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      Sometimes we have to stop and smell the roses or in this case: take a look at thee majestic birds flying over the Gulf Of Mexico. It easy to take it for granted. We moved from MA to Key West In 1990 and all I have to do is smile and look towards the sky. I do know why so many want to visit ...
   The Real Estate market report In Cape Coral from Jan 1 st 2008 to March 14th 2008 is again showing signs of recovery.                                       A full  Cape Coral recovery would mean that about the same numbers of new listings are off set by sold properties and non, we are not ther...
             Walking non chalent on Sunday, I was taken a back by the world under our feet in Fort Myers Beach. I was trying to figure if these tree stomps, prints on the sand, dry leaves from sea grape trees could teel stories of their own.    Sea weeds and specially sea grass ( underground) are...
                       Before I tell you about some of the steps I go through on how to make Short sales Offers more attractive to both the buyer and the lender, I want to underline that I was able to successfully close my 3 last short sales offers because A- I red quite a lot of information thro...
The beautiful Fort Myers Beach or Estero Island with its 7 miles of white beaches has also seen its prices drastically reduced in the last 6 months. It has however few Foreclosures and Short sales. The Fort Myers & The Beach Association of Realtors shows only 3 single homes and 8 condos sold as a...
       Like many agents these days in South West Florida, Lee County, Collier County and many other cities a large portion of my offers are  short sales offers.Let's be real: it could feel odd, at times uncomfortable, to make money off the back of the misery of others. We have seen many horror st...
San Carlos Park is a residential neighborhood of Fort Myers which I highly recommend to either  Florida investors,Fort Myers buyers who are relocating but do not want to pay the higher Bonita Springs and Naples prices or simply local residents who want to take advantage of the drop on prices in L...
        This is a follow up on the Post I recently wrote: http://activerain.com/blogsview/421974/Short-Sales-nightmares-new where I was mentioning ahead of time a new rule for The Fort Myers and The Beach Association and the Cape Coral Association of Realtors MLS for Listing agents .A short sale ...
 Mimi our new one year  old Rhodesian ridge back family member. This has nothing to do with the subject matter, but I like to show her off. She was rescued in Homestead near Miami. This Blog was originally a long comment in response to the very interesting Post by Jill Glanzerof Gainesville Flori...
     Historic Distric of Fort Myers IN South West Florida and particularly in Fort Myers-Cape Coral our appreciation rate in 2004-2005 just went through the roof.I think it was around 47% for these 2 years and now its easy to see that the Lee County real estate market was steaming up to strongly....

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