patio homes: Is It Easy To Find? - 08/22/20 09:07 PM
Once upon a time if I needed to find something it meant finding a user manual with part numbers or visiting quite a few stores until finally one would have in stock what I wanted.
My brother-in-law needs primers for reloading ammo and can't find them in his local area?  Online everyone is out of stock, but the local mom and pop stores still have them.  A couple of phones calls later I had a place to go.
Tonight I noticed a crack in the in the vacuum cleaner's hose handle portion.  A few clicks later and there's the part I need on … (7 comments)

patio homes: Move In Ready Cincinnati Patio Homes By Fischer August 2020 - 08/21/20 08:17 PM
Fischer Homes is REALLY short on move-in ready patio homes Greater Cincinnati this month!  We're talking ONLY three patio homes and two paired patio homes.
Only two of those ar ein Ohio, and you can choose from Watercrest at Landen or you choose from Watercreat at Landen...get my drift?  While there are other Ohio locations for new construction patio homes, there's only one location with move-in ready patio homes currently planned. 
Like other patio home communities, the HOA takes care of the lawn and snow removal, and you just enjoy the low maintenance lifestyle!
Fischer's current patio home floor plans max out … (3 comments)

patio homes: Coming Soon New Construction Patio Homes Miamisburg Ohio - 08/20/20 09:04 PM

Fischer Homes has announced a new community Aberdeen is coming to Miamisburg, just to the south of Dayton.  Take a look at the location and you've got to love it!  Just a short drive from the Austin Blvd I-75 exchange, commuting will be a snap!  And adjacent to Aberdeen is Pipestone Golf Course.
Aberdeen will be offering both their Designer home collection AND their Patio Home collection.
Want to mow your own lawn and have a bigger home?  Choose from their Designer Collection, 13 floor plans and a mix of two story and one story homes.
Looking for low maintenance living and having the … (3 comments)

patio homes: Cincinnati New Construction Patio Homes Move Fast - 08/14/20 05:09 PM
Fischer Homes sent out invites today for the first wave of orders for their latest Cincinnati patio home community Westfall Preserve.  An opportunity to pick a lot and pick a home before someone else gets the spot you want!
Located in West Chester (northwest Cincinnati), Fischer Homes is planning 104 patio homes starting in the upper $200s and into the $300s base price depending on floor plan.  Add options as you will, it's an a la carte ordering process when you build from scratch.
This is just Phase I, but we expect these homes to go quickly as there's no true negative associated … (1 comments)

patio homes: Low Pressure Urgency - 07/30/20 07:24 PM
I'm not a high pressure sales guy.  You might expect me to be if you didn't know me better.  After all, an agent only gets paid when you buy a home and sign the papers, so why wouldn't I want to get to that payday?  Maybe a little arm twisting might make it happen faster, right?
But my basic philosophy when it comes to being a real estate agent has never been about doing what I need to have a quick sale with my clients.  Sure once in a while it's show one, sell one.  But that's not the norm.  I provide … (4 comments)

patio homes: 12 Things You Should Know About Cincinnati Patio Homes - 07/11/20 07:27 PM
Names vary throughout the country.  Somewhere else a patio home may be homes that are attached to other homes.  In the Cincinnati area that's usually NOT the case (although Fischer Homes has introduced PAIRED patio homes to the market, and those are basically duplexes).  Most often here we're talking a detached, ranch home that includes a yard and the HOA takes care of the lawn.
So for the Cincinnati market, what should you know about PATIO HOMES?
1.  Locally, different names are used by different builders to mean different things.  Enough "different" there?  And sometimes a term by one builder that equates to … (4 comments)

patio homes: Can You Find Me The Patio Home I Want? - 05/11/20 05:14 PM
Whenever we start working with a patio home buyer, one of the first things we have to understand is the criteria of the buyer's wants & needs.
How many bedrooms?
Acceptable locations?
Garage spaces?
With or without a basement?
Community with or without amenities?
New or resale?
And of course, budget!
There are more criteria, but the above provides a starting framework.
Now some wants are typically standard in MOST Cincinnati patio homes.
You want single level living?  Almost always.
2 car garage?  Usually.
Open floor plan?  More often than not, the newer the patio home, the more likely the plan will be open.
But after that, the more specific the needs, the more … (2 comments)

patio homes: Cincinnati Low Maintenance Move In Ready Homes By Drees April 2020 - 04/27/20 05:08 PM

Drees Homes has an ample supply of move-in ready low maintenance home choices for you in Greater Cincinnati.  Condos, patio homes and townhomes with either immediate occupancy or within a few months at most, with a wider selection of condos/townhomes rather than patio homes.
You don't get to pick the finishes, but you do save months and months off the timeline of having your own brand new low maintenance home! 
These Drees' move-in ready homes are available in both Ohio and northern Kentucky. 
Cincinnati Ohio move-in ready condos, townhomes & patio homes:
Amelia's Woodside Park:  Oakmont A $199,572 (immediate)
Cincinnati's Bridgecreek:  Gramercy A $211,141 … (1 comments)

patio homes: Move In Ready Cincinnati Patio Homes By Fischer April 2020 - 04/26/20 04:23 PM
Normally Fischer Homes has a decent selection of move-in ready patio homes in Greater Cincinnati.  Some on the Ohio side, others in Northern Kentucky.  Move-in ready patio homes significantly cut down the time to have a new construction patio home.  Instead of 6-7 months, you're only 30-90 days depending on the home.
However, not the broad selection this month.  Perhaps a reflection of winter weather slowing down housing starts, or perhaps some caution on Fischer Homes' part with coronavirus and not wanting to have as many homes in progress.  Or perhaps it's because they're focusing on getting new communities such as Watercrest … (1 comments)

patio homes: Lebanon Ohio New Construction Paired Patio Home Update - 04/15/20 05:13 PM
Fischer Homes' Monroe Meadows paired patio home community is making progress!
We popped by today during a freezing rain/snow flurry and where before there was just a meadow, now there's scraped earth.  The outline of the street, the curbs and some lot stakes are up.
There have been some release delays, so it's still too soon to order your paired patio home, but Fischer Homes is almost ready to work with buyers (AND THEIR AGENTS). 
What is a paired patio home?  Basically think a duplex ranch style condo with a finished lower level.    
Monroe Meadows will be within the Lebanon city limits and … (2 comments)

patio homes: I've Shown This Home Before - 03/09/20 07:37 PM
Tomorrow I'm going to show a patio home for the second time.  (it won't be the one in the picture, my buyers bought it and moved in already!)
Now if I'm the listing agent and I see an agent coming back a second time, I'm thinking "SAME BUYER...WOO-HOO...Bring the offer!!!"
But as is often the case when I show a home the second time, it won't be the same buyer as the previous showing.
Since much of our work involves Cincinnati patio homes, and patio homes are a limited part of the market, it's not uncommon to visit the same patio home multiple … (7 comments)

patio homes: Move In Ready Cincinnati Patio Homes By Fischer February 2020 - 02/22/20 04:51 PM
If you're looking for a bargain on new construction patio homes in Greater Cincinnati, it's time to give SERIOUS consideration to Fischer Home's available move-in ready patio homes.  Many have reduced prices $20,000 (or more) and with market homes the existing prices are typically negotiable.  They're sitting there costing the builder money so they want to turn these finished patio homes back into liquid capital!  There need can be your gain! 
The other big advantage for Fischer Home's latest move-in ready patio homes in Greater Cincinnati is these homes are typically ready in 90 days or less, a significant reduction in … (2 comments)

patio homes: A New Way Of Building Cincinnati Patio Homes - 02/07/20 07:01 PM
Most Cincinnati patio home builders have a fairly standard way of building patio homes.
Expect side by side, with small strips of yard between them.  And when I say small, I DO mean small.  20-30 feet gap wall to wall isn't unusual.
If you're lucky, there are woods or some type of water feature immediately behind your patio home, or maybe even a big earthen berm to provide some privacy.  But most often?  There's probably another row of patio homes immediately behind you, so if you're out back on your deck/patio and the neighbors are too, well I wouldn't discuss anything TOO intimate.
Garages … (1 comments)

patio homes: Have You Considered The Other Cincinnati Patio Home Communities? - 01/26/20 07:12 PM
We put a LOT of Cincinnati patio home information on our home search site and in our patio home blog posts, but as we've said before, NOT everything about ALL patio home communities. 
Sometimes there's more than enough information that a potential buyer has zeroed in on the community they want before they ever contact us.
So when we get that first contact and they express interest in a particular Cincinnati area patio home community, we'll inquire what attracted them to that particular community.
Obviously it's far easier to just agree with their choice and focus on finding them a good match in … (3 comments)

patio homes: 3 Chances To Buy In Cincinnati's Only 55+ Community - 01/24/20 07:57 PM

If you're considering buying a home in Cincinnati's ONLY 55+ community Heritage At Miami Bluffs, you just missed another chance as one of the last new construction homes went under contract.
What's left?
Well if you click the picture you'll see the resale patio home we have listed at 6137 Pondside.  6137 Pondside has a new price that puts it over $100,000 in price below the other two homes for sale.
Drees Homes has TWO finished new construction patio homes for sale, both priced in the mid-$400s.  Once they sell these two, it's resale or nothing.  Drees has finished building homes available to order … (2 comments)

patio homes: Another Cincinnati Patio Home Under Contract In Falling Brook - 01/23/20 08:11 PM

HAL Homes has been building upscale ranch condos in Mason's Falling Brook community for some time, and in 2013 they added patio homes to their offering.  Falling Brook is immediately next door to Jack Nicklaus designed The Golf Center of Kings Island and the Lindner Family Tennis Center, home to one of the country's biggest annual tennis tournaments.
So when we first talked to our buyers, they already had done their research and had a pretty good idea where they wanted to live.  Falling Brook was an ideal match for them:  upscale finishes, close to work, and lots of other factors were … (8 comments)

patio homes: Move In Ready Cincinnati Patio Homes By Fischer November 2019 - 11/30/19 05:14 PM
Looking for Fischer Home's latest move-in ready patio homes in Greater Cincinnati?  We've got the details on these homes that will be ready in 90 days of less in both Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  Buy one of these move-in ready patio homes and you can cut months off the usual 6-7 month build time when you order from scratch. 
Fischer's move-in ready patio homes are in a variety of communities on both sides of the Ohio River, so you can choose from Northern Kentucky OR southwest Ohio.  Like other patio home communities, the HOA takes care of the lawn and snow removal, … (1 comments)

patio homes: More Liberty Township Carriage Hill Patio Homes On The Way - 11/22/19 07:14 PM
Another Cincinnati low maintenance living option is on the horizon with M/I Homes' recent announcement of the Retreat at Carriage Hill community in Liberty Township.  They've scraped the dirt and have the streets mapped, so it shouldn't be long until this 63 home section of the master planned Carriage Hill community is ready for buyers to place orders.
 M/I Homes is experienced in building low maintenance living options having already completed one section of patio homes in Carriage Hill and now adding Retreat at Carriage Hill with a notable twist:  These four ranch plan homes feature a rear entrance garage.
Starting prices are … (0 comments)

patio homes: More Cincinnati New Construction Patio Homes Coming! - 11/18/19 06:55 PM
It took some years for the builders to fully realize that there's a serious demand for brand new patio homes in Greater Cincinnati!  The major builders have been adding new communities and increasing selections, and that's fantastic for patio home buyers!
There is one caveat to that though.  The builders have priced out many potential patio home buyers with for the most part a minimum price that after options typically tops $300,000, and often $400,000 or more.  There are some limited places to stay under $300,000, but expect to stay smaller AND plainer to make that happen.
Depending on the community, patio homes … (0 comments)

patio homes: Information Leads To Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - 11/07/19 05:45 PM
We love working with Cincinnati patio home buyers!
They're typically experienced home buyers and before they call us they've already done some research.  They've looked at much of our information online and realized as they searched that we were the agents providing the MOST information about Cincinnati patio homes!
So once they reach out to us, the fun begins!
We have questions to ask:
New construction or resale?
Patio home or condo?
Basement or slab?
Ranch or multiple floors?
3 bedrooms or 2 with a study?  (or 4?)
Cash or finance?
Desired community amenities?
Location in Cincinnati area?
Home to sell first or after or not at all?
Any "no gos"?  (I can't STAND … (1 comments)

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