blogging tips: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: 7 Keys To Real Estate Blogging Success - 11/17/14 09:19 PM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  7 Keys To Real Estate Blogging Success
Keyboard.  Check.
Blog.  Check.
Brain.  Check.
You've got the essentials you need to turn your ideas into customer contacts.  Now maybe we've oversimplified it a bit, but you've got a pretty powerful tool right between your ears (although it might need some caffeine to get it jump started early in the morning).  You're out and about in your market.  You're talking to buyers and sellers.  You see, you hear, you have the pulse of the market.  The fun part, translating those experiences into blog posts that cause the phone to ring.  … (50 comments)

blogging tips: Ask An Ambassador: Beware The Siren Call of Comments! - 07/01/13 11:20 PM
Ask An Ambassador:  Beware The Siren Call of Comments! Attaboy!
Nice post!
Great information!
Bloggers are human (mostly....we've encountered a couple we wonder about).  We like praise.  No, most of us LOVE praise.  And as bloggers we've got to be careful not to be lured by the siren call of comments (and along the same line, the Pursuit of The Gold Star!).  It's easy to get distracted from our true blogging purpose because that path can be a lonely road with few comments.  It's the nature of posting pure real estate themed topics.  Comments will be almost non-existent, because for the … (61 comments)

blogging tips: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: Tips To Avoid Blogger Burnout! - 05/20/13 10:57 PM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  Tips To Avoid Blogger Burnout!
New blogger or old, sometimes it's difficult to keep the blogging fires stoked and burning bright!  Finding new topics, finding time, finding motivation, there are days even the most dedicated bloggers can have one of those MEHHHH!! days and just not want to put fingers to keyboard!  So what can you do to avoid blogger burnout?  Here's some tips to keep you truckin' along, even when your gas tank is on fumes!
Write some "timeless" posts and put them in draft, fully finished and ready to post.  And by "timeless", we mean posts … (59 comments)

blogging tips: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: What's a Reblog & Should I Disable Comments? - 05/07/13 03:56 AM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  What's a Reblog & Should I Disable Comments?
Your first question might be "What is a reblog?".  Basically, it's the best way to take full advantage of another blogger's work without risking copyright infringement.  Basically every Active Rain blogger gets to decide whether to allow a post to be reblogged or not when they make the original posting by checking or unchecking "Re-blogging" right after the POST TO: section. 
Now I know, we still haven't answered the question, "What is a reblog?".  Basically, it's the republishing of another blogger's post IN IT'S ENTIRETY to your own blog … (63 comments)

blogging tips: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: Should I Write About Local Events & Places? - 04/23/13 12:56 AM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  Should I Write About Local Events & Places?
As a new blogger, often one of the toughest struggles is finding a topic to write about, and their are many paths to follow when blogging.  You could just do nothing but new listings, open houses, subdivisions and the like, and probably be quite successful getting your phone call to ring.
Personally, we prefer more variety in our topic selection.  Variety keeps our interest and prevents blogging from being WORK, and more something that we can enjoy, even when it's a daily task.
And a really fertile field for post … (43 comments)

blogging tips: 10+ Blog Post Ideas To Finish The 31 Blogs In March Challenge - 03/27/13 12:10 AM
10+ Blog Post Ideas To Finish The 31 Blogs In March Challenge
It's Day 27 of the A Blog Each Day in March Challenge and your gray matter starting to feel a little mushy?  Synapses not firing to full capability, but you hate to come so far and sputter out in the last few days?  We're here to help with some ideas to get you through and across the finish line to April 1st!

Go with the obvious:  Easter Egg Hunts.  You've probably got subdivisions holding them, local governments holding them, local churches and organizations. Subdivision posts.  Have you covered all … (22 comments)

blogging tips: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: Why Does My Post Have Scrambled Language?? - 03/25/13 10:51 PM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  Why Does My Post Have Scrambled Language??
Q:  "Why does my post have scrambled language?  All I did was try to copy in a picture!"
A:  Did you get something like this after you posted?
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blogging tips: Blogging Tip: Plan To Amplify Your Work - 01/13/13 06:57 PM
Blogging Tip:  Plan To Amplify Your Work From the outside looking in, blogging may often appear pretty haphazard.  A subdivision post here, a local event there, some general tips on home buying or selling, then suddenly a week straight of nothing but market reports?  Is there REALLY any rhyme or reason to it?
And to a certain extent, perhaps not.  Inspiration strikes, the writer goes with it.  But there are times where you need to plan in order to maximize the power of your posts.
A for instance this weekend:  we have a new listing coming on market this week.  The location Massie … (48 comments)

blogging tips: How To Put Draft Mode To Work For Your Blog - 12/17/12 07:06 PM
How To Put Draft Mode To Work For Your Blog Is your blogging life like a roller coaster, up and down, either a lot of spare time or NO spare time?  You KNOW you need to post to your blog frequently, but your schedule makes it tough to spread out your posts?  You've got a trip coming up for the holidays and that 10 hour drive going to take a HUGE bite out of your day?Well making good use of Active Rain's Draft Mode may be just the ticket for you!  And it can work in more than one way for … (63 comments)

blogging tips: The REAL 30 in 30 Challenge Starts Tomorrow - 11/29/12 09:44 PM
The REAL 30 in 30 Challenge Starts Tomorrow It's a wrap.  You've completed the 30 in 30 Challenge today and you're going to email Kerrie and get those 3000 bonus points.  WOOO HOOOOOO!!!But the REAL challenge starts tomorrow!  The point carrot on a stick is now gone.  It's up to YOU and YOU alone.  Did the last 30 days make a habit, or are you going to take a break??  Because my fear is this:  If you take a day off, you might take two days off.  2 becomes 3 becomes 4 becomes See You Never.  My subscriber roll is populated … (54 comments)

blogging tips: 10 Signs Your Blogging Is Working - 10/11/12 11:33 PM
10 Signs Your Blogging Is Working
So you've started blogging and you're not sure it's working?  You're like everyone in the biz and you want it to work YESTERDAY, and frankly even that isn't soon enough!  But unless you hit the blogger's lottery, chances are it's going to take some time to get those consumer calls!  And maybe never for those calls if your topic selection isn't attuned to what the consumer wants. 
So how do we know our blogging is working?  Here's 10 things that we've had happen that tell us it's working (in no particular order):

1.  Two … (108 comments)

blogging tips: Protect Your Blog, Your Reputation & Your Pocketbook! - 09/19/12 12:30 AM
Protect Your Blog, Your Reputation & Your Pocketbook! Your blog is a projection of yourself.  We (and the consumers) read it and we form opinions of you.  This person is a good agent/stager/mortgage professional/inspector and we'll call them when we have business in their area OR they'll be ice skating in Hell before I call that person!Us personally, we'll tend to give someone the benefit of the doubt (most times) when there's some perceived transgression, especially if it's apparent they're new to blogging.But the bloggers need to do their part to protect themselves too.  You might be inspired by a post … (95 comments)

blogging tips: The Potential Trouble With Niche Blogging - 09/12/12 05:55 AM
The Potential Trouble With Niche Blogging Today something interesting happened.  We get an email from our office admin with contact information for an out of area homeowner thinking about selling his home here after renting it out for several years.  Not just any homeowner, but a patio home owner.  That's our niche.  Dedicated Active Rain Outside Blog for the segment and a lot of extra effort dedicated to knowing that segment of our local marekt.  It's gotten us some business, and more calls and opportunities for actual real estate business than the rest of our "normal" posts combined.  It does its … (24 comments)

blogging tips: Not All Localism Posts Are Created Equal! - 09/03/12 11:30 PM
Not All Localism Posts Are Created Equal! You may ask "BLiz, why do you write so many localism posts?  What's the point?". And we can understand the concern.  Seriously do we expect writing about the local Oktoberfest, Riverfest, Country Applefest or Renaissance Faire to cause local home buyers and sellers to beat down our door demanding to do business with us?Not really, at least not for those type of posts. It could happen, but that's not really the core reason why we do local event posts.  That type of posts serve several functions: 
They improve OUR personal knowledge of our … (95 comments)

blogging tips: Active Rain Not Working For You? Time To Self Assess! - 08/30/12 12:19 AM
Active Rain Not Working For You?  Time To Self Assess!
"I'm blogging on Active Rain, why isn't my phone ringing with READY NOW buyers and sellers?".
Obviously Active Rain is broken.  Doesn't work.  Blogging is overrated.  Uh, yeah, right.....
Sometimes it sucks to be a real estate agent.  We're by and large a VERY impatient group.  We have to wait months and months for closings and getting paid, so when we're prospecting, WE WANT IT NOW!  We want to see that direct mailing, that banner ad, that new website, and yes, our blogging efforts, PAY OFF IMMEDIATELY (if not sooner).
But here's the … (115 comments)

blogging tips: Photos Fuel The Blogging Engine! - 07/20/12 11:12 PM
Photos Fuel The Blogging Engine! Yesterday was a busy real estate day.  Closing in the morning, meeting with a buyer and general contractor in the afternoon, and the usual answering of emails and agent questions.  Today (so far) our schedule is more open, so it's time for a photo safari! Okay, we won't be photo shooting lions, tigers, elephants or anything of the sort, but instead we'll be seeking to capture Suburbia Americana Domestica.  Suburbia Americana Domestica is a vital fuel for our blogging engine, but we're not going to find it at the corner gas station!  This fuel comes in … (33 comments)

blogging tips: How To Create Traffic With Your Blog Post Pictures - 05/12/12 01:31 AM
How To Create Traffic With Your Blog Post Pictures Recently Kathy Streib had a featured post that included some great advice on how to fill out the Image Description and Title sections when you add photos to your blog posts.  You definitely want to get that extra Google power from your photos. But did you know you can also do something a bit extra that can get you more bang for your buck with your photos and drive traffic to your other sites?  After you fill out the photo's Image Description and Title sections and hit insert, you can take another … (77 comments)

blogging tips: New To Blogging? Where Are You From? - 05/09/12 05:50 AM
New To Blogging?  Where Are You From? There are many Active Rainers that as soon as we see their comment or post, we instantly associate them with their town or state.  Name a state and chances are we've got someone (or a whole bunch of someones) mentally tied to that state....and a few friends north of the border if we needs some Canadians too :)And the wonderful thing about having that mental association is that if we have referral business these people who have clearly built up their service area brand are top of mind.  But that top of mind only … (56 comments)

blogging tips: What's In Your Blogger's Tool Bag? - 04/13/12 01:06 AM
What's In Your Blogger's Tool Bag? When we first started blogging almost two years ago our tool bag was empty and we didn't even begin to know what we needed.  We used the Active Rain blog editor and had no idea what we didn't know, just that there was a lot that we didn't know! Now almost two years later we've got a well equipped blogger's tool bag, but always looking to add new tools and capabilities.  So if you're just starting out, we'd like to shorten the learning curve for you!
Internet Browser that works.  For working with Active … (38 comments)

blogging tips: New to Blogging? Don't Fear The Rain! - 03/10/12 10:52 PM
New to Blogging?  Don't Fear The Rain! Okay, so you've found Active Rain.  Whether you came here because someone invited you or you found it on your own, you know you need to increase your Internet presence.  You know people are here to help, but it's still a bit intimidating.  If you're like most people, you take the baby steps.  You start with quietly reading, no commenting.  You're almost afraid to type that first comment.  What if they don't like my comment?  What if they think it's stupid?  And the thought of actually typing that first blog post?  Downright scary! But … (28 comments)

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