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Liz Spear Team RE/MAX Elite Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.
There's a story about a frog and water.  The story goes, throw a frog in boiling water and it'll jump out immediately.  It recognizes the danger and flees.Now take the same frog and put it in some warm (but not hot) water.  The frog will stay, it's a safe place to be.  Now slowly but steadily rai...
We've made it no secret, we have a LOT of cats, and just like us humans, sometimes they catch a cold.  And a cat that can't smell its food is less likely to eat, so we'll switch up our routine and feed them meat flavored jarred baby food. It doesn't take long to go through a case of 12, and since...
Spring and Summer are typically the busiest times of the year for Greater Cincinnati home sales.  So Spring is here, so is it time to put your home on the market?Well if you're hiring The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite, the answer is YES!  Okay, just kidding...what you should expect from us as yo...
 Today was one of those rare Saturdays for me.  Zero real estate appointments.  I'd had a buyer showing planned, but it was canceled so I had some free time for a home project.Liz had ordered a new dog kennel for our Chihuahuas and it was Ikea style, everything in a box including the chain link. ...
AFFORDABLE NEW CONSTRUCTION PATIO HOMES in Deerfield Township?  For most of our buyers those words are a combination we haven't been able to offer in the Mason/Deerfield Township area.Affordable?  We can find some older, plainer resale patio homes, but they won't be new construction.New construct...
Spring is officially here and if a winter of shoveling snow has you ready for maintenance free living, then perhaps one of Fischer Home's move in ready patio homes is the solution!  They take care of the snow and cut the grass, so you can spend more time enjoying Cincinnati or even heading out of...
Being a real estate agent involves sharing high and low moments with our clients.We get to deliver hope.  We listen to a seller's needs and know the current market and what we can and can't do for them.We've got the answers for the key questions.  How much?  How fast?  What do I need to do to get...
The calendar says tomorrow is the start of Spring!  In our corner of Ohio we've been roller coastering the last few weeks with warm temps and then a little snow, with even a few flakes falling Sunday afternoon.And with Spring comes the chance to finally start catching up on some tasks that we don...
 Sold by The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite in Springboro's Stone Ridge The WoodsWe're seeing signs of the Spring market coming to Springboro, but the biggest challenge to buyers continues:  a scarcity of homes for sale.  The market absorbed more in February and shrunk the number of homes not und...
Most of Warren County Ohio is still in a seller's market.  There just aren't enough homes for sale, especially in the more affordable price ranges.  Go upscale and the builders have you covered, but if you're looking for your first home you may find a VERY competitive market.  You need to get the...

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