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I was raised a nomad, a natural byproduct of a father that was enlisted Army and then an office manager for a construction company.  I was born in Anchorage Alaska, my brother born two years later in Okinawa and my sister 5 years after that in Maryland. 
Before my 26 years in Ohio I've lived in Michigan, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina (5 places), Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island (and somehow I feel like I'm leaving out a place or two).  Until junior high we rarely stayed any place much more than a year.  Throw in midshipman training tours … (15 comments)

home: Home Is A Big Blue Marble - 10/31/13 12:15 AM
Home Is A Big Blue Marble
HOME.  Both a physical place and a collection of memories and emotions.  Physical places come and go, memories may fade, but the emotional tie that binds lingers long after departure from the places we called home.  A home is more than sticks and bricks, that place that is ours even when borrowed.  Large, small and everything in between.  When the family is there HOME is a tent in the forest.  HOME is a gray warship with your brothers-in-arms cutting through the waves and marveling after midnight the brillance of the stars and the enormity of … (28 comments)

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Home Is Where.... Home is where....
The bed and pillow fit you You know where the squeaks in the floors and stairs are You know how to work the TV remote and what number your favorite stations are The snacks in the pantry are what you like You can turn the dog loose in the back yard and not follow it around with a plastic bag You know where the electrical breaker box is Your laptop already knows the wireless security code You know where to go in the grocery store to find that ONE item The waitress gives YOU … (38 comments)

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We opened our mailbox yesterday and the front cover of Money magazine declares "AMERICA'S BEST PLACES TO LIVE" & Cincinnati magazine's cover also features "BEST PLACES TO LIVE".  Please note, Money's cover doesn't qualify the story in any way.  BEST places to live!  But flip to the cover story on page 64 and you find there IS more to the story.  Best places this year is only their best rated SMALL cities!  And then to this engineer's delight, page 69 details their process!  You KNOW how we engineers like to know the process! So step 1, start with 746 small cities … (55 comments)

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