negotiations: Some Hands Are Better Not Played - 08/14/19 04:00 PM
I don't know a whole lot about poker but I know if I was holding AK with three more aces on the table I'd have a lot of trouble keeping a poker face!  All in and let's see what happens!
But most times the situation isn't going to be that clear cut.  There's going to be some educated guessing as to what the other players at the table are holding.  What's their motivation?  How far are they willing to push it? Are there any tells to give me an edge?
So while I may not play poker with cards, as a real estate … (0 comments)

negotiations: Should I Pay Full Price? - 01/27/19 04:41 PM

We've found a house you like, maybe even LOVE. 
Enough that you want to buy it.
And one of the key questions is "What should I offer?".
"Do I need to pay FULL price?" 
To help make that decision we've got facts:
Pricing for similar homes sold Pricing for actively listed homes Typical time to sell and how long this home has been on the market And we probably have some clues about activity too.  How many agent business cards left on the counter?  Other buyers coming and going at the same time as our showing(s)? And another fact to consider, do … (7 comments)

negotiations: Keep Calm, We Got This! - 08/03/18 08:01 PM

Buying and selling a home has its moments when there's the potential for everything to go thermonuclear. 
A misunderstanding about what is or should be. 
A perception issue due to a miscommunication. 
A big defect with the home found during inspections. 
If not handled carefully, BOOM goes the deal.  And the shame of it is that in MOST cases it didn't need to go sideways if the right parties just kept their cool.
This is when a good agent earns their paycheck and a not so good agent throws gasoline on a freshly lit match.
We've had deals that could have easily blown … (2 comments)

negotiations: I Don't Love You Any More! - 07/05/17 06:39 PM

Our real estate market is a bit imbalanced, favoring sellers more than buyers for the moment.  Now personally as an agent I prefer the market more balanced as it encourages better behavior from both buyers and sellers.  As soon as the table tilts in one direction or another it seems that some of the favored party take it as an opportunity to misbehave. 
I spent a fair amount of the 4th of July weekend working with condo buyers.  We looked at a selection of condos and at the end of the day wrote an offer on one of them.  A nice … (13 comments)

negotiations: Can I Change An Home Offer Term I Originally Agreed To? - 03/19/17 03:27 PM

Whether you're buying or selling a Cincinnati area home, the purchase offer is composed of a few key elements:
1.  The purchase price
2.  The items to convey with the home
3.  Financing terms
4.  Timelines (inspections, closing, occupancy, etc.)
Ideally when negotiating a contract all terms are quickly agreed to and buyers and sellers are ready to move through the process.  More likely is the last term to be resolved is the price.  If all that is left is price, negotiations typically proceed quickly until either agreement or the sides dig in and refuse to move any further.
So how do you break that impasse?  Sometimes … (4 comments)

negotiations: Is That REALLY Their Best Offer? - 02/25/17 10:32 AM
Sometimes during home purchase negotiations the buyer will say "This is my best offer".  The buyer is indicating they have no intention of going any higher, a take it or leave it proposition to the seller.
And our sellers wonder "Is this a bluff?  Or can a bit more money be made from the buyers?".
Our sellers have a few choices:
1.  Accept that "best" offer as presented
2. Determine that it's not close enough to get the job done and decline to negotiate further
3.  Just ignore the "best offer" idea and counter just like a normal round of negotiations.
Here's the condensed version of our … (10 comments)

negotiations: Snowball Meets Hell - 04/30/16 03:54 AM

We write them for our buyers.  We get them for our sellers.
Offers that have a snowball's chance in Hell of getting to an accepted state unless someone has a quick dose of reality!
The offers that are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too low in price despite the home already being priced to move.
The offers that ask for every financial concession possible.  Closing cost help?  Sure, I'll take some of that!  Seller, how 'bout you pay for a home warranty and throw in some jack for my title insurance too!
Offers that ask for things not listed in the MLS offering.  That super expensive hot tub?  How … (18 comments)

negotiations: Seller's Perception May Mean Almost As Much As Contract Terms - 03/16/16 08:54 AM
Seller's Perception May Mean Almost As Much As Contract Terms
Negotiations for a home purchase can be a delicate dance.  A mirroring of actions and attitudes.  They move X dollars off the price, the other side does the same (at least until they don't!).  A push, a pull, a turn of a phrase here and there may be the difference between achieving that meeting of the minds or having both sides staring at each other across a very small dollar gap that might as well be an ocean wide.
Part of my job as an agent is to filter out the personal as … (10 comments)

negotiations: All Contract Terms Are Negotiable Until Final Signatures - 04/03/14 11:05 PM
All Contract Terms Are Negotiable Until Final Signatures
For the most part, there are only a few key items that Warren County home buyers and sellers tend to worry about when negotiating a home:
Price, price, price being the first few!
Closing date and occupancy dates can be another.
And personal property conveying is also another component of the deal that can cause some conflict.
Rarely does a purchase offer come back just signed as ACCEPTED.  Most likely, there will be a counter from the sellers changing a few items.  And MOST likely the buyers response will only involve changes to … (25 comments)

negotiations: Treat My Seller With Kid Gloves OR ELSE! - 01/26/14 10:21 PM
Treat My Seller With Kid Gloves OR ELSE!
...we'll take our ball and not play with you!
That's the key takeaway from some recent reading about a listing agent's experience with her sellers. 
One buyer presented an offer, a "lowball" offer, the seller took offense and refused to counter.  End of negotiations.
Another buyer came in with a "oh how we love your home and it's so special and so on and so forth" letter attached to their offer and the sellers were "charmed" and got the deal done.
In a nutshell, if anyone should be offended, I'm more prone to … (65 comments)

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