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Liz Spear Team Transaction Alliance Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.



It's not too often that a home in our market goes from fresh on the market to closed in under 40 days, but when you match a cash buyer with a home that has been nicely updated, things can move VERY fast!  From contract to closing only took 15 days, and the buyer allowed the sellers an additional ...
Are you ready to buy a house?  Whether you're a first time buyer or an experienced buyer, there are some ground rules that will contribute to a great working relationship!1.  Stay loyal.   If we're doing our job for you, stick with us and ONLY us.  You ONLY need one agent/team working for you.  A...
You were smart and you hired a professional home inspector to fully check out the home you have under contract.  Depending on how in-depth you've asked the home inspector to go, you've arranged for: a whole house inspection termite/wood boring pests radon test And potentially there might be a nee...
This morning was the buyer orientation for our buyers in Brookstone Homes Parkland Meadows community in Symmes Township!We've been watching this home progress steadily since the contract was written in late April.  With closing less than 10 days away, it was time for the builder's superintendent ...
 "That's what I do:  I drink and I know things."  Tyrion Lannister That is one of my favorite lines from Game of Thrones.  As an engineer/real estate agent I'm not much on the drinking part (nothing really stronger than root beer!), but I'm pretty heavy on the "knowing things" part.  It's my job ...
We see a lot of homes in our business.  Sometimes one is all it takes to find the right one for a buyer, sometimes it's dozens.  But when it's THE ONE, they know and we know and we work to make it theirs.But there's one thing we've learned over the years is that you can't judge a home just based ...
One of the absolute best things about this community is the willingness to share and to help others.Over time you get to know people and we share the best and worst of times, both business and personal.We learn from each other, sharing ideas that we'd probably never think of letting a local compe...
If you want to live in the Cincinnati area and build a patio home to own in 2017, it's time to start the process.  Considering most Cincinnati new construction patio homes  take 6-8 months to complete, we're already in the time frame of May 2017 being the soonest you'd be able to move into a comp...
The longer we're in real estate the more apparent it becomes that as an industry we don't do a great job of educating the public on how real estate agents work with the public.  It's readily apparent that the typical consumer doesn't truly understand what is called "agency relationship" or how ag...
As real estate agents we often have buyers ask "How much are the utility bills for the home?" when they're getting serious about buying a particular home.There are two ways to get that information:1.  Ask for it from the sellers2.  Or contact the utility providers to ask for the last 12 months (t...

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Transaction Alliance Cincinnati & Dayton suburbs
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REALTORS(R). Serving Warren County Ohio and adjacent areas from Cincinnati to south Dayton. Observing and reporting on real estate and related topics to help your quality of life! And if you're asking where is Warren County Ohio? We fill the space between Cincinnati and Dayton. Perfect for enjoying the bigger cities without living in them. Places like Mason, Lebanon, Springboro, Waynesville, Franklin and more. Plus lots of rural properties available too. We work with both residential home buyers and sellers and have extensive knowledge of low maintenance living options (patio homes, condos, etc.).