home improvements: A Dollar Spent Doesn't Always Add a Dollar To Your Home's Value - 03/15/15 09:00 AM
A Dollar Spent Doesn't Always Add a Dollar To Your Home's Value
There's a misconception that spending money on your home is always a good thing.  That each dollar spent on your home adds value.  Unfortunately, sometimes those thoughts are far from the truth.
Many projects don't change increase the value of your home, and in some cases may even DECREASE the value of your home!
A quick cruise around the MLS looking at homes for sale and you'll quickly find some homes with statements like "$50,000 in improvements!" and a seller asking $50,000 more than they paid for the home within … (19 comments)

home improvements: McCabe Lumber in Loveland Ohio is Key To Enhancing Your Home! - 02/05/11 06:46 AM
McCabe Lumber in Loveland Ohio is Key To Enhancing Your Home!Is a home EVER done?  It's most likely a continually evolving project, striving to add a little extra appeal, a little better livability.  Maybe you're used to shopping at those big box stores and finding the same old, same old for what you can work with to make those improvements. Well today we're going to let you in on a local secret!  McCabe Lumber located at 118 Northeast Dr, Loveland Ohio 45140 (513.683.2662 www.McCabeLumber.com).  You'd never know this showroom packed with home improvement opportunities existed if you didn't have someone tipping … (3 comments)

home improvements: Adding Value to Your Home - 08/22/10 08:23 AM
As Realtors, you're aware of what typically adds value to a home and what doesn't!  You walk the tightrope between personalizing your home to add more enjoyment, but not making something so specific your future pool of potential buyers turns into a mud puddle!This year has been a big year for us in applying some of the lessons we've learned to the exterior of our own home.Earlier this year we replaced all the deck railings from a wood style to coated aluminum and added pre-cut decorative top rails and pre-made post caps.  Definitely a do it yourself type job within our … (15 comments)

home improvements: Just Because I Can, Doesn't Mean I Should! - 08/18/10 01:59 AM
Bob the Builder says "We Can Fix It, Yes We CAN!!!".  But should we? There's lots of things you and I may have the skill sets to do an adequate job.  We've done crown molding in our home, door and window trim, sweat pipes and replace bad faucets. But we all need to recognize our limitations, and sometimes, even when you know how and could, you shouldn't! (more on that later). Our back yard currently looks like a disaster area as we have a new patio put in.  We hired professionals to do the job because A) we don't have the … (19 comments)

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