referrals: Ask An Ambassador: How Do I Get Referrals From ActiveRain? - 07/03/18 04:51 PM

There are a multitude of ways to gain business.
Direct mail.
Paid leads.
Social media of all forms.
Door knocking.
Open houses.
Name badges.
Car magnets.
Reminding EVERYONE you know that you're in real estate.
And of course, referrals from other agents.
Now obviously the odds are better if you're associated with a large community with lots of people coming and going. 
We live between Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio in Warren County.  While we don't serve the entirety of those markets, I'll work the east and north parts of Cincinnati's suburbs and the southern parts of Dayton, and under the right circumstances I can push that boundary a bit further.
Now I … (32 comments)

referrals: Ask An Ambassador: Relationships Last Beyond The Rain - 01/01/18 02:21 PM
If you've been in the Rain any length of time you realize this community is fairly fluid.  Some of us have been here for years and years, others are brand new, and others come and go, and then...well some leave and never come back.  But the phrase "gone but not forgotten" applies if they were active members and built relationships while they were here.
And while Facebook might not have really been much of a thing when we first joined ActiveRain, it's now an integral part of staying in touch with people.  The result is I have hundreds of agents from across … (23 comments)

referrals: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: Need To Give Referrals? You're In The Right Place! - 12/30/14 12:25 AM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  Need To Give Referrals?  You're In The Right Place!
In our pre-AR days, if we needed an agent for an out of area referral, we went straight to the RE/MAX online directory.  Big company, agents all over the world, enough information to try to make a match.
Now?  Totally different approach.  ActiveRain is our first choice to search for agents to refer business to.  After years of blogging and interacting, we know lots of agents around the country that are top of mind.  And for some areas we have an abundance of good choices, so we can try … (20 comments)

referrals: Please Think of BLiz When You Have Cincinnati and Dayton Referrals - 04/24/14 10:34 PM
Please Think of BLiz When You Have Cincinnati and Dayton Referrals
Hello Rain Peeps!  Warning, the following is a blatant self-promotion appeal!  If you've followed us for any length of time, you know we live in Warren County and aren't shy about promoting our area!  It's a great place to live, and with communities like Mason, Lebanon and Springboro all award winning cities, we have a lot of material to work with!  It's where we live and where our office is, so you won't find us listed on the Active Rain leaderboards under Cincinnati (Hamilton County) or Dayton (Montgomery County...mostly!).
But … (26 comments)

referrals: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: How Do I Get Referrals? - 02/10/14 10:04 PM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  How Do I Get Referrals?
Most of us are here to improve our business, whether that be by gaining tons of knowledge that helps our business, by blogging direct to consumers or with agent referrals.
That last part can be a serious benefit to your business in particular.  There are a LOT of Rainers on this site, and you never know who knows someone in your area.  Everyone here in the Rain has friends and family scattered across the country and you never know when one of them might be living in YOUR area!
So how do you … (68 comments)

referrals: The Best Advertising Money CAN'T Buy!! - 03/08/11 10:26 PM
The Best Advertising Money CAN'T Buy!!
A large line item on most REALTOR'S annual budgets is advertising.  We pay for tons of direct mail, websites, blogging, and some of us...banner ads, Featured placement, billboards, shopping carts and just about anyplace else with enough white space to put up our mugshot and phone number...all for the hope of getting that phone call from  that HOT prospect with the million dollar home to sell or buy!
And despite all the major dollars spent, ALL that advertising has NOTHING on the best advertising money CAN'T buy:  the satisfied client, the raving fan, the … (28 comments)

referrals: Does Your Service Area Differ for Buyers and Sellers? - 01/14/11 05:25 AM
Does Your Service Area Differ for Buyers and Sellers? Last night we got one of those Active Rain contact emails you love to get, "Hi, I'm Agent X from Out Of State Brokerage B and I've got a possible referral for you!" Sweet!!  All that blogging might be about to pay some dividends!! The town she mentioned in the email sounded familiar, but not one we normally work.  Pull up Mapquest....oh....that's a hike!  40 miles one way from our home.  Still covered by one of the MLS we use, but certainly further than we'd normally go for a buyer.  We did … (28 comments)

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