cats: Four More Foster Kittens Almost Ready To Be Adopted - 09/17/16 07:35 AM

Yesterday we wrote about one of our "foster failure" cats who went from bottle fed rescue kitten to appearing on the package of Iams kitty snacks!
Now the normal process is NOT for us to adopt our own fosters, but to prep them for future adoption.  The organization Liz works with is primarily a Trap/Neuter/Release (aka TNR) organization based in Cincinnati.  It's a small group with passion for doing some really tough work.  It's not easy trapping cats and you can bet not every cat is pleased about the prospect!  They really don't know that we're there to help them and to … (19 comments)

cats: Stand Aside! Celebrity Cat In Our Midst!!! - 09/16/16 04:46 AM
 "I'm a model, you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah, on the catwalk, on the catwalk, yeah
I do my little turn on the catwalk"  Right Said Fred
Passion is where you find it.  One of Liz's is helping animals.  We have a house full of rescue cats and dogs.  And Liz has found a way to blend that helping animals with helping people too, with our Chihuahua Bunny serving as a pet therapy dog at the local hospice, a senior center and the local VA hospital.  And she's doing her best to get … (11 comments)

cats: We Have Furry Guests :) - 03/12/16 07:10 AM
We Have Furry Guests :)
If you think that all we do is eat, breathe and dream real estate, you'd be off the mark!  No doubt real estate DOES indeed take up a lot of our waking hours (but I can't think of any real estate dreams!), we do more than just that.
Right now we have two new house guests, say hello to Rocky & Coco from Sweet Dream House rescue organization.  They're "mostly" Chihuahua and recently rescued from a hoarding situation.  They're pretty friendly, although still a little bit timid! 
This is Coco, a sweet little girl that will lick you … (15 comments)

cats: Ohio Alleycat Resource Hosts Annual Bowl-a-thon Saturday August 4 2012 - 07/30/12 11:46 PM
Ohio Alleycat Resource Hosts Annual Bowl-a-thon Saturday August 4 2012 If you follow our blog, you know we've got particular love for an area non-profit, Ohio Alleycat Resource & Spay/Neuter Clinic.  These folks absolutely ROCK!  150 cats already adopted out this year and the number is growing fast! When we were "found" by more cats after reaching our maximum capacity, O.A.R. took the three kittens and adopted them out!  We still get updates on Copy Cat via the adopting family's Facebook page :) O.A.R. is a no-kill shelter, and as you can guess, they're never at a lack of work or … (25 comments)

cats: Say Hello To Our Little Friends! - 07/08/12 03:33 AM
Say Hello To Our Little Friends!
We picked up our newest tenants yesterday morning, but they're on a VERY short term lease.  In fact we're pretty sure they're going to skip payment on the rent!  We're fostering two little kittens for O.A.R. (Ohio Alleycat Resource).  That's Clyde up front and his brother Clarence in the back!  Don't ask us about cat genetics because obviously these two aren't twins, and we'd say Clarence might be having a bad hair day! They're both pretty mellow little dudes (maybe because they've been fixed??)!  Our role is to help socialize them and get them … (26 comments)

cats: An Early Christmas Present! - 12/24/11 10:14 AM
An Early Christmas Present! Some of the best presents don't come with wrapping, ribbon and bows!  Some of the best presents aren't even actual gifts to ourselves, but an event!
Last weekend our Pay It Forward post was about Ohio Alleycat Resource and their work to Trap/Spay/Neuter and find homes for deserving kitties!  We'd socialized three feral kittens and placed them with O.A.R. to find new forever homes!  Cleo quickly found a home, but Copy and Paste were still looking for new homes last weekend, but were at a local Petsmart showing their charm and actively looking for a new … (17 comments)

cats: Paying If Forward: More Kitty Donations to Ohio Alleycat Resource - 12/18/11 02:49 AM
Paying If Forward:  More Kitty Donations to Ohio Alleycat Resource  Yes, I know we may come off as the crazy cat people of Warren County!  We've always been animal people with a variety of different furry pets over the decades, and for now, it's cats.  They find us, we take care of them. The last family of kitties that adopted us, well the dad cat is still hanging around and yes, he is using the insulated shelter we built for him.  Mom cat went AWOL (maybe she went back to a previous home?), and of the three kittens, Ohio Alleycat Resource … (15 comments)

cats: Paying It Forward: Building A Cathouse - 11/20/11 09:45 AM
Paying It Forward:  Building A Cathouse HEY!!!  Get your mind out of the gutter!!  That's not LEGAL in Ohio!!  Nope, this cathouse isn't some bordello, but a winter shelter for an outside feral cat that has kind of adopted us.  We call him B.P. or Beepers, he calls us "Where's My Kibble??".  He's the dad of the kittens we socialized this summer and placed for adoption.  He's "fixed", so he won't be contributing to the local feline population any longer.
But winter is coming and if he's not ever going to be an indoor cat (and he won't, our inside cats … (26 comments)

cats: Paying It Forward: Contributing to Five Buck Fix at Ohio Alleycat Resource - 10/09/11 04:18 AM
Paying It Forward:  Contributing to Five Buck Fix at Ohio Alleycat Resource
If you read us, you know we have cats, and that we even had more cats until recently.  Thanks for the Ohio Alleycat Resource & Spay/Neuter Clinic, the three feral kittens we socialized are now being actively adopted out for a home.  O.A.R. has Copy, Paste & Cleo, and they've got their "mug shots" up on to help with the placement.
Now you may not know that October 16th is National Feral Cat Day.   As you're aware, cats and rabbits have more in common than just … (18 comments)

cats: Paying It Forward: The Kittens Are Ready For Their New Home! - 09/25/11 02:35 AM
Paying It Forward:  The Kittens Are Ready For Their New Home!  
Friday was the day.  After close to three months since first having a stray cat bring her three little kittens out from under our deck, we've been working towards finding them a new home.
We captured mom, the three kittens (Cleo, Copy & Paste) and eventually dad cat too.  We took them all to a local cat rescue clinic Ohio Alleycat Resource (OAR) in Cincinnati to get spayed/neutered, shots and parasite treatments, then brought them back home. 
Initially we just expected to do the trap and release (TNR).  … (29 comments)

cats: Paying It Forward: Feed The Kitties! - 06/26/11 02:52 AM
Paying It Forward:  Feed The Kitties! If you've been reading us for awhile you know we're animal lovers.  We've been "found" by cats over the years and adopted a Chihuahua this year so we'd no longer be dogless :) Well we've been "found" again by another mom cat and a trio of kittens.  Two tabbies and a black/white mix, genders unknown!  Our garage "kitty shelter" is already at capacity, so Liz is working with these outside cats to socialize and get them adoptable. The local humane society, while quite good, is always at max capacity for cats, and the borderline feral … (33 comments)

cats: Getting Our Daily Cat Scan :) - 10/10/10 01:36 AM
We can't work in the yard without feeling someone is watching us!  A couple of eyeballs peering at us at all times! 
We have a little cushioned seat next to the window in our home office, and there is almost ALWAYS a cat perched there, watching the birds, squirrels, and threatening the deer if they come in the yard.  And they love to watch us work!  They must think they're in management :)
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!Liz and Bill aka BLizP.S.  If you need someone to watch over your real estate needs, please give The Liz Spear Team … (20 comments)

cats: Liz Spear Team News July 2010 Personal Page - 07/12/10 03:44 PM
Pictured to the right you’ll find the kitties most favorite place to be during the day—  their outside enclosure weather and schedule permitting.  If I’m not in a position during my day to 1) carry them out [individually] and 2) keep an ear open for any ’cat’-astrophe , then they have to stay indoors.  Speaking from experience, pets are like perpetual two year olds with four feet and fur.  And if you have more than one it isn’t a matter of if it’s just a matter of when they get into a disagreement.  And as Cesar Milan says:  we must be … (0 comments)

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