active rainers: Wacky Wednesday Fail Funnies - 05/06/09 03:04 PM
Hey Active Rainers,Here are some more of those FAILBLOG funnies. Enjoy!
Ethnic Food Fail---What? No Margaritas, the authentic irish drink? Utter FAIL!! Submitted by Alex
O, Ouch! Fail---Who's the genius that put in this safety feature?Submitted by Nigel B
Pickup-line Fail: Patience Win---Well, even the losers want to be wanted!Submitted by Dane P
Word Choice Fail---Perhaps they mean Deaf rather than Dead Children Crossing?Submitted by Helen R
Plumbing Fail---How would you like to market this property? Submitted by Mu Zm

active rainers: Thursday Fail/Win Funnies - 04/16/09 03:21 AM
Hey Active Rainers, Here are some FAIL/WIN Funnies for Thursday from Hope you enjoy them like I have.
Let's start off with a WIN! Submitted by Megan F Talk about truth in advertising. This one WINS!
Slogan Fail Submitted by cronos Here to protect and serve...perhaps just serve.
Life Choice Fail Submitted by bigga$$Check your head before you take the plunge.
Warning Is It Win? Submitted by Nader Perhaps this warning should be considered a WIN for its accuracy!
NAME Phonetics Fail Submitted by Heather & Eric Nuff Said!

active rainers: Tues. Fail Funnies - 04/14/09 06:57 AM
Hello Active Rainers,
It's time for more FAIL FUNNIES from
MELTING FAIL-Submitted by C Konopacky Talk about computer melt-down...I don't think they meant this!
TEACHERS FAIL-Submitted by Mike DYeah! They sure do!
HEADLINE FAIL-Submitted by John GI don't know why the victims wouldn't do the right thing and help capture those criminals!
FAIL-Submitted by Brian R I didn't know the Native Americans are space age heros with blonde hair.
DOOR FAIL-Submitted by link1994 Please, Keep this door shut for privacy!

active rainers: Barney the Purple Frank & Barney Elmer Fudd Frank - 03/30/09 02:49 PM
Hey Active Rainers,
In between MCE lessons, I thought I could use a little humor. I have seen other Active Rain members doing some fun stuff with PhotoShop for all different reasons. One of them is making fun of dishonest/disingenuous often incompetent politicians. Many people's (& mine) favorite target is Barney Frank, and I'll let the pics speak for themselves. 
Barney 'Elmer Fudd' Frank
"Gonna Get Dat Wascally Wabbit!"

Barney the Purple Dinosaur Frank
At least Barney the Purple Dinosaur is more believable.

active rainers: Excessive Celebration Fail - 03/26/09 05:44 AM
Hey Active Rainers,
I came across this little obnoxious video as I was surfing Talk about excessive celebrating...this one is ridiculous. I have to give him credit though for his dance moves. He can groove!

Submitted by Richard S, music by X
I hope none of you out there gloats like him. One wonders if he would be just as a sore loser...just imagine his temper tantrum!
Maybe this guy should compete in dance contests rather than wasting his moves on ping pong. I'm surprised his opponent didn't just slap him silly! He deserved one (even if only in thought.)

active rainers: Trucks Versus a Low Bridge - 03/25/09 01:44 PM
Hey Fellow Active Rainers, I ran across this You-Tube video while I was surfing the web: ---------------- 
Although the caption says "Trucks Fail", I think it should be "Trucks and Bridge Fail". How many trucks have to get their top sheared off before town/city/State re-engineer the bridge? Warning or no warning, the bridge is a hazard, so BOTH FAIL!
Yeah, I know. This is more of a "O, Jeez (cringe here)' video than "haha" funny one, but I thought I'd share for the shear absurdity of it.

active rainers: SATURDAY FAIL FUNNIES - 03/14/09 03:31 PM
Hey Fellow Active Rainers,
Here are some of the 's fails that I found humorous and or ridiculous. I hope you find them amusing and maybe bring about a smile or two.
LANDMARK FAIL  Submitted by Dan WI bet you'd love Amsterdam too, since the city has the same landmark...Come to think of it, doesn't a city in France have something similar?
TACKLE FAIL  Submitted by Bryce HAfter the game, Player 36 plans to try out for a soprano position with NY Opera.
BODY ART FAIL  Submitted by Keith LBody Amore Fail!
SHOPPING CART FAIL  … (15 comments)

active rainers: WACKY WEDNESDAY FAILS - 03/11/09 08:53 AM
Well Active Rainers, here are more fails that make us laugh from Enjoy, and feel free to add your own captions!
TITANIC FAIL Thanks to QUaGiEverything was going so well, until...Ouch! You see how he let her take the brunt of the assault...tsk,tsk.To me, he is NO 'King of the World'.
SUVS PARKING FAIL  Thanks to HagopDon't you just love it when the big guys get flattened? It's what you call SUV justice! Teehee...Yay, for the little guy.
ANOTHER PARKING FAIL  Thanks to TimRather prickly parking problem. I wonder if the needles leave scratch marks.

active rainers: MONDAY FAIL FUNNIES - 03/09/09 06:01 AM
Happy Monday to all Active Rainers. Once again I found these chucklers in I hope this helps to get through another Monday with smiles.
ROAD CREW SPELLING FAIL: Thanks to Tom Failblog.orgFolks, that's what we get when we let anyone pass through elementary school.
QUAD FAIL: Thanks to Janks Failblog.orgUhOhhh! Wish I was in Kansas.
GROUNDING FAIL: Thanks to Janks Failblog.orgBAAAAAD idea!
DARWINISM WIN: Thanks to Neil Failblog.orgWhat were they thinking? Darwin, You're so right!
CAR, POOL FAIL: Thanks to Bryan Failblog.orgGives carpool a whole new meaning!
NO … (22 comments)

active rainers: SPEAKEASY SUNDAY SMILES - 03/08/09 07:53 AM
Happy Sunday! All you Active Rainers. Here are some more of those chuckle-worthy FAIL pics. Hope you enjoy them as I have.

CHURCH WELCOME FAILWelcome to our eternal punishment...It's a gift that keeps on giving!

FIRE SAFETY FAILWho was the genius that designed this fire safety? Probably someone who couldn't engineer  himself/herself out of a paper bag.

GRIM TATTOO FAILWOOooooo! He had me scared for a second there with his scary tats. But then again, its "YOUR" is correct as is rather than "YOU'RE". Its meaning maybe too deep for us to understand.


active rainers: Frisky Friday Funnies - 02/26/09 04:01 PM
Okay Active Rainers. It's Friday, and for some of us Realtors, it's the beginning of another workweek. Before running around busily showing your houses to your buyers or hosting open houses for your sellers, take a moment to amuse yourself. Smile improves your attitude and positive vibe is what we want our clients to feel.
You know you'll have a problem selling this house: SINK-FAIL
I think this is bound to happen when building is done assembly crew plumbs the place, another crew puts in the sink, so on and so forth.
Perhaps the owners … (16 comments)



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