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Liz Spear Team Transaction Alliance Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.



When you live the dual career engineer/real estate life that I do, the meaning of "vacation day" might be a bit different than it means for most people.You think beaches, mountains, plane flights, and cruise ships.  I think "good, I only have ONE job to do today!".  And even that isn't always tot...
At first glance you might think the Drees Homes condos in Springfield Township's Bridgecreek community are small!  But appearances can be deceiving!  During a recent tour fo Bridgecreek condos it was very clear that these condos are anything but small!  While the front may lead you to think there...
Looking for new construction patio homes in the Loveland or Milford area?  We've got news you might be interested in!Ryan Homes is closer to accepting sales for The Villas At Willow Brook Farm patio home community.  It's still a bit iffy on the exact date, but sales are expected to start in the M...
If you don't know where you are, it's tough to figure out how to get to where you want to go.I'm an engineer so I like numbers.Now numbers can be made to dance, and rationalized to tell a story ( MANY #1 agents ARE there in MY town anyway???).But if you're objective in your approach, n...
Seeking maintenance free homes in Greater Cincinnati?  You've got choices!While there's technically no such thing as completely maintenace free housing (unless you're willing to hire a handyman to take care of the routine items like replacing burnt out lightbults and air filters), you CAN get pre...
Looking for affordable low maintenance living in eastern Cincinnati?  Drees Homes is building new construction townhomes in Batavia Ohio in their Crosspointe community!  Located off SR32 and east of 275, these Drees townhomes in Crosspointe are going to make your budget happy!    With starting pr...
I have a problem.  There just aren't enough Greater Cincinnati patio homes for sale on the market!I've got a collection of buyers with specific needs, and not ONE patio home on the market that fits them.Either the location is wrong, the price point isn't right, the patio home needs a basement or ...
Drees Homes is building affordable new construction townhomes in Amelia Ohio!  Located off 125 and east of 275, these Drees townhomes in Woodside Park are VERY affordable!    With starting prices currently as low as $156,100, you can easily finish well under $200,000 with LOTS of nice things insi...
Technology has made a HUGE difference in how much I can do for our buyers.  Some years back I bought a tablet, and thanks to video streaming, it's possible to have a live walk-through for clients that are hundreds, even thousands of miles away.While it's not quite the same as being there, it's pr...
When I was a new real estate agent, I'd pursue any potential client as far as I could.  Hours invested in the hope that SOMETHING good would come out of it.  I didn't always ask the right questions up front, nor recognize the subtle clues that would have warned me that I was entering a pit of was...

Liz and Bill Spear

Transaction Alliance Cincinnati & Dayton suburbs
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REALTORS(R). Serving Warren County Ohio and adjacent areas from Cincinnati to south Dayton. Observing and reporting on real estate and related topics to help your quality of life! And if you're asking where is Warren County Ohio? We fill the space between Cincinnati and Dayton. Perfect for enjoying the bigger cities without living in them. Places like Mason, Lebanon, Springboro, Waynesville, Franklin and more. Plus lots of rural properties available too. We work with both residential home buyers and sellers and have extensive knowledge of low maintenance living options (patio homes, condos, etc.).