titles: She Kicked Me Right In The Funyuns - 10/31/19 08:29 PM
Some Tricks, Some Treats, Welcome To Real Estate Life
That Egg Didn't Hatch
There's No Such Thing As A Sure Thing
Okay, before you think I'd done gone and lost my mind, there's a reason for the ORs above.
Consider this a bonus Ask An Ambassador post, a treat to offset a night of tricks (in the space of a 3 hours I've had a "sure thing" listing go POOF, a tree fall across our driveway and one of our cats do a Linda Blair impression).
And back to the point of this post.
Titles.  Everything above could be used for the EXACT same post, or a … (29 comments)

titles: I Took My Mother To A Brothel!!!! - 10/09/18 12:53 PM

I'm betting THAT certainly got your attention didn't it? 
There's a method to my madness with this post, and it's to help prove that titles matter.
It's Tuesday so it's time for another Ask An Ambassador post, but in this case, putting the AAA phrase in front of the title would have detracted from the impact of the title.  I needed it to stand alone, perhaps cause a shock and a twinge of curiousity about what was happening inside the post??
Now if all you want is your curiousity satisfied, here's the Cliff Notes version.  Last week my mother and I enjoyed a … (51 comments)

titles: ASK AN AMBASSADOR: Don't Read This Post!!! - 01/27/14 07:56 PM
ASK AN AMBASSADOR:  Don't Read This Post!!!
...unless you want to know more about the importance of titles to your post!
In some ways, deciding what to title your post might be the most important part of writing your post.  That title may be your first and ONLY chance to get the reader to click and read.
The wrong word selection gives a false impression, or creates a negative attitude right from the start.  You probably want to provoke, to intrigue, and maybe sometimes you DO want to agitate!  Sometimes a little bait and switch is in order too :)

titles: All Part Time Agents Should Be Tarred & Feathered & Have Their Licenses Taken Away!! - 10/15/13 12:42 AM
All Part Time Agents Should Be Tarred & Feathered & Have Their Licenses Taken Away!!
Okay, this is really an Ask An Ambassador post, but we're trying to make a point with the title.  A title has multiple purposes:
Grab the reader and get them to click. Grab the search engine's attention Indicate what the post is about Set the mood for the post Now take the title we used for this post.  It probably got your attention as you were scanning the blog roll.  It probably even set your mood...put away the tar, feathers, torches and pitchforks please!!  The part … (116 comments)

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