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The Santa Clara County real estate market is adjusting to the tightening credit standards and subsequent loss of Buyers. From about 2002 to 2006 the real estate market was kept more active than the underlying fundamentals would justify because of the liberal financing and easy credit standards. Buyers didn't need a down payment, they didn't to verify their income and they used deeply discounted adjustable interest rate loans to qualify to financing. All of this is "coming home to roost" and the low-end of the market, in particular, is very soft. Well-priced homes in good locations are still active.



I understand that well-intended politicians want to help homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure.  These politicians are trying to achieve at least three commendable goals: (1) to provide humanitarian assistance to responsible homeowners who may lose their home in foreclosure; (2) to help stabi...
Why has there been so little public discussion of the major role that lying on real estate loan applications has had in causing the sub-prime loan mess? Aren't the bad loans at the core of the financial mess? Yes, it's easier to scapegoat greedy, faceless corporations like AIG. And, they're guilt...

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