success: Self-Promotion . . . Branding - 04/17/11 03:54 PM
There is something perplexing about self-promotion or branding . . . it's acceptable to talk about yourself, however you must do it without talking about yourself. Huh? Stick with us for a moment. Branding and self-promotion is how most everyone (and corporations) grow their business and advance their career. You have to self-promote and brand yourself or no one will know you exist, and that is not good. Self-promotion is not about bragging or being someone you're not.
The essence of a great brand means that you have managed to create a positive emotional response -- precisely the one you want … (4 comments)

success: Not About You . . . really? - 04/15/11 01:46 PM
At first glance it appears so very counterintuitive. You know -- it's not about me? Then why on earth am I doing this? I get asked that all the time . . . and my response is almost always the same: because that's how it all works. Networking, marketing, sales, and most all other facets of business are best served when we -- serve others unconditionally. Wierd right? I am going to spend my day helping others without asking for anything in return . . . yes if you want to be highly successful!
People are drawn to and respect those … (2 comments)

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