pets: Din Din Time & The Lessons Of Routines - 09/12/19 07:41 PM
I tend to be a fairly private person.  You'd have to dig through my Facebook page pretty deeply to find more than flowers, pets, bees and some very basic bio type stuff on the left.  You won't even find my birthday as public information.
I have routines that are part of my day.
My cell phone is my alarm clock.
Before I roll out of bed (and after some time arguing about how much I'd like NOT to do so), I've popped open my email and scanned the MLS Autoprospecting emails for any new matches that are relevant to my active buyers.  Most mornings … (9 comments)

pets: And Then There Were 19 - 08/26/19 03:41 PM
Those that know us know that we love animals.  We're long past the "crazy" definition, with 4 Chihuahuas and 16 cats.  For all intents, we run our own pet shelter, but without the benefit of a tax break since we're not a non-profit.  The cats (and half the dogs) are rescues.  The bulk of the cats "found" us either thanks to some human dumping them on our country road, or via Liz's work in fostering cats or trap neuter release work.
Our furry herd has grown over the years, with a crash course introduction in 2006 when Sage and Silvers (two mom … (3 comments)

pets: Let Me Out Warden!!!! - 06/22/19 06:59 PM

El Jefe the Chihuahua was tried and convicted today of being a dirty dog.
El Jefe had pled nolo contendere and Judge Liz showed some mercy, sentencing him to a bath and some time in a crate on the deck to let the warm afternoon sun dry his fur.
But like any convict, El Jefe wanted a shortened sentence!  He's mastered the "big eyes" technique that Puss uses in the Shrek movies :) 
He puts his paws on the bars, pushes his ears back and opens his eyes wide and gives you that "Let me out warden" look :)
It's all part of the … (7 comments)

pets: We're In The Doghouse Now! - 08/23/18 07:39 PM

Many years ago right after I left the Navy and we moved to Cincinnati, Liz and I rented a house.  We had a few Shelties, and it didn't take us long to realize that living in a rental with kids next door that liked to tease our dogs was just not ideal.
So we started looking for our first home (this was LONG before we became real estate agents).  Our criteria was fairly loose.  A certain budget, a certain distance from my engineering work, and a certain amount of dog friendliness to our home.
This was pre-Internet days, so we did like a … (12 comments)

pets: We Have A Contract To Get Hurt - 11/24/17 04:22 PM
If you know much about us, you know our pets (and other animals) are  a big part of our lives.  While we're not officially a non-profit charity organization (oh I WISH I had those tax deductions!!), part of the reason I work engineering and real estate is so I can finance our efforts.
We're THOSE people. You hear about them but don't meet them in person often.  No kids of the furless variety, all of ours are VERY furry and in a variety of colors and attitudes.  We have a crazy number of cats and dogs, and they're all well taken care … (13 comments)

pets: What Would We do With $220 in Savings? That's Easy.....Our Kitties Have a List of Demands!!! - 11/04/10 03:35 AM
The Feline Management Team of the Spear Household Charitable Center for Feline Rescue has meowed spoken and provided the following options for what to do with any windfalls of $220, although as far as they can figure, everything in life is FREE!!!: 
550 cans of Friskies Special Diet canned cat food....willing to accept Salmon, Ocean Whitefish or Beef & Chicken Dinner varieties  (a six month supply) 220 cat toys of the $1 variety...they don't want to have to search for a toy, there should be one stationed for every 10 sq feet of living area! 44 LARGE bags (25 lb … (47 comments)

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