blogging footprint: What's Your Blogging Footprint? - 11/28/09 02:34 PM
There's lots of talk these days about 'Carbon Footprints'... What about Blogging Footprints? 
We wouldn't be writing if we didn't expect our blogs to have an impact - but what kind?  Sometimes they're informative or helpful, sometimes they provide love and light and then again sometimes not. We can have a myriad of effects on those people that read our Blogs. 
Our Blogs carry with them their own energy.  They can be fresh, creative and inspiring...or negative, critical and stagnant. They can bring laughter and tears and their own special 'Aha' moments.
What kind of space does your Blog create?  Is it harmonious … (24 comments)

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Liz Moras Migic

Chilliwack, British Columbia - Realtor

Chilliwack, BC

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I look forward to this opportunity to share with both my fellow Realtors and my local community...some local anecdotes, tidbits of info - community profiles, real estate savy......interspersed with humor and inspiration! Subscribe to Liz Moras' Real Estate Blog Feedjit Live Blog Stats View My Stats By




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