patio homes: Can I Buy A New Construction Patio Home For The Starting Price? - 08/10/19 07:16 PM
You see the signs as you drive around the Cincinnati area.
The builder's community entrance sign states:  "Starting in the $230s!" or "Starting in the $310s!" or some other fairly reasonable price for the area.
Those numbers are in your price range so you figure you can live there.  But can you?
Is the starting price realistic?
Can you actually build a home for that "starting" price that you'd be happy with?
Most likely not because of what it takes to get that "starting" price.
First, you have to take the smallest floor plan available.  You need a 4 bedroom home?  That starting price is for a … (3 comments)

patio homes: Why Is That Cincinnati Patio Home For Sale? - 08/09/19 07:05 PM
Buyers often want to know why a seller is selling their home.
Perhaps it's just curiousity.
Perhaps it's looking for leverage during negotiations.
With regular homes there are a handful of common reasons:
1.  Relocating
2.  Need a bigger (or smaller) home
3.  Divorce
4.  Financial strain (medical issues, job loss, etc.)
Cincinnati patio homes are a bit different though.
Of course there are new construction patio homes for sale, so the reason for that is easy:  the builder is looking to make a profit on an in-demand housing type!
But what about "used" patio homes?  The reasons there typically fall into the following categories that are a bit different than … (1 comments)

patio homes: Move In Ready Cincinnati Patio Homes By Fischer July 2019 - 07/17/19 07:36 PM
We're in the hottest part of the year for Cincinnati, both for temperature and real estate sales!  If you were to start a new construction patio home today, you'd most likely not get your home until early 2020.  And that also means sod and grass seed might not go down for another month or two after that!  So you want to shortcut that process, your best bet might be a move-in ready patio home!  Fischer Homes is one of the leading Cincinnati patio home builders, so checking their inventory might be a great start!  They build it, the HOA takes care … (1 comments)

patio homes: Cincinnati New Construction Patio Homes in Harrison - 07/15/19 05:00 PM

In search of low maintenance living on Cincinnati's West Side?  Patio homes are a bit scarcer to the west than they are north and east of Cincinnati, so Harrison's Villas of Westhaven may be just the answer to your home search!
Ryan Homes is building approximately 40 patio homes in the Villas of Westhaven.  Located just north of the I74/Dry Fork Rd interchange, you can quickly head into downtown Cincinnati or head the opposite way and be in Indiana in moments.
Ryan Homes has been increasing their Cincinnati area patio home offerings in the last few years, so you now have additional choices … (0 comments)

patio homes: Cincinnati New Construction Patio Homes Coming Soon to Liberty Township - 07/14/19 05:06 PM

Cincinnati Ohio builders have caught on to the demand for low maintenance living home choices, and another new construction patio home community will be coming soon to Liberty Township (near SR129 and I75).
Ryan Homes is introducing The Villas At Fieldstone Farms, their latest foray into patio homes.
Located just a bit north of Liberty Town Center, residents will have no shortage of shopping and dining options.
As far as the patio homes, Ryan Homes will be offering four floor plans (three ranch style and a two story option).  All will feature first floor master suites.
Key features of The Villas At Fieldstone Farms patio … (0 comments)

patio homes: 6 Reasons Not To Buy A Cincinnati Patio Home - 07/06/19 07:25 PM

Cincinnati patio homes are great choices for living, but they're NOT the perfect fit for everyone!
So who wouldn't want to live a low maintenance lifestyle in a Cincinnati patio home?
1.  People who don't want to live in Cincinnati!
2.  People who enjoy being a sweaty mess while mowing their yard!
3.  People who like freezing their rear off shoveling snow so they can leave the house!
4.  People who like the hassle of arranging their own lawn care and snow removal, and don't mind being told AFTER the first major snowfall that their service person has dropped their phone number.
5.  People who enjoy hearing … (1 comments)

patio homes: Way Too Early Information For Future Lebanon OH Patio Homes - 06/24/19 04:27 PM
Sometimes we have Cincinnati patio home information, but it's not actionable.
We can't sell you a home (yet).
We can't show you a home (yet).
We can't help you pick out a new lot (yet).
We can't even tell you too much about the opportunity (yet).
What if there wasn't anything we could even do for a year or two, would you still want to know?
We think for many people the answer would be yes, so here's what we CAN tell you now.
At some point in the next year or two Fischer Homes will have a new community in Lebanon Ohio for sale.
They'll be featuring their … (1 comments)

patio homes: Move In Ready Cincinnati Patio Homes By Fischer June 2019 - 06/10/19 06:40 PM

Summer is just around the corner and we're in prime building season in Greater Cincinnati!  Once the builders get the foundations down for their new patio homes, it doesn't take long to get them finished! 
So if you're looking for a low maintenance lifestyle and ready to let someone else push the mower and get sweat soaked, a move-in ready Fischer Homes patio home may be just the answer for you!
You'll get brand new and move in will be anywhere from as quick as you can get financing completed to approximately 90 days depending on the stage of the patio home.  … (0 comments)

patio homes: Cincinnati Patio Home Owners, Buyers Are Waiting On You! - 06/03/19 06:58 PM
Homes for sale in the Cincinnati area are a bit scarce.
Affordable homes for sale in Cincinnati are even more scarce.
And scarcer still?  Affordable patio homes for sale!
There are a number of places I can take prospective buyers if they're willing to wait for new construction and have budgets in the upper $300s or more.
The sweet spot for many patio home buyers is $300,000 and less.
There are patio home communities that fit that sales price, but there's a line of buyers waiting for a patio home to come on the market.
For instance, in Lebanon's Countryside community the patio homes sell in the … (1 comments)

patio homes: West Chester Ohio Patio Home Community Nearing Ground Breaking - 05/31/19 03:57 PM

We've known about West Chester Ohio's new patio home community for some time, so long in fact that it wasn't always a good fit for some of our buyers.
It takes significant time to go from concept to approval to streets laid to actually building homes!
So while Epcon's Bel Haven community has been an appealing concept, 2018's buyers weren't interested in waiting for late 2019 to take possession of their new home.
Well the wait is almost over.  Epcon is close to breaking ground and starting to build the first patio homes (or as they prefer … (1 comments)

patio homes: Montgomery Ohio Low Maintenance Living Update May 2019 - 05/20/19 05:10 PM

If you're looking for low maintenance living in the Montgomery Ohio area and want to build new, you're in luck...Robert Lucke Homes that is!  Last fall they announced plans for The Villas of Montgomery, and they've been making good progress on this small community!  Robert Lucke Homes bought a group of older small ranch homes and cleared the property just  a bit south of Bethesda North Hospital to make way for 12 attached ranch condos (or villas depending on your naming preference!).
2 of the 12 have already been sold and the foundation poured on the first pair of villas.

patio homes: Move In Ready Cincinnati Patio Homes By Fischer April 2019 - 04/29/19 07:37 PM

The weather is getting warmer and I know I'm back in lawn mowing season.  If I lived in a Greater Cincinnati patio home I wouldn't be breaking a sweat pushing a mower!  So if you're looking for low maintenance living, Fischer Homes has some move-in ready patio homes for you!  They take care of the snow and cut the grass, so you can spend more time enjoying Cincinnati or even heading out of town knowing all is well while you're gone!
Fischer Homes remains one of the largest builders of Cincinnati patio homes, with first floor plans maxing out at about … (2 comments)

patio homes: Differences Between Cincinnati's 55+ Community And Other Patio Homes - 04/13/19 05:15 PM
Cincinnati's ONLY true 55+ community is Heritage At Miami Bluffs.  While there are plenty of patio home communities and other low maintenance living options in Cincinnati, what makes Heritage At Miami Bluffs unique? 

The primary difference is Heritage At Miami Bluff's meets federal requirements to be designated a 55+ community.  In a nutshell, it's mandatory that a significant majority of residents must be 55 or over in age.  The community also has time restrictions on how long underage visitors can stay in the community.  This is one case in housing where it's approved to discriminate based on age.
While other Cincinnati patio … (1 comments)

patio homes: We Keep Selling In Cincinnati's Only 55+ Community - 04/07/19 04:56 PM

There are quite a few Cincinnati patio home communities, but there are some that we just keep coming back to!
And foremost among those communities is Cincinnati's ONLY 55+ community, Heritage at Miami Bluffs.  Heritage at Miami Bluffs offers a unique community and offers far and away the best overall social activities of any patio home community in Cincinnati.
A community center of over 9,000 square feet offers a full time social director, a gym, a pool, a large ballroom/dining area, a library, a theater and bocce courts.
So when patio home buyers are searching for that just right combination of patio home and … (1 comments)

patio homes: Bonus Chance To Own A NEW Cincinnati 55+ Patio Home - 04/05/19 05:06 PM

Cincinnati's ONLY true 55+ community  Heritage At Miami Bluffs is in the FINAL phase of the FINAL phase.  Thanks to someone voiding their contract, there's a bonus chance to lay claim to a spot in what many consider to be THE BEST Cincinnati patio home community!  We've had many buyers agree over the years and whether building new or buying a resale, they've claimed Heritage At Miami Bluffs as their home!
If you want a new construction patio home in Heritage At Miami Bluffs, there are currently (as of April 5, 2019) just TEN spots left.  Drees is building 5 market homes, … (1 comments)

patio homes: Sometimes The Expert ISN'T An Expert - 04/03/19 05:00 PM

I watch the Greater Cincinnati patio home market closely, with trackers on every patio home community so I know what's for sale and where.  I follow builders and look for announcements that include plans for new construction patio homes.  I work from south Dayton all the way down to northern Kentucky so I can take my patio home buyers to THE best place for them to call home.
And part of staying current is periodic web searches for Cincinnati patio home terms.  It's always good to know if somehow I've missed a key piece of information that would benefit my clients.
And when … (4 comments)

patio homes: Where Is The Best Cincinnati Patio Home Community? - 03/31/19 04:45 PM

So you want a Cincinnati patio home?  And you'd like to know where THE best Cincinnati patio home community is?
Well for starters, you're not going to find patio homes within the Cincinnati city limits.  Patio homes are a fairly new approach to low maintenance living, so while Cincinnati has condos, there's not an actual patio home community in Cincinnati. 
But Greater Cincinnati is home to PLENTY of patio home communities, we just have to head to the suburbs.  Northern Kentucky has it's fair share, and on the Cincinnati side of the river you can pick between East Side or West Side … (0 comments)

patio homes: Local Expertise Matters - 03/30/19 04:00 PM

Lebanon Ohio has a great downtown to spend an afternoon.  Central is The Golden Lamb.  An inn that's been open since 1803 and lots of famous guests.  Presidents, authors and other dignitaries have stopped by for a place to sleep or a great meal.  And as neighbors there are plenty of boutique shops and places to eat.
So when I needed to find some postcards, downtown Lebanon is where I headed.  The most logical place would have been The Golden Lamb's gift shop, but the gift shop is closed for a few months while the attached Black Horse Tavern is expanded to … (2 comments)

patio homes: When Should I Start Looking For A Cincinnati Patio Home? - 03/29/19 04:29 PM

You're smart.  You KNOW that you're going to downsize in the somewhat near future.  It may still be a couple of years out, but you're gathering information about patio home communities near where you want to live.
But you have questions, just as most home buyers do.
Among them is "How soon should I start looking?".
And that's a pretty important question, but there are a couple of things you need to do prior to starting to visit patio homes.
First, make sure you have your financial ducks in a row.  Because patio homes are often scarce on the market, it's critical to know what … (1 comments)

patio homes: Move-In Ready Cincinnati Patio Homes By Drees March 2019 - 03/27/19 07:01 PM

The flowers are blooming in Greater Cincinnati and this time of year is great for the builders!  They can really press the accelerator pedal and get homes finished up!  And that holds true for Drees Homes just like other new construction patio homes in our market!
Drees is one of the top Cincinnati patio home builders and we've regularly had buyers choose Drees to provide a great community and build them their dream home!
But let's say you don't want to wait 5-7 months to build a patio home from scratch, are there other options?  Yes there are!  Drees offers move-in ready patio … (1 comments)

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