liz spear team: Did You Defy Physics Today and Make the Most of Your Day?? - 08/31/10 09:39 AM
One of the nice benefits of living in the country is you just never know what "critter" may show up next.  We've had four young raccoons foraging for berries in the a tree in our front yard, chipmunks at the bottom of the driveway, running around like bumper cars with their tails straight up!  Just a riot to watch.Our newest additions to the nature preserve, some hummingbirds!  So far, two female and one male have been working our feeder.  It's not like my granddad's in West Virginia where he'd have 40, 50 or more all waiting their turns to hit his … (21 comments)

liz spear team: Warren County Ohio BBB Accredited Business REALTOR Team - 08/30/10 01:23 PM
We're so confident that we will satisfy you that we are willing to put our BBB A+ ranking on the line with EVERY client we serve!  (click HERE to see our BBB Report Card).So if you're interested in buying or selling a residential home in our service area, please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss how we can help you meet your real estate goals!Liz & Bill

liz spear team: Kings Island Season Winding Down, Get Your Coaster Fix Before It's Too Late! - 08/30/10 05:08 AM
It's official.  Break out your winter clothes, we're on the downhill side of summer!  The thermometer doesn't indicate it, still in the 90's this week, school buses are just starting to be out and about, but the one of the first official signs appeared today.  Kings Island in Mason Ohio has stopped daily operation for another season and is open just on the weekends (Friday to Sunday).  So if you need your roller coaster fix before the season ends totally, better make your plans to get there soon!Visit for more details!
Liz & Bill

liz spear team: Dear Foreigner with a Business Proposal, YES, I WOULD BE DELIGHTED TO ACCEPT!!! - 08/29/10 12:19 PM
Hello Fellow Bloggers and Readers!  The Liz Spear Team will be quitting real estate shortly because we have hit the Internet JACKPOT!  Not just once, but many times! 
Thanks to our outstanding Internet presence, we have WON millions of United Stated Dollars (that is NOT a typo) from various foreign lotteries that we never entered!
Additionally, Mr. Boateng Barjona.... a very trusting fellow we might add, since he only knows our email address, has proposed that we help he and his client Mrs. Elizabeth Salormey, the widowed wife of the former Finance Minister of Ghana, to invest 9.5 Million … (28 comments)

liz spear team: Our First Active Rain Success Story: Kudos to Kristin Moran! - 08/28/10 02:02 PM
It's time to CELEBRATE another Success in the Rain Story!
A couple of months ago, a friend of Bill's at his day job asked for help finding a San Antonio agent for his daughter and son-in-law.  At the time, we were just really getting started with Active Rain and blogging, but rather than following our traditional referral path and hitting the RE/MAX directory, we decided to use Active Rain to help us find the right agent for this young couple! It didn't take long looking at the Active Rain agents in the San Antonio area to narrow down to Kristin … (68 comments)

liz spear team: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics - 08/26/10 01:23 AM
Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say.  ~William W. Watt Say you were standing with one foot in the oven and one foot in an ice bucket.  According to the percentage people, you should be perfectly comfortable.  ~Bobby Bragan, 1963 Statistics are no substitute for good judgment. ~Henry Clay It's about context!  Numbers can be manipulated to present a positive or negative spin on "reality":
10% of Americans are unemployed OR
90% of Americans are employed  
38 Warren County Ohio homeowners placed on the sheriff's sale … (14 comments)

liz spear team: They're Homeless, And It's All Our Fault!!! - 08/23/10 02:04 PM
We caused a young couple with a toddler to become homeless at approximately 6:15 tonight!  We're to blame, it's our fault!  We watched them sign the last piece of paperwork to end their home ownership, but we did NOTHING to stop them. 
In fact, we were doing a Happy Dance inside, and so were they!  Today was the day we closed the sale of their home at 6289 Maple Grove in Morrow, Ohio!  We performed as promised, found them a buyer willing to pay the price they wanted, so Megan, Anthony and little Wyatt no longer own a home.
They've … (29 comments)

liz spear team: It's That Time Again! United Way Campaigns Are Underway! - 08/23/10 02:25 AM
Our area United Way campaign is starting again, with a Cincinnati area goal of $63 million.  We know times are tight, and "free money" is a diminishing resource for many!  However, there are many that have it worse than you and me. Our pastor put up a slide yesterday: If you have running water, clothes to wear, a roof over your head, and food to eat every day.... You're in the top 15% of wealth in the world! As Americans, we're so used to having so much, we often forget how little some have.  Big screen TVs, $5 cups of coffee … (9 comments)

liz spear team: Adding Value to Your Home - 08/22/10 08:23 AM
As Realtors, you're aware of what typically adds value to a home and what doesn't!  You walk the tightrope between personalizing your home to add more enjoyment, but not making something so specific your future pool of potential buyers turns into a mud puddle!This year has been a big year for us in applying some of the lessons we've learned to the exterior of our own home.Earlier this year we replaced all the deck railings from a wood style to coated aluminum and added pre-cut decorative top rails and pre-made post caps.  Definitely a do it yourself type job within our … (15 comments)

liz spear team: Are You In Touch?? - 08/21/10 06:14 AM
Showing homes to buyers is a learning experience, no matter how long you've been in the business!Tastes are different!  Some people like their wine, others beer, just give me a Diet Mountain Dew and I'm a happy camper!  You see differences with age groups, where buyers originally come from...East Coasters are a bit different than the Midwesterners, and we're ALL different from the Californians, no offense meant to any region, we're just different.  To borrow from one of my favorite movies, "That's A Fact JACK!!".  But that's part of what adds to the fun.
To walk into a … (16 comments)

liz spear team: Warren County Ohio Sheriff's Sale Chart Update through 10/18/10 Sales - 08/20/10 12:11 PM

The chart details the number of scheduled sheriff's sales planned by week for Warren County Ohio and represents a wide range of locations and price ranges throughout the county.  The data source is the Warren County Sheriff's website.
Click HERE for additional details.  Note that the weeks of 9/6/10  and 10/11/10 are holidays and no sales are scheduled.  Some of these will mostly likely be canceled due to loan modifications, planned home sales or the owner catching up with delinquent payments. Let's hope the numbers of homes being placed at auction continues to decline in the near future.  … (4 comments)

liz spear team: Just Because I Can, Doesn't Mean I Should! - 08/18/10 01:59 AM
Bob the Builder says "We Can Fix It, Yes We CAN!!!".  But should we? There's lots of things you and I may have the skill sets to do an adequate job.  We've done crown molding in our home, door and window trim, sweat pipes and replace bad faucets. But we all need to recognize our limitations, and sometimes, even when you know how and could, you shouldn't! (more on that later). Our back yard currently looks like a disaster area as we have a new patio put in.  We hired professionals to do the job because A) we don't have the … (19 comments)

liz spear team: Another Trip to Noce's Pizzeria! Montgomery Ohio's New York Style Pizza Place! - 08/17/10 05:33 AM
When you're working hard in real estate, sometimes you need some really good take out so you can get back to taking care of your clients!  A few weeks ago we posted about Noce's Pizzeria in Montgomery, Ohio.  Well Noce's was certainly good enough for another pizza run! This trip we simplified a bit: a large cheese pizza, a pepperoni calzone and a meatball sub.  All were excellent! We lived in South Philly back in the late '80s during our time with the Navy, and got to experience plenty of good Italian food.  We found Noce's to be perhaps better than … (7 comments)

liz spear team: A New Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite Listing: 800 Cherry Hill Lane Lebanon OH 45036 - 08/14/10 10:21 AM

liz spear team: Miss Bad Manners Guide to Showing Homes Etiquette - 08/13/10 01:44 AM
Miss Bad Manners back again class!  In our last lesson, we covered the essentials of how to set a showing appointment.  While that lesson applied most specifically to areas that don't require the listing agent to be present, this lesson should be universally applicable!  So let's get started on the proper behaviors during the actual showing, shall we?
As we discussed previously, be sure to show up EARLY... WAY EARLY!  You do want to catch the seller before they leave. Be FRIENDLY, chat them up, get them to spill their guts! Why are they leaving?  What are the neighbors like, … (38 comments)

liz spear team: City or Country? You Can Enjoy Both From Warren County Ohio! - 08/12/10 01:36 AM
We know there's much to be said for city life if that's your cup of chai!  Culture, dining, entertainment, unique things that can only be supported when you've got mass quantities of humans packed together! 
For us, we prefer the hybrid life that our area provides.  We're close to Cincinnati or Dayton, a 30 to 40 minute car trip and we're downtown to either.  BUT, we're far enough away that we can enjoy the room that comes with living in the country.  You get the best of both worlds, with the quick access to the city, but the peacefulness of … (6 comments)

liz spear team: WITHDRAWN: The Newest Liz Spear Team of RE/MAX Elite Listing: 268 Laurel Glen Dr Springboro OH 45066 $225,000 - 08/11/10 02:02 PM

liz spear team: Our Lives Need More Than Just Work & Real Estate! - 08/11/10 02:17 AM
25/8, 366,  year after year.  Yep, We're NEVER not breathin', livin' real estate machines.  We make Ahnold and the Terminator gang look like wimps!  Just try and keep up with us! But that's not real is it??  We've got to have a life of our own, as hard as it may sometimes feel to scratch out that little bit of personal time needed to recharge! You've got to set some boundaries, or every waking moment will be devoured and you'll never have that time to reset your mental meter back to Serene!  Our clients know Sunday mornings are off limits, after … (25 comments)

liz spear team: Miss Bad Manners Guide to Requesting a Showing Appointment - 08/10/10 12:21 AM
Hello Again! Miss Bad Manners back for another chapter in her etiquette guides!  Today Miss Bad Manners would like to inform her genteel readers of the proper way to request a home showing!  The home showing appointment request is a critical first step in the process as it is the first time that you have contact with the seller!  It is imperative to get started early in reminding the seller that is your BUYER and NOT the seller who is in charge!  We hope you find these tips useful to establishing the upper hand early! 

NEVER, EVER set an … (28 comments)

liz spear team: There's Nothing Wrong with Mondays! - 08/09/10 12:57 AM
Our calendars are just arbitrary contraptions to give us some semblance of order, to give us a feeling of control, the ability to plan with a common language with our fellow humans.  No day is worse, or better than any other, each is what we make it! Your Sunday activities may be different than your Monday and Monday different from Friday, but each day is just another gift, another opportunity to make a difference!  If you're lucky, today will be the day you'll get to help someone in a truly meaningful way.  Maybe it will be real estate related, maybe it … (13 comments)

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