calendar can be found HERE. … (0 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Cash is king—or IS it? How to make a Highest and Best offer that wins - 01/10/11 04:01 PM
When a seller calls for Highest and Best offers, the highest offer may not be the best offer. Cash is king sometimes, but other factors come into play in a Highest and Best situation—net to the seller, timing of closing, and the least number of obstacles to successful closing.
1.  Bottom dollar: Whether it is a financed deal or a cash deal, the seller walks away with cash at the end of the transaction in all instances except contract for deed (seller finance), so the cash that is king is the offer which will result in the most money to the … (16 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Baby, it's cold outside so winterize vacant houses - 01/08/11 03:47 PM
My client was desperate. She was going to lose her house to foreclosure, unless I could negotiate a successful short sale. After several weeks of dealing with her lender, we were well into the process. The weather was getting colder, and my seller moved out of state soon after the house went on market. As we were discussing her pending move, I cautioned her that she should hire a plumber to have the house winterized prior to leaving. She promised she would.
The story of a short sale is not usually short, but I did find a buyer in a few … (9 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Enough already! I'll go to the doctor - 01/06/11 03:37 PM
"Go home. You look terrible." "You don't sound like yourself." "What did the doctor say?" "I'd ask you to lunch, but..."
So I did go to the doctor. After all, I was already dressed and at the office for what I had planned to be a very short day to complete urgent tasks. I figured I might as well spend a couple of hours at the walk-in clinic, before dragging myself back to bed. I was very careful to use hand sanitizer before touching anything in the office that would be used by another person. I even carried the sanitizer with … (5 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Agents earn $1500 Fannie Mae bonus - 01/01/11 05:13 PM
While the last week of the year was definitely stressful, two local agents walked away with their $1500 agent bonuses on my listings, as promised by Fannie Mae.
Though there were no bonuses for me as the listing agent, agents for the owner occupant buyers did get their promised bonuses--and it was rewarding to go to those closings Thursday.
Both of these closings were troubled closings, taking extra effort from all involved to actually meet the end of year deadline. I'd say the incentive definitely worked! Lenders, title companies, and the asset managers all worked extra hours to be sure the agents and … (10 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: So WHAT? - 01/01/11 10:11 AM

"So WHAT!" Sounds insolent or rude, doesn't it? Wait a minute. It might just be the key to a successful future.
Before real estate, which BTW is the most profitable career I've ever had, I spent a few years as a traveling sales rep. That company put salespeople through periodic "sales training" courses. The most dreaded part of the yearly cycle for me, though, was filling out what the manager referred to as the yearly commitment forms.
One of the trainers kept saying "so WHAT?" during discussions with sales reps about their goal-setting or sales activities. I thought he was being … (38 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Hey, FTC and FCC! Please make a difference in 2011 - 12/31/10 04:05 AM
You want to make a big 2011 difference for nearly every consumer in America? Put a stop to the insidious alliance between cell phone makers and cell service providers! How did we come to the place where every new consumer device is inextricably tied to a particular vendor and a rigid contract?
Of course I can buy the latest new phone separately for what we all know is an inflated price. If HTC can somehow supply its newest Droid to Sprint who can then re-sell it for $140, don't tell me that the $650 price to me represents anything but marketplace blackmail.

liz lockhart realtor: I resolve to feel guilty - 12/30/10 02:52 PM
I resolve to admit that I've done something wrong and at least feel guilty about it, when I look away from the road while driving. I resolve to fight the ever-growing list of distractions in my car.
AT&T has released a powerful new video that helped me decide on this resolution:
They Were Expert Texters
I wear a blinking blue earring(bluetooth) so I can talk hands-free while driving, but my smart phone still has the power to divert my attention in many other ways--checking the time (habit mostly, as the car has a clock on the dashboard), checking for new emails, looking … (5 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: One of us is not like the others! - 12/11/10 10:19 AM

I had to turn my car around and go back to take this photo when I passed Cedar Hills Subdivision this morning (Hwy 177 just at the north edge of the Cape Girardeau, MO, city limits). It sure looks like this flock is being led by the one "snow" looking goose! Actually, I believe that these geese are the locals who live at the subdivision's lakes.

Unlike the city flock at Capaha Park, these guys do not have shelter. With a major winter blast coming in tonight, I hope they find a place to hunker down!

liz lockhart realtor: From the ventilator to Thanksgiving - 11/25/10 01:24 PM
For three weeks last month, death hovered around my Mom. I took her to the doctor that first week of October, because she had been losing weight and was getting increasingly weaker. She would barely keep her eyes open. Since Mom had suffered bouts of MRSA twice before and had gone through a tough round of pneumonia in January, we decided to take her to the office of one of the doctors who had treated her in the hospital. She had only been running a slight temperature sporadically and her care-givers at the nursing home thought she just had a "little bug," but the doctor … (6 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Please spell check your listings! - 10/16/10 02:52 PM
Look for the little ABC everywhere online, and use the spell check it offers. I am amazed at how many listings are full of spelling errors. I understand grammar issues such as non-standard capitalization, industry abbreviations, and partial sentences (and I believe the readers do, too) in advertising; but spelling errors are lazy errors. 
When it comes to real estate listings, much of a listing's web presence is populated by a pass-through of the MLS sheet via IDX; so that MLS sheet is really important! Even when you correct the MLS entry, the first version of the listing info has already been spun out over the web; … (7 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Don't be afraid to eat the sea grapes! - 09/25/10 12:44 PM
"Most tourists are afraid to eat the sea grapes. They think they are poison," our taxi driver, Hubert Bowe, said in his melodic Bahamian accent when I asked if we could stop and taste a grape. "Of course we can," he said, "whatever you want." I figured that we needed his expertise to be sure we got a ripe grape, and he not only showed us what a ripe one looks like, he climbed up into the tree to pick some from the higher branches.
Eva and Tom Bryce (Century 21 North Homes Realty in Lynnwood, Wash) and my husband Floyd and … (8 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: I LOVE this lawn! - 09/22/10 11:04 AM

I wanted to be sure that they did not take flight and end up in the grill of my car, so I slowed down. At first, they were watching me while I was watching them graze in the expansive front lawn of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. I couldn't believe it when they alerted but did not run from me as I pulled my car into the lane and grabbed my camera.
Though I was sure that I would never be so lucky as to actually get a decent photo, I did manage to get outside of the car and take a … (3 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Must and MUST NOT! - 09/21/10 01:14 PM
I pulled the car over and said to my house-hunting passengers "We need to talk." They were cornered unless they wanted to get out and walk; and at first, they were a little stunned. After all, I had not given them the fabled fair warning, "If you don't stop fighting, I'm going to have to pull this car over!" 
"In your price range, we are not going to find a perfect house. If that price range is not negotiable, we have to identify what is most important to you. You are never going to agree on everything," I told them, "so let's agree on three … (39 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Sometimes I drive by your house... - 09/20/10 04:47 PM
Now that I've been a REALTOR® for a few years, I understand the connection an agent has to a house she listed or sold. After I have listed it or sold it, the house is no longer just another house. I know its rooms. I have been in the basement and looked where most visitors never would--the furnace, the hot water heater, the garbage disposal under the sink, the storage areas in the basement and the attic, the closets, and the garage. It was an intense relationship while it lasted. When I drive by, I cannot help but think, "I sold that house. I know … (10 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: CRASH and BURN, helicopter!!! - 09/19/10 02:42 PM

"You have to find something really bad, like termites, to get out of the contract," the young woman's father warned her emphatically. (Actually, you have an inspection clause and a financing clause.)
"You aren't going to get your down-payment back, so think about that before you fill out any papers!" (It's earnest money, not down-payment money, and it is refundable under specified terms.)
"Flashing is on the edge of the roof. I don't see how that would make it leak in the middle." (The flashing which was replaced was around the chimney and in one valley. The ceiling has also been repaired, and it no longer … (6 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: Staging and decorating are not the same thing! - 09/17/10 04:28 PM
Staging is not decorating. In fact, they are opposite in many ways! When you are preparing a house for sale, knowing the difference is important. The purpose of interior decorating is to personalize the house and make it your unique space, fitting in with your taste and life style. Staging has as its purpose the depersonalization of the space with the goal of opening it up and appealing to a wide audience.
What follows is a tale of two houses: One whose seller agreed to make some changes and another whose seller decided cut some corners.
The first seller wanted to … (14 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: See ya at the Cape! - 09/16/10 02:51 PM
Cape Girardeau, Missouri, that is!
Cape is the place to be this weekend with events including the City of Roses Half Marathon, the River Tales Classic Car Show, Mississippi River Walk, Tunes at Twilight, and several other events that will keep your dance card filled. The SEMO District Fair continues all week, as well. Looking forward, the River City Music Festival will be Oct. 1-2 in downtown Cape Girardeau. 
Stephanie Lynch, Director of Public Relations/Marketing of the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau, publishes newsletters and calendars every month on the web and via email. See the webpage here: VisitCape
Janet Wade at also does a fantastic job in publicizing local events. Her … (2 comments)

liz lockhart realtor: I know what it sold for at the courthouse (part 1) - 09/13/10 03:44 PM
Courthouse foreclosure sales usually result in the mortgage holder buying back the property. Spectators often believe that final bid represents what the bank will take when they resell the house.
After the courthouse sale, speculators may start trying to make offers according to the ending bid. They try on their own to make an offer to the bank and then they seek out an agent who they believe can help them snatch up the property. Especially if they attended the courthouse sale, they believe they have inside knowledge about what to offer; and that makes them anxious to lock in a deal.
Several things are … (7 comments)

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