weather: Raleigh Winterfest - 12/03/10 04:43 AM
Raleigh Winterfest Raleigh Winterfest kicks off in Downtown Raleigh December 4th @ 7:00pm.  Winterfest is Raleigh's answer to NYC's Rockefeller Center.  Packed full of activities and a state-of -the art skating rink.   Created to encourage family fun Downtown.  
 Weather can be unpredictable at best here in the South,  the ice rink can stay frozen even if temps rise into the70*'s.  The ice rink was such a hit last year that it was extended 500 sqft more.  
Winterfest consists of:
Ice Skating Entertainment Art Show Sledding Downtown Local Merchants This year the added bonus is flurries in the forecast! … (0 comments)

weather: Cary NC Rain, Rain, ....Thank-You! - 05/17/10 09:15 AM
Cary NC    Rain, Rain....Thank-You! Cary NC Rain, Rain....thank-you from all of us who have been hoping for rain over the past month.  We enjoyed  numerous sunny glorious days of "Carolina Blue Sky".  However with all that sum comes dry browning grass, shrinking ponds, and stressed water supplies.  Cary NC depends on our water reservoir such as Jordan Lake for drinking water.  When rain is scarce our water reservoir dwindle quickly.  

I've noticed the lack of rain on my favorite place the, golf course.  The ponds and streams along the course are low, stagnant, and full of algae. I've … (3 comments)

weather: Cary NC is Covered in a Blanket of Yellow! - 04/05/10 12:08 PM
Cary NC  is Covered in a Blanket of YELLOW! Pine Pollen will last 5-10 days.
Cary NC is covered in a blanket of YELLOW!
 What is going on?
 Where did it come from?
How long will it last?

 Long time residents dread this time of year when Cary NC is covered in a blanket of yellow pine pollen.  The pine pollen last 5-10 days.  If we're lucky it'll rain and some of it will wash away.  This year no rain is in the forecast so it looks like we are going to get the full force of … (4 comments)

weather: Does in Snow in Cary NC? - 02/13/10 01:44 AM
Does it Snow in Cary NC? Does it snow in Cary NC?  YES!  Like everything else in this area, in moderation. That is the beauty of living in the "northern-south", we get a touch of all the season but not the harsh, brutal extremes.  We do get snow, just enough to make it a novelty.  When snow is predicted there's an energy in the air, Cary residents prepare for school closings, and the sleds come out.  The kids hit the hills no matter the amount of snow in Cary.

When we moved here 15 years ago the only form of … (5 comments)

weather: Snow in Cary NC-Maybe the third Time will be the Charm - 01/29/10 01:32 AM
Snow In Cary NC-Maybe the Third Time Will be the Charm This will be the third time this year the residents prepare for snow in Cary NC- Maybe the Third TIme Will be the Charm.  While the rest of the country is growing weary of the winter snowfall it still remains an event here in Cary, NC.  The weather is predicting significant accumullation in the Triangle.  The Town of Cary sent out a blast email to resident:
Brining operations underway
CARY, NC – With weather forecasters calling for the possibility of a snowy weekend, … (3 comments)

weather: Snow in Cary NC - 01/09/10 06:33 AM
Snow In Cary NC Snow in Cary NC is an event.  Twice this year snow has been predicted in Cary NC and twice this year we have been disappointed.
You see our average snowfall is 8" a year.  To me, a 15 year resident of Cary, that seems on the high side. While the rest of the country is cursing the daily snowfall we are wondering where is our share?  

Kids in Cary, sleds ready, watched the news closely this week as snow was once again predicted.  Only to see a light cold rain, not even ice! Off to … (1 comments)