downsizing: Is Your Today Home Ready For Your Tomorrow? - 03/15/19 04:14 PM

You LOVE your home!  It had EVERYTHING you wanted when you bought it years ago!
But things have changed a bit, and you know more changes are coming!
Say for instance you happened to be a soccer goalie once upon a time and while a LOT Of fun at the time, those games took a toll on your knees that didn't fully manifest for years and years after you quit playing.  Flash forward to today and stairs just might not be your friend.  #TrueStory :)
Now swap out whatever pasttime you enjoyed and ask is there going to be a future price to pay?
Or … (2 comments)

downsizing: Downsizing? Buy A Cincinnati Patio Home! - 10/18/18 06:36 PM

You're ready for a change of homes.  Your house is too big or not too big, but there's just sections of it that don't serve a purpose any longer.  That 4th bedroom is one bedroom too many, as are those extra bathrooms.  And the yard?  You're tired of pushing a mower on hot summer days aren't you?  And during the winter when the windchill is minus 10 and you've got to shovel the walk?  Mercy!!!
There's a solution for you that takes care of your concerns, and that solution is a Greater Cincinnati patio home!
First off, downsizing might not be the right … (1 comments)

downsizing: Is Now The Time To Downsize My Home? - 09/08/17 07:46 PM

Quite a few of our Cincinnati patio home buyers are making a tough decision.  Is NOW the time to downsize their home?  Often, they've lived in their current home for decades.  It's comfortable.  They know where everything is, they've known the neighbors forever, but taking care of that home is getting tougher.
Should they just do some remodeling and age in place?  Or is it just TOO MUCH?  Too much home.  Too much lawncare to keep up to their standards.  Just too much to keep up with, and there's that desire to travel on short notice to see the sites or go … (1 comments)

downsizing: Downsizing Your Cincinnati Home in 2016? - 01/28/16 09:41 AM
Downsizing Your Cincinnati Home in 2016?
You've been thinking about it for awhile haven't you?  That home with all the bedrooms just isn't what you need anymore is it?  The last child has flown the nest and you're counting down the months until you retire.  You're paying to heat rooms that no one goes in for weeks at a time.  You've got a lawn to keep up with and it's been years since you needed the extra space to toss or kick a ball around.
It's time to seriously consider, what's next for your home?  It's good to know your options and while … (7 comments)

downsizing: What Are My Home Downsizing Options In Mason Ohio? - 04/15/15 11:33 PM
What Are My Home Downsizing Options In Mason Ohio?
The kids have left and they're off to be Bearcats, Buckeyes and Musketeers.  You've got a huge home and you don't walk in half the rooms for weeks at a time.  Frankly you just don't need all that space and lets not even get into mowing the grass and raking the leaves now that Junior has flown the nest.
It's time.  Not necessarily a much smaller home, but a home puts the emphasis in the right places.  Maybe a home with a few less stairs.  A home that requires less upkeep.  What are your … (9 comments)

downsizing: Are You Thinking About Downsizing In Mason Ohio? - 10/16/14 10:43 PM
Are You Thinking About Downsizing In Mason Ohio?
It's finally happening.  After years and years of life of running the kids to soccer games and gymnastics and other school events, they're growing up and ready to leave the nest.  The youngest is close to graduating high school and frankly a 4 or 5 bedroom home is just WAY more than you want to keep up with!  And the big yard?  Other than going out on the deck to grill some brats and maybe putter around in the flower garden how much time to you spend out there?
So maybe you're thinking … (10 comments)

downsizing: Ready To Downsize? Maybe A Cincinnati Patio Home Is Right For You! - 07/09/14 11:18 PM
Ready To Downsize?  Maybe A Cincinnati Patio Home Is Right For You!
We think it's time for you to consider downsizing to a Cincinnati patio home.  The kids are off to college.  That big yard that was perfect for when the kids were young is now just way more than you want to keep up with.  Mowing, mulching, weeding, you've got PLENTY of other things you'd rather do with your time, right?  And the house itself, probably WAY bigger than you need now, right?  But at this point in your life, you're not ready to give up the nice things either … (18 comments)

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