time: Bandwidth Limitations - 01/25/20 07:21 PM
It's corporate-speak for how much workload a particular person or department can take on.
"We don't have the bandwidth to support that project".
It's the polite way of saying "your project doesn't fit into our available time and we're NOT staying until 7 p.m. and working weekends to make it happen for you".
The reality is we all work with the same 24 hours a day and the same 7 days a week, so it's a daily decision as to how we spend those hours.
How much time for sleep?
How much time for supporting our clients?
How much family time?
How much time for our Faith?
And the … (9 comments)

time: Time As A Resource - 12/14/19 04:32 PM
When you're dual career like I am, you learn you need to both value and protect your time.  We all get the standard 24 hours in a day and how we dole them out determines our success and our stress levels.
There are people that are more than happy to take our time knowing full well we're NEVER going to get business from them. 
When you recognize time is one of your most valuable resources, you pay more attention to how people want you to use your time and divert those that don't fit your business model.  It's not a fool-proof approach … (5 comments)

time: If You Want My Time, Get Your Reservations In Early - 08/21/16 06:11 AM

I love helping buyers searching for Cincinnati patio homes for sale, but here's the thing.  There is just one of me.  I can only help one client at a time.  I have no clones.  I have no twin.  No teleportation device.  Yep, just me.  And when I'm with a client, I'm WITH that client.
So if you need my patio home expertise, I need a few things from you to ensure you get priority attention:
Commit to working with me AND ONLY me as your agent.  I don't work as part of a posse of agents and I'll decline every time if you … (12 comments)

time: Grab A Stake and Let's Kill Some Vampires! - 12/08/11 01:15 AM
Grab A Stake and Let's Kill Some Vampires! Van Helsing, stake please!  No, not the porterhouse!  Edward, Bill, Erik and Dracula have to go! Time is limited.  Can't make more of it, all we can do is rearrange how we use it.  This makes the list, this doesn't.  Those choices are among the most critical we can make. And unless you're in government, we can't print more money without risking one of those fashionable bright orange jump suits.  However, we can do things to increase the opportunity to earn more money, or to spend less of it! We're coming up on … (63 comments)

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