points: Ask An Ambassador: A Pointed Discussion - 07/25/17 11:09 AM
The nature of ActiveRain is that it is for many people a points driven culture. 
Leave a comment.  Get points.
Write a post.  Get points.
Answer a question.  Get points.
Reblog another's post.  Get points.
Accumulate enough points, your price of participation goes down every 100,000 points.  Rinse, lather repeat until you reach 500,000 points and a free account. 
Gather more points and you move up the leaderboard, be it city, county, state or national.
Frankly it's pretty easy to get points in the community, participate and they're there for the taking.  Type and type some more.
But pursuing points just for the sake of points … (34 comments)

points: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: Where O Where Did My Lost Points Go? - 08/04/14 11:35 PM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  Where O Where Did My Lost Points Go?
Points.  The genius and bane of Active Rain depending on your viewpoint.  They engage us early on, get us hypercompetitive people to blog, to comment, to partake in challenges and basically give up family and sleep.   Earned properly, points reward activity that makes our phone ring and gives us business, thus more incentive to keep blogging. 
On the other hand, points (especially with our new limits on posts and comments) may encourage a small minority of Rainers to engage in less than desirable community behaviors...like the commenter posting "Nice … (98 comments)

points: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: How Can I Get A Free ActiveRain Account? - 12/02/13 10:42 PM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  How Can I Get A Free ActiveRain Account?
Of course you can have a FREE ActiveRain account.  Anyone can, just sign up and you're in.  However, just having a FREE ActiveRain account doesn't accomplish much unless your only purpose is agent to agent.  If you're trying to reach the consumer, the FREE account is like being a radio DJ with the transmitter turned off.  You can yammer all you want, but no outside of the room is going to hear you.
What you need is a RAINMAKER account.  And RAINMAKER status is the key to releasing your posts … (93 comments)

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