Next year, housing prices will likely drop 5-10% nationally-finally hitting bottom, according to Altos research, a real estate data company. That doesn't mean that we're instantly going to bounce out of that trough. Expect local price instability. Early 2011 will bring the usual seasonal bounce i...
Selling a home in any market can be competetive. It's essential that you folow some simple, yet important tips to help you make your home more salable. A quicker home sale can be reached by keeping in mind the needs of the home's most likely buyer and creating a fresh inspiring look just for them...
12/21/2010 If you want to see this apt, contact Lisa Longest at Exit Gold Realty at 443-786-4200
This has always been a dilemma. Do we or don't we hold an open house? Here are a few things to consider: Pro's: Home sellers who allow their Realtor to hold an open house benefits from greater exposure, and the open house allows agents to bring in clients over a 3 or 4 hour period instead of sche...
Lately, you've been thinking alot about investing strategies. You have a small nest egg that needs to grow, but frankly, you don't trust the stock market. And while real estate has been somewhat a rocky road in recent years, it's still a solid long-term investment strategy-and clearly we are in a...

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