liz spear team: Another Happy Seller Courtesy of The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite! - 04/22/11 01:43 AM
Another Happy Seller Courtesy of The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite! We could spend pages and pages to tell you why we're the right agents to represent you in selling your Warren County home, but sometimes it's better to let a past client tell you in their own words!  This is an unedited testimonial review.  Susan and Chad were the perfect sellers to work with!  This Simpson Creek Farms home located at 7907 Winding Creek Ct in Deerfield Township is a phenomenal home thanks to their work!  It was truly move in ready when the sign went in the yard … (23 comments)

liz spear team: Afraid Your Listing Agent Will Take You Prisoner? - 12/12/10 02:37 AM
Afraid Your New Listing Agent Will Take You Prisoner?gDear Warren County Home Seller, It's a big decision and we can comprehend the apprehension!  It's a big decision & a critical life moment.  You're entrusting what is probably your biggest financial asset to someone that prior to deciding you were going to sell your home you'd never heard of before! Because let's face it, until you're ready to sell your home, you probably don't pay too much attention to the yard signs you see, the mailings you's all just background noise to you. But once you get ready to make that … (23 comments)

liz spear team: Another Free Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite Service --- Neighborhood Home Sales Activity Updates! - 11/29/10 02:40 AM
Another Free Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite Service ---  Neighborhood Home Sales Activity Updates! You may not be ready to move yet, perhaps not even thinking about it for the near future, but you'd still like to stay updated on what transactions are happening in your neighborhood?  Whether it's Mason, Lebanon, Springboro, Waynesville, or any of the other Warren County cities and townships, The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite can help! Or maybe you've got your eye on that ONE certain Warren County home you'd like to buy, but it's not on the market right now or the price … (11 comments)

liz spear team: To Buy Your House They Gotta Find Your House!! - 11/26/10 11:25 PM
To Buy Your House They Gotta Find Your House!!  Dear Mr. Do It Yourselfer, You want to sell your house, but you don't want to pay us to do it for you.  We totally understand, no objections from us.  We're here IF and WHEN you need us. But until then, something significant to consider.  Besides the sign in the yard, what's your plan to bring qualified buyers to your door? You've got a plan right?  Because you're going to need one if you don't want to feel like you're living in a ghost town once your home is available.  HOW is … (31 comments)

liz spear team: Another Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite Listing Sold! 251 Shepherd Ct Hamilton Township Ohio! - 11/22/10 01:51 PM
Another Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite Listing Sold!  251 Shepherd Ct Hamilton Township Ohio! The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite successfully completed another sale today!  In fact, this was the SECOND home we've sold for this seller over the years! He'd done a fantastic job building this custom ranch home on a 1.5 acre lot.  With the four car garage, split level plan, VERY open floor plan, slate tile and solid surface kitchen, and a walkout basement already framed for finishing, there was a LOT to love about this home. Final price was $276,500 and the NEW owners … (15 comments)

liz spear team: Another Liz Spear Team Listing Under Contract! 251 Shepherd Ct, Hamilton Township Ohio - 10/30/10 02:25 PM
The Liz Spear Team has done it again!  This Hamilton Township custom brick ranch home with a VERY open floor plan, four car garage and a walkout basement already framed for finishing, has found a new owner!  Inspections were held today and we're moving forward! For further details on this home, visit If you'd like help selling your Warren County Ohio home, please contact The Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite! Hope you're having a wonderful fall weekend! Liz and Bill aka BLiz

liz spear team: Another Liz Spear Team New Listing: MLS 1244738 10730 Dallasburg Rd Hamilton Township, OH 45140 NEW PRICE: $275,000 - 10/30/10 02:16 PM
How would you like to be the owner of a custom brick ranch home with two acres of land?  Then we've got an opportunity for you!
10730 Dallasburg Road is now available with a list price of $295,900. This 3 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath roomy home with over 3400 sq ft of living space, also has a finished lower level, an open floor plan and an enclosed back porch.  Also included is a 12 x 16 ft shed at the back of the property. Visit for a visual tour, more photos and further details!
Hope you're having a … (9 comments)

liz spear team: Can Your Listing Agent Generate Enough Marketing Power? - 10/30/10 03:11 AM
Can Your Listing Agent Generate Enough Marketing Power? When you're trying to sell a home in today's market, you need some serious Megawatts to get the buyer's attention!  This isn't a job for some little AAA battery or cute furry rabbit beating a drum!  Your listing agent needs to get your home out to the maximum number of potential buyers!  This ISN'T the time for some plain MLS entry, a picture and a sign in your yard! You need a team working for you that can generate some SPARKS!  Plug in the buyer to a blog post on page 1 of … (18 comments)

liz spear team: Dear Home Sellers, Will You Skip Us Because You Don't See Other Homes Like Yours on Our Site? - 10/27/10 07:47 AM
Dear Home Sellers of Warren County Ohio, We sold another house yesterday.  Under contract, scheduled to close at the end of November!  That's the good news!  We've got another seller that can go purchase his next home and close one chapter of his life and start the next! So the bad news?  We just sold the most expensive listing we the news isn't ALL that bad!  But here's the concern Home Sellers of Warren County:  If you live in an upper end home in our service area, you MIGHT think we can't sell your home!  When you check out our … (13 comments)

liz spear team: Life Is Full of The Unexpected - 10/22/10 01:37 AM
Life is full of the unexpected, sometimes you just have to be watching and listening to catch it! Last night we we were forecasted for our first light frost of the season.  No need to break out the ice scrapers yet (you Floridians and ice scraper is a little portable tool you keep in your car to scrape ice off your windshield....oh...let me back up....frost is ice that forms at night when it's cold...okay, let's back up a little more....cold is that temperature about 30 to 40 degrees lower than what you're used to!).  Okay, enough digression....  :) Despite the … (20 comments)

liz spear team: Is Your Home Brilliant or Hidden From Buyers? - 10/20/10 10:57 PM
Some things are meant to stand out, brilliant red berries on a branch, the wonderful fall colors of autumn leaves at their peak. Other things try to hide from view.  The toad with the speckled pattern for instance.  Natural colors to blend with the brown leaves and the grass, ducking the predators who might think, FROG LEGS....YUMMMM!! So when you're marketing your Warren County Ohio home for sale, which category do you want to be in?  Obvious answer, right?  You want to POP, You want to be a FLAMING SUN so bright the public can't miss you! Pictures, blog posts with … (29 comments)

liz spear team: Are You a Buyer Who Sees Right Now, or What Might Be? - 10/18/10 07:41 AM
Are you a buyer who sees the Right Now, or What Might Be?  Is your crystal ball working? Rare is the buyer who finds the resale home that is a perfect move-in ready match just the way it is!  Just like buyers, home sellers have diverse tastes and likes.  You like blue, they like green.  Some sellers will try to neutralize to minimize the distractions, others will take the attitude that "I love my home JUST the way it is!".  If THEIR WAY includes deep burgundy paint in one room, 1970's vintage wallpaper in the kitchen and solid black walls in … (14 comments)

liz spear team: A Little Taste of Fall For Transplants! - 10/15/10 05:41 AM
Two nights ago, our fall colors at their peak here in Warren County Ohio, and a good thunderstorm was coming shortly.  Not too many leaves were on the ground YET....but in a few short moments, the wind picked up and suddenly it was like a snowstorm of leaves!  Hope you enjoy! Listen closely and you'll hear the wind chimes! Fall has Fallen,Liz and Bill aka BLiz

liz spear team: Everything Else Is Costing More, But Giving You Less! Buy a Warren County Home, Get MORE for LESS!! - 10/13/10 01:32 AM
Everything seems to cost more, and often seems like you're getting less!  Go to your local grocery store, the half gallon ice cream container has gone the way of T-Rex!  That 1.5 quart (or 1.75 quart if you're REALLY lucky) costs the same as the old half gallon container... but hey, what can you do?  The box of Captain Crunch that used to feed your 3.5 kids for a week now gets you 4 days, but it still costs as much!  And don't get us started on cars that costs as much as a house used to! But you know what's … (9 comments)

liz spear team: Home Buyers, Why Haven't You Made a Move On A Warren County Home Yet? - 10/12/10 08:18 AM
Dear Home Buyers, Have we got a DEAL for you!  In fact, we've got LOTS of them!  Tired of living in a subdivision and want some room?  We've got lots of those rural homes in Warren County!  Plenty of room and wildlife to watch! Want to live in a pool development?  We can do that too in Warren County!  Lots of great developments to pick from! Want great schools?  You're hit the jackpot!  You pretty much can't go wrong in Warren County, we've got Excellent ratings to spare! Want entertainment?  Warren County is known as Ohio's Largest Playground!  Kings Island, The … (5 comments)

liz spear team: Stupid Is As Stupid Does: Make Sure Your Agent Knows Your Local Market! - 10/11/10 01:26 AM
Stupid Is As Stupid Does Forrest Gump said.  We see it all the time.  Decisions made and announced, and you just go HUH???  What were they thinking??!!! Last week, one of the local DJs, Eddie Fingers, was fired by Clear Channel Communications over a contract extension dispute.  Unlike so many radio and TV personalities fired for something said that shouldn't have been said, Eddie was fired because some corporate big shot in Texas obviously doesn't understand just how revered Eddie is by the local radio listeners.  After decades on the local radio scene, Eddie just might be one of the most … (43 comments)

liz spear team: The Truth is Job 1!! - 10/08/10 01:19 AM
One of those big auto companies said Quality is Job 1!  As REALTORs®, we'd say Job 1 for us is telling the Truth to our clients.  It starts with the first phone call and meeting, and can't ever stop.  The entire relationship is founded on mutual trust.It's often a brutal truth that we have to tell, and we can package it as nicely and politely as possible, but it's still the Truth!  It is our job to tell you this from the start. We'd rather you be unhappy with what we tell you and not hire us AT ALL, then to … (25 comments)

liz spear team: Kermit Found!! Miss Piggy Still Missing! - 10/07/10 01:57 AM
Last night after dark (which lately isn't all that late), we walked up to the top of our driveway to make sure our lavenders were getting watered properly.  Equipped with a nice spotlight to get through the dark, we spot a little something next to the flower bed stone wall!  Because we're REALTORs ®, we're of course carrying a smart phone, so out comes the camera feature for a quick pic! We're guessing he wandered over from the pond across the street! If you're feeling jumpy and want to look for a new home in the Warren County area, just give … (27 comments)

liz spear team: What's Inside? It's a Mystery Without Pictures! - 10/07/10 01:28 AM
What's under this sink?  It COULD be the usual kitchen cleaning supplies, OR it could be a captured Tasmanian Devil, OR a pirate's chest full of loot  OR a whole universe like the locker in Men in Black!Well, when buyers are looking for a home, a home with only one picture is like the sink picture!  They really don't know WHAT they're getting inside.  It's Forrest Gump's box of chocolates, they don't know what they're going to get until they bite down and have the door opened.  Is the drywall punched in, carpets pulled up, doors shattered?  No pictures and the … (36 comments)

liz spear team: The First Offer Is Always The Best Offer. Another Real Estate Myth?? - 10/06/10 01:25 AM
The First Offer Is Always The Best Offer!!!  You've probably heard this saying, but is it true?  Another Real Estate Myth?? Our personal experience in the real estate business suggests that if this saying ever was the case, changing times may have removed it's validity! Our Warren County Ohio market is typically NOT a quick Days on Market (DOM), homes selling in a week kind of area!   It CAN happen, but it's not common.  The market is populated with buyers who are "fishing".  They LIKE your home, but they don't LOVE your home.  They don't have to have YOUR home, … (86 comments)

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