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Liz Spear Team Transaction Alliance Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.



We've known about West Chester Ohio's new patio home community for some time, so long in fact that it wasn't always a good fit for some of our buyers. Why? It takes significant time to go from concept to approval to streets laid to actually building homes! So while Epcon's Bel Haven community ha...
Every now and again someone leaves a comment on one of my posts that is something to the effect of:"This post is self-advertising!!".Darned Skippy it is!! That's the primary reason I'm here in this community.If you're thinking I'm here to entertain you, that may happen.If you're thinking I'm here...
One of my earliest memories is going to the Detroit Zoo with my parents, and they bought me a red balloon.  You know young kids and balloons, that's a happy combination.  I hung onto that balloon and when we got back home I tied that balloon to my tricycle handle bar.Well actually I TRIED to tie ...
Let's say you've just started blogging.  Let's assume you understand that blogging is a marathon and not a sprint.How do you know that your blogging is working? There are different signs, some are signs of success in this community, others are signs of successful blogging that leads to business o...
You might want to stay upwind of me.  Right Guard isn't up to battling the sweat saturated, smoky mess I'm in right now.And no, it's not from flipping burgers on a hot Memorial Day weekend, but it's from spending a large chunk of this weekend with our "bee team". We're amateur beekeepers in addit...
Mason Ohio doesn't lack for high end homes.  Locally RE/MAX defines luxury as any home $500,000 and up and the home becomes eligible for special designation and advertising.At $500,000, a typical Mason community would include Carmelle:Now obviously in some parts of the country $500,000 is just a ...
You're ready to make a change from your current home.There's a lot to consider and one of the chief decisions to make is Resale or New Construction?Resale homes are out there, no matter what the market.  They may be scarce or plentiful, but there's always some out there.New construction reacts to...
 Sold by The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite in Springboro's Stone Ridge The WoodsThe shortage of homes for sale continues.  Overall the market in Springboro is reasonably balanced.  Prices are good, foreclosures are nonexistent and time to sell is reasonable.       Stay with us for the full Sprin...
You want to sell your home.The price you get is influenced by a number of factors:The price similar homes sell for.The number of homes on the market.The condition and features of your well you keep it quiet why you're selling your home. You might not think the WHY of your move sho...
 You see them at a glance.  A splash of bright colors announcing Spring has arrived.But look a little closer and you'll quickly realize there is MUCH more going on than you might have realized.  Little patterns, extensions, swirls, a variety of subtle hues.Take a moment and enjoy.What does this h...

Liz and Bill Spear

Transaction Alliance Cincinnati & Dayton suburbs
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REALTORS(R). Serving Warren County Ohio and adjacent areas from Cincinnati to south Dayton. Observing and reporting on real estate and related topics to help your quality of life! And if you're asking where is Warren County Ohio? We fill the space between Cincinnati and Dayton. Perfect for enjoying the bigger cities without living in them. Places like Mason, Lebanon, Springboro, Waynesville, Franklin and more. Plus lots of rural properties available too. We work with both residential home buyers and sellers and have extensive knowledge of low maintenance living options (patio homes, condos, etc.).