patio homes: Anderson Ohio New Construction Patio Homes Ready For Presale! - 06/08/18 07:18 PM

Ready for another Cincinnati new construction patio home option?  If your budget is in the high $300s and up, a new community coming to Anderson might be worth checking out!
The builder is Brookstone Homes, and they're no stranger to building patio homes.  They recently completed a community in the Loveland area that one of our buyers is happy to call home!  They're also steadily building patio homes in the Milford area, and those homes are a bit cheaper than the Anderson community.
The Anderson community is named The Enclave at Woodruff and will be located off Woodruff Road (which means you will … (0 comments)

patio homes: Can I Garden If I Buy A Patio Home? - 05/27/18 08:38 PM

One of the biggest advantages of owning a Cincinnati patio home is the fact that lawn care comes with the home as part of the HOA fee.  No more mowing the grass or shoveling snow!  And in most cases the home comes with some nice landscaping, some shrubs, trees and flowers that are typically tended to, also as part of your HOA fee.
But what if you don't want to totally give up tinkering in the garden?  While there are rules about what you can't and can't do, most owners will find that they can do MOST of what they'd like to … (2 comments)

patio homes: Greater Cincinnati Fischer Patio Homes Move-In Ready May 2018 - 05/26/18 04:48 PM
Want a Greater Cincinnati new construction patio home without the typical long wait that comes with building from scratch?  A Fischer Homes move-in ready patio home may be the answer!  Instead of 5-7 months, we're looking at 90 days, or even faster if they've got a Greater Cincinnati patio home finished and waiting! 
Expect move-in ready patio homes to be finished in a style that fits mainstream tastes and with the most popular options already in place.  The bad news, there are no changing these homes, the builder strictly follows the script!  Obviously Fischer Homes is wanting to sell these homes … (0 comments)

patio homes: Luxury New Construction Patio Homes In Montgomery Ohio - 05/14/18 07:43 PM

Premium homes in premium locations like Montgomery Ohio come with premium prices, and that's especially true when it comes to patio homes in Greater Cincinnati!  Patio homes are usually a bit more per square foot than "regular" homes, but that makes sense.  Ranch homes typically cost more than 2 story homes, and rare is the patio home that isn't a ranch home.  Then add in the emphasis for extra flair like gourmet kitchens and fancy baths and it becomes clear why patio homes can cost a bit more.
So how much does a luxury patio home cost in Montgomery?  In … (2 comments)

patio homes: Tips To Smooth Your Cincinnati Patio Home Move-In - 04/26/18 05:56 PM
Congratulations!  We've got you under contract to buy a Greater Cincinnati patio home!  So what's next?
The path varies slightly for new construction to resale, so today we're going to concentrate on resale patio homes.
There are some key milestones:
HOA rules review
Home inspections
These dates are all specified in the purchase contract and it's key to make sure we stay on track.
There are some opportunities to make your move in smoother, and it takes some planning to take advantage of your contract opportunities.
We have two main opportunities to gather information and plan for your move in.
The first is during showings, and part of the … (0 comments)

patio homes: And ANOTHER 55+ Community Patio Home Under Contract! - 04/23/18 04:02 PM

We started markting this no step, low maintenance living in Cincinnati's ONLY 55+ Community while it was still cold and snowy!  We replaced the outside pictures once the snow melted and continued to aggressively market 1607 Oak Grove Ln in Maineville's Heritage At Miami Bluffs!  This home is THE former model home for Drees Homes portico collection San Marco floor plan, so it comes with ALL the extras!

And it doesn't hurt that we've established an excellent working relationship with the community builder's rep.  You can't currently build new in the community for anything less than about $340,000, and Drees Homes has … (3 comments)

patio homes: Greater Cincinnati Fischer Patio Homes Move-In Ready April 2018 - 04/07/18 04:28 PM

Interested in a Greater Cincinnati new construction patio home but your schedule doesn't allow for a 5-7 month wait?  Fischer Homes may have the answer for you with a sizeable selection of move-in ready patio homes available immediately or within the next 90 days.  What you can expect is for Fischer Homes to have styled these Greater Cincinnati new construction patio homes to fit popular tastes.  Expect tasteful and mainstream with the patio home decor for these move-in ready offerings.
Now what you can't do is change anything about them.  They're well-defined and being built those specs.  No changes.  Obviously you're not … (0 comments)

patio homes: Update On Future Ryan Homes Patio Homes in Milford Ohio - 03/28/18 05:27 PM
Looking for new construction patio homes in the Loveland or Milford area?  We've got news you might be interested in!
Ryan Homes is closer to accepting sales for The Villas At Willow Brook Farm patio home community.  It's still a bit iffy on the exact date, but sales are expected to start in the May/June 2018 time frame.  We'll be watching closely and if you'd like to know too, please contact us at 513-520-5305 or so we can pass on to you any updates we receive from Ryan Homes. 
While Ryan Homes doesn't build a lot of patio home communities in … (0 comments)

patio homes: Maintenance Free Living In Greater Cincinnati - 03/26/18 06:00 PM

Seeking maintenance free homes in Greater Cincinnati?  You've got choices!
While there's technically no such thing as completely maintenace free housing (unless you're willing to hire a handyman to take care of the routine items like replacing burnt out lightbults and air filters), you CAN get pretty close depending on your choice!
Many of our buyers choose a patio home for its low maintenance.
While you still own the entire home and the lot, the landscaping is contracted as part of the HOA fees and in general patio homes are made from low maintenance materials (brick, stone, cement board, vinyl siding, etc.).  Buy a … (0 comments)

patio homes: Limited Offer For Cincinnati 55+ New Construction Patio Homes - 03/16/18 06:29 PM

How would you like to get a lot more house for almost NO extra spending?  Drees Homes is offering a limited time only special in Greater Cincinnati's ONLY 55+ patio home community Heritage At Miami Bluffs.
Through at least the end of March 2018, for a paltry $90 extra Drees is offering to finish a rec room and a half bath in the basement.  Now THAT is a fantastic deal!  You're looking at a sizeable increase in living space if you take Drees Homes up on this special.
But again, this is a LIMITED TIME offer in more ways than one.  Heritage at … (0 comments)

patio homes: It May Not Look Like Much Today, But Another Cincinnati Patio Home Is On Its Way! - 03/10/18 04:27 PM

It may not look like much today, just some scraped dirt with some trees still waiting to leaf out!  But in 4-5 months our buyers will have a newly built Fischer Homes' patio home to call home.
Fischer Homes has a small section of patio homes in Franklin Township's Renaissance community and if your agent doesn't have a specialty in patio homes there's a good chance you as a buyer would never hear about this great place to enjoy some maintenance free living!  But our buyers knew ALL their options before deciding to make Renaissance their new home.
Renaissance is a pool community … (2 comments)

patio homes: Drees New Construction Patio Homes For Sale Union KY - 03/09/18 05:23 PM

Drees Homes is steadily building in Union Kentucky's Harmony Place Patio Home community!  Harmony Place is the patio home section of the overall Harmony community.  Drees Homes is also building single family homes (ALMOST completed) and townhomes in the Harmony Townhomes section.  So basically you have two choices for maintenance free living in the Harmony community.
Harmony Place offers three patio home floor plans (all ranch style of course!):
The Alexander starts at $269,900 for 1320 sq ft of living space and includes 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and a 2 car garage.
The Casselberry starts at $313,400 for 1893 sq ft of living space … (1 comments)

patio homes: Can I Get That Patio Home Built In A Regular Community? - 03/08/18 06:42 PM
There are many patio home communities in Greater Cincinnati, but there's not always a PERFECT fit.  It might be a budget thing, it might be a location thing, it can even be a "any builder but THAT one thing!".
So there's a Plan B, and that is to look for builders at the right price point and right location to meet the buyer's needs.  And depending on the builder, there may be the exact same plan offered as a patio home and as a "regular" ranch style home in other communities.
For instance a number of the Drees Homes ranch floor plans are … (1 comments)

patio homes: Fischer Homes New Construction Patio Homes Union KY - 03/04/18 04:03 PM

Fischer Homes is building patio homes in Union Kentucky's Preakness Pointe.  Located in Union, Kentucky, this patio home community is part of the larger Triple Crown country club community.  As such, Preakness Pointe offers even more amenities than the typical patio home community.  Since Triple Crown is a large subdivision, that means even more walking and bike trails than the typical community.  Add in the clubhouse, pool, tennis courts and more to complete the offering that comes with Preakness Pointe.  And like other patio home communities, buying a home in Preakness Pointe means no lawn mowing, no raking leaves and no … (1 comments)

patio homes: Fischer Homes New Construction Patio Homes Alexandria Kentucky - 03/03/18 03:47 PM

Fischer Homes is building patio homes in The Shire at Arcadia.  Located in Alexandria, Kentucky, this patio home community is part of the larger Arcadia community.  As such, The Shire at Arcadia offers the amenities of the larger community:  pool, clubhouse, walking trails, etc.  And since The Shire at Arcadia is a patio home community, you get the benefits of that too!  No lawn mowing, no raking leaves and no shoveling snow!  Your HOA fee covers all of that!
The Shire at Arcadia is just a few minutes off of 27 and is served by Campbell County Schools.
The community offers six patio … (0 comments)

patio homes: Daventry At Summit Park Blue Ash Maintenance Free Living By M/I Homes - 03/02/18 05:28 PM
Most times when builders offer maintenance free living, their offering is patio homes.  Ranch homes with nice upgrades.  But sometimes, builders break from the typical and that's the case with M/I Homes offering of Ashby Village in Daventry at Summit Park.
Instead, what is being offered in this Blue Ash community is NOT the typical.  No, instead of all ranch homes, Ashby Village has 7 floor plans, ALL of which are two story.  Four of the seven offer first floor masters.  The other major difference from patio home living?  The garages are attached to the rear of the home.
Another major difference?  These … (0 comments)

patio homes: Can I Build A Cincinnati Patio Home For Under $300,000? - 02/28/18 04:11 PM

So you're thinking about building a new Cincinnati patio home?  And you'd like to know if you can get one built for under $300,000?
The answer is both Yes AND No!  It's a great big "it depends".
There are a fair number of places in the Greater Cincinnati area to build a new patio home, and some are way more affordable than others!
Some areas have little to no patio home construction, or when they do, they come at a premium.  For instance builders in Blue Ash know they can get $500,000 and up for patio homes, and $400,000 and up for their attached … (4 comments)

patio homes: Fischer Homes New Construction Condos & Patio Homes Hebron Kentucky - 02/22/18 03:42 PM

Fischer Homes has opened Tanner's Cove in Hebron Kentucky and is ready to sell some paired patio homes , patio homes and condos!  Fischer Homes just introduced the paired patio home concept to northern Kentucky recently in Florence's Whitestone Links community.  
What's a paired patio home?  Basically, consider a paired patio home like a duplex style home, or a hybrid of a detached patio home and an attached ranch condo.  With the opportunity to add a finished basement, the paired patio homes can surpass 2100 square ft of living space at a very affordable price.
Tanner's Cove is just a few minutes … (0 comments)

patio homes: Consider ALL The Costs Of Your New Cincinnati Patio Home - 02/21/18 08:09 PM

If you've ever checked the prices of Cincinnati new construction patio homes (or ANY type new home for that matter), you've probably quickly discovered that the builder's love the "starting at $xxx,xxx" but that price is often significantly less than the final price after all the desired options are added.
But once you get to that final price, is that all there is to it?
Well, there's a few more things to consider.
First of all, what is the HOA fee and what do you get for that fee?  We've seen fees as cheap as $50/month and others over $400/month.  Those payments can … (2 comments)

patio homes: Loveland Ohio New Construction Patio Homes Coming Soon! - 02/03/18 04:58 PM

As your area patio home real estate agent specialists, we're always watching and listening for new opportunities for our clients and future clients.  While other agents may be spending their Saturday nights out having a good time, your engineer trained real estate agent is checking his sources for the latest and greatest information and sometimes those sources provide some more good news!
If you're a potential patio home buyer looking for a new opportunity in the Loveland/Milford/Miami Township area, you'll like our news tonight!
It's still in the "Coming Soon" phase, so there's no set date in 2018 when the community will open … (0 comments)

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