professionalism: MAYBE I Could Have Done It Without A Professional - 12/15/16 03:07 PM
It started with a chirping, screeching sound from our dryer.  The drum would roll, SCREEEEEECH.    SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH.    SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECH.   Okay, the sound DIDN'T get longer each time, but frankly it was like nails on a chalkboard.  It didn't seem to be affecting the actual function of the dryer, so we finished the load.  The next time we used it the problem vanished.  No noise.  We're home free!!  Except...we weren't.  A couple of days later the dryer would make noise, stop and shut itself off.
We looked online for a reputable appliance repair company (e.g. if you need one, Rippe Brothers a) Ken showed up … (51 comments)

professionalism: Oops! I Am THAT Agent! - 03/21/16 07:39 AM

While going through the AR blog roll you'll find some posts about THAT agent.
Read in the real estate Facebook groups and they're packed with rants about THAT agent!
THAT agent who posted crappy MLS pictures.
THAT agent that won't answer phone or return emails.
THAT agent that has all kinds of errors in their  MLS listings.
THAT agent who doesn't have their clients "under control".
THAT agent who expects the listing agent to do all the showings until their buyer finds something they like and then swoops in to write the offer. I'm THAT agent.  I'll plead not guilty to all but the last charge, and … (21 comments)

professionalism: Why Don't You Call Me? Don't You Love Me?? - 08/03/10 02:58 AM
You WAIT... You WAIT some more... Should I call him?  Again?  Will it make me look too anxious?
But I REALLY need to talk to him!!!  WHY won't he call??  Ring!! RINNGG!!!!  Let me get on with my life!! But we're not talking about some teenager here  (besides, they'd be texting, not waiting for a call), but that anxious time when you're waiting for some important call. Perhaps it's the bank... don't get me started on our mortgage holder... there's no logic there. Perhaps it's the plumber, called three yesterday to get some work done, the first plumber declined, gave us … (26 comments)

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