selling your home: What If I Decide To Not Sell My Home After All? - 09/13/19 07:35 PM
You hired a real estate agent to sell your home.
You discussed what to expect.  The realistic selling price for your home, how long it should take.  The process for showings, an offer, negotiations, inspections and every step to the closing table.
The agent discusses how to best present your home, hires a professional photographer to maximize your home's online appeal,
Your home is introduced to the public and the showings start.
Maybe the frequency is as expected, maybe a bit slower than expected.  There are variables and market conditions can shift, especially with the end of the peak selling time.
For any number of … (3 comments)

selling your home: Is It Risky Business Selling Your Home With An Agent Friend? - 05/11/19 06:48 PM

You're ready to sell your Cincinnati home and you've got a friend who is a real estate agent.
Is it risky to mix your friendship with business?
Perhaps not.
You already have a basis of trust, and that's key to a good working relationship with your agent.
And we're going to assume your friend the agent is competent and your home isn't going to be their first rodeo.  No learning curve on your home's sale, they've been there and done that a bunch of times.
And if you're in a hot market with a serious edge to the seller, the risk might be pretty minuscule.  Price … (0 comments)

selling your home: Spring Blooms Add To Curb Appeal - 05/04/19 03:56 PM

Thinking about selling your home?
There's a relatively inexpensive way to help your home sell:  flowers!
Now there's two ways to approach this:
Long term planning and work that you get to enjoy while you live at your home.  And fact is some landscaping takes years to mature and fully pay off.  But done right and you get the beauty that comes with watching Spring come to life and the colors arrive.
When it's time to sell your home, flower colors  really add some POP!! to the photos of your home and even more so when a prospective buyer arrives at your curb.
Now for us … (1 comments)

selling your home: Will You Overprice My Home And Then Reduce Price Later? - 09/06/17 07:35 PM

So you want me to promise you a price too high for the market and then keep reducing the price until we find out what the market will REALLY bear?
Sure, we COULD do that!  But that's not what I'd recommend and not ever my preferred method of selling a house.
When we first meet to talk about your home's worth, I'm considering a number of things:
Your home's features and conditions Recent sales of SIMILAR homes The competition (resale and new)
Your schedule Each of these components play a role in determining the value of your home and how quickly we can … (5 comments)

selling your home: Update Your Home and Enjoy Now, Sell Later! - 03/22/17 02:51 PM

Too often we see home sellers decide to sell their home and they undergo a flurry of home updating.  Lots of time, lots of dollars and then they put their home on the market.  The good news?  Those updates make their home VERY appealing to the buyers.  What buyer doesn't love buying a move in ready home updated to the current trends?
But there's one issue with the update just before selling strategy.
Often updates don't provide a dollar for dollar return.  You spend $30,000 on updates and perhaps you get $25,000 (or less) back in increased home value.  And if you're not … (4 comments)

selling your home: Plans Matter When Selling Your Home - 03/16/17 04:44 PM
 A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!
In my limited spare time I've been reading David McCullough's The Path Between The Seas (The Creation of the Panama Canal 1870-1914).  If you're like me and harbor a suppressed history major inside an engineer's body, it's a fantastic read.  It's not a short read by any means, clocking in at over 600 pages, but it's an award winning book and worth the time.  It combines history, geography, engineering, politics, scandal and much more to form the story of how it all started with an idea and after many years, many lost lives and millions … (4 comments)

selling your home: Why You Shouldn't Make Your Own Inspection Repairs - 03/02/17 03:45 PM

We've got your home under contract to sell and the buyer's inspector comes through.  Then the inevitable happens: the buyer's agent sends over a list of repair requests.  Seriously, you didn't expect the home inspector to not find anything at all did you??
Now if we're fortunate, you've kept your home in tip top condition and the inspector's findings will be minor.  But even a tip top home can have issues that you don't expect because neither your or I probably have the knowledge to REALLY know all that is right or wrong with a home.
When's the last time you've been … (47 comments)

selling your home: Have A Home That Might Be Less In Demand? Sell NOW??! - 02/03/17 04:18 PM

Some homes sell more easily than others.  In fact, some are on the market for just a matter of moments, they're swarmed by buyers and the offers fly and a contract is done.  Those homes are in the right location, the right price range and offer the most in demand features.
But MOST homes in our market aren't going to be the must have homes.  Some homes have 50/50 floor plans that buyers love or hate.  Or they're older than most buyers want, or the yard isn't quite what they want.  So it's going to be a bit tougher to get that … (10 comments)

selling your home: Do You Sell All The Homes You List? - 12/18/16 11:00 AM

Almost, but it's rare that we don't sell homes we're given the opportunity to sell!
We had ONE listing this year that we just couldn't get sold.  A beautiful country estate with lots of acreage, but WAAAAAY out there.  We knew the price was high from the start but we were willing to try the seller's preferred price.  We showed the home ourselves many times.  We had one buyer come back THREE times but just couldn't quite make it work for them.  So ultimately the seller decided to try another agent (and not sour grapes, but it hasn't sold with that agent … (3 comments)

selling your home: What's Your Home's Value Proposition To Buyers? - 11/27/16 02:41 PM
When I bought my last car it came with a few months of free satellite radio service.  I enjoyed listening to the comedy channels, but when the end of the free trial arrived I passed on shelling out the monthly fee.
Why not?  It's not that I couldn't afford it, but for me the value proposition just wasn't adequate to get me to open up my wallet.  I had choices that didn't cost me money that would provide adequate entertainment.  I could listen to free radio, pop in a CD (yes, I'm still a bit old school in that regard), stream Pandora or … (3 comments)

selling your home: How To Sell Your Home When Competing Against The Builder - 11/20/16 07:01 AM

Let's say you bought your home in the early phases of a subdivision's history.  You got in early, picked a great lot and built the home just the way you wanted! 
You didn't expect to move soon, but LIFE HAPPENS!
You had a major job change and you've got to relocate A major life event happened (illness of an immediate family member, your plans for happily ever after with your spouse didn't work out) You realized you made a mistake.  That floor plan just doesn't work, or the home is too big (or small), that commute you thought would be tolerable … (36 comments)

selling your home: Want To Sell Your Home in 2017? Start NOW! - 11/16/16 07:20 AM

Considering selling your home in 2017?  You COULD start now (literally) since chances are if you went on the market tomorrow, even with a quick offer and contract it would be next calendar year before you'd actually complete the sale, but that was NOT where we were heading with our NOW! 

Our experience has been that homes sell best (fastest and for most dollars) when they've been properly prepared for the market.
While most of us keep our home in pretty good shape, chances are there are some things you live with on a day to day basis that might not be … (5 comments)

selling your home: Before You Agree To A Price Reduction On Your Home - 08/19/16 07:26 AM

Your home hasn't sold yet.  You want it sold.  Seems like the only thing that can be done is drop the price, right??
STOP.  Hold up just a bit.
We know you like(d) your current listing agent.  He/She/They told you the right things at the listing presentation.  "Your home is special and it'll sell in no time and for top dollar, hire us and our super duper excellent marketing will make sure ALL the buyers out there will see and LOVE your home."
Time has rolled by and your home didn't sell as quickly as predicted and your agent is now asking for a … (13 comments)

selling your home: A Sure Way NOT To Sell Your Home! - 06/05/16 08:45 AM

There are a multitude of ways to make your home tough to sell:
Price WELL above market value Paint your home colors like Pepto Bismol Pink Let the condition of your home deteriorate Let your pets decide the INSIDE of the home is where the toilet is Make your home difficult for buyers to get into (yes, we allow showings ONLY between 4 to 6 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays) Have REALLY bad pictures online representing your home (blurry, dark, bad angles and more) Bad MLS information (wrong lot size, age, # of bedrooms, bad map location) And yet, despite any … (16 comments)

selling your home: Top Dollar Demands Top Condition - 05/21/16 08:39 AM

We see it often.  Our buyers like a home online.  It's got the upgrades.  Bells and whistles and it LOOKS perfect.  But that seems a bit high for the neighborhood.  A good 10% over the highest sale in the last year and those homes had a LOT more square footage.  Sure inventory is tight, but will the house live up to expectations?  
And sometimes when we visit the house WILL be in top condition.  Immaculate inside and out.  The best upgrades are in place and everything is PERFECT.
But that's the exception.
More often what we encounter is a seller asking for TOP … (29 comments)

selling your home: Will 2016 Be A Good Time To Sell My Lebanon Ohio Home? - 12/27/15 12:03 AM
Will 2016 Be A Good Time To Sell My Lebanon Ohio Home?
If you've been thinking about selling your Lebanon home, you want to see positive indicators that selling now is indeed a good time to sell your home.  You want to feel comfortable with how much your home will sell for and how long it will take.  Knowing those estimates allows you to make a decision as to whether staying put, building a new home or selling your existing home and buying a different home is the best move for you.

There are a lot of variables into making your decision.  Do … (5 comments)

selling your home: Will 2016 Be A Good Time To Sell My Mason Ohio Home? - 12/25/15 11:42 PM
Will 2016 Be A Good Time To Sell My Mason Ohio Home?
If you've been thinking about selling your Mason home, you've probably been watching the market from the sidelines and waiting for enough positive signs to make the decision to enter the market.
And depending on your NEED to sell your home vs. a WANT to sell your home, 2016 might be the time to make a move, and of course, what is your home worth?  For some price points, 2016 might be optimal, for other price points you might be going up against new construction and the challenge will be a … (7 comments)

selling your home: The Professionals Have The Tools For The Job - 11/21/15 07:29 AM
The Professionals Have The Tools For The Job
For the last three days there's been a crew of tree cutting professionals working around our home.  Our home is surrounded by woods and over the last few years the ash borer beetles have been making their presence known.  It doesn't end well for the ash trees and some of them have a lean that makes our home's safety in doubt, and an unexpected branch fall placed a nice dent on one of our cars recently.
So the local professionals are doing the job.  Sure, I could PROBABLY cut down some of the trees, but … (65 comments)

selling your home: Is Winter A Good Time To Sell Your Warren County Ohio Home? - 11/20/15 07:55 AM
Is Winter A Good Time To Sell Your Warren County Ohio Home?
It's getting colder.  They're even talking about MAYBE having a few flakes of the white stuff mixing with the rain tomorrow night.  Typically as Winter approaches the Warren County real estate market slows.  But does that by itself make it a bad time to sell your home?
The answer?
It depends!
That's no cop out answer, because depending on your home and your personal situation, now may be a LOUSY time to sell your home or it may be a "just okay" time to sell your home, and maybe, just maybe, it might … (8 comments)

selling your home: Perfect Pricing Means Nothing If Your Home Is Invisible To Buyers - 11/19/15 04:59 AM
Perfect Pricing Means Nothing If Your Home Is Invisible To Buyers
We have it happen every now and then.  A home owner calls us and indicates they want to sell their home.  We meet, we discuss the market, how their home fits with the competition, how long to expect to need to sell and yes, some pricing strategies.
Some times we get hired, sometimes another agent does, and SOMETIMES it was all just a brain pick so the owner can take a try at the market without benefit of hiring a listing agent.
No worries, it's everyone's right to sell their home on their … (13 comments)

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