about florida: Places to eat, stay, boat and kick back in Fort Myers Beach - 08/30/09 05:46 PM
 Heavenly Biscuit off Estero Blvd is always a fun lay back small restaurant to enjoy the local flavor of Fort Myers Beach. Its located just at the start of mango Street. I recommend its sticky buns, salmon, fruit and eggs brunch breakfast. Just a great place to mix it up with the local residents or enjoy
the local paper and stay away from your lap top! 
Just a few steps away is the very recent Mango Street Inn.It offers cooking classes,wine tasting, is a green Inn and you may stay there one week, one day or one month. I … (3 comments)

about florida: Homes with Fireplaces on Fort Myers Beach - 12/04/08 01:56 AM
In winter, there are actually cool Florida mornings and evenings, and how pleasant it is to enjoy them with a newspaper outside by a cracking chiminea (outside fireplace), or contemplating and discussing the day when it is done inside in front of the living room fireplace with a nice glass of wine with your significant other or good friends.
New houses are great.  Usually, there nothing's to be done before moving in or renting it.  No walls to paint, no rugs to replace, no wood floors to sand. No old wiring and pipes to replace.   At first, anyway.  As time goes by, of course, maintenance, repairs … (4 comments)

about florida: A moment of Zen In Fort Myers Beach - 09/03/08 03:56 PM

Video: A moment of Zen In Fort Myers Beach Fl  
     Like many I have a place of refuge and a place where we can have "fun" or refill my batteries.
When I lived in large cities like New York I used to go to Central Park or stay on top of my building roof top
and kick back and look at the Empire State Building. The noise of the city was always omnipresent and vibrant.
When I moved to Fort Myers Beach of course I was looking for the feel of the sand under the feet and the … (3 comments)

about florida: Preserving The Gulf Of Mexico is a must - 09/03/08 03:08 PM
As often, as I stroll along walk the shore line of Fort Myers Beach, I wonder what ecological program we have in Florida to protect our habitat. I knew there must be one, but what do they do to prevent men from messing up the natural beauty and life of the Gulf Of Mexico.
                                 Fort Myers Beach around 5:20 pm in September
There is such a program It;'s called the Gulf of Mexico Program. It provides a program and framework which protects our most important Gulf Mexico habitats. Under the  The Gulf of Mexico Alliance there are 4 other state besides Florida … (0 comments)

about florida: A Great Italian Restaurant in Cape Coral/Papa Joe's - 08/05/08 07:57 AM
With a client coming in on Friday to see homes in Cape Coral, I previewed several houses today.  After I was through looking at six different houses, most nice looking homes in NW and SW Cape Coral with swimming pools at great prices, I decided to stop to eat. Why not try a place where they really know Italian food?
I was starving and stopped at Papa Joe's on Cape Coral Parkway.  Their sauce is definitely tasty and so, of course, are all of the pasta dishes.  The Veal Parm is fantastic.  And, the pizza is without compare in this area.  If you … (3 comments)

about florida: Cape Coral market report for July 2008 shows high sales jump - 08/02/08 03:42 PM
             Lately I have been working with a client who wants to purchase a newer pool home in Cape Coral. His range is mostly under $210,000 and with his wife they have been frantically searching for that great deal. The deals are here. Of course these are mostly short sales and foreclosures. They are coming pretty soon so like usual I check to make sure these homes are active and if they have any offers on them, before gathering info and data and pre-viewing them.                                        
                                          Cape Coral in-ground screened pool home over 2200 SF under air,3/2, 3 car garage, build in … (2 comments)

about florida: The odd History of Fort Myers Beach and Utopian Loony Dr Cyrus Teed - 07/26/08 03:02 PM
The history of Fort Myers Beach history cannot be separated from the influence of the Koreshan Unity, a rather odd religious group which was started by a Dr Cyrus Teed. On one side very prolific and successful and on the other self serving and highly eccentric.. He first settled in Fort Myers Beach with his family in 1893 after purchasing large acreages on the main land and in Fort Myers Beach, specially around now famed Mound key, which was build by the Calusa Indians some 4000 years before.   
      The Koreshan State Park in Estero, Lee County
How odd where they? … (5 comments)

about florida: Downtown Fort Myers Farmers Market helps with honey dos - 07/26/08 01:40 PM
For these of you who are looking for a "green market" in Lee County you are in luck. For 14 years the Downtown Fort Myers Farmers market provides all sorts of products which can be purchased on the spot. You may find typical Florida fruits or exotic ones, palms, flowers, seafood or vegetables.                  
                      It is located along the Fort Myers River District or Downtown Fort Myers along the Calasahootchee River on Edwards Drive. Its open every Thursday from 7:00 a.m to 1p.m.
For these who want more information or who have something special to sell contact the following:
or call … (0 comments)

about florida: In and About The Island of Fort Myers Beach This Weekend - 07/25/08 03:46 PM
   We're gearing up for a hot summer weekend on Fort Myers Beach, Florida. I have a couple of appointments tomorrow morning and early afternoon, but after that, I'm free to enjoy the weekend with my family.  What is there to do on a summer's day and night on Fort Myers Beach?
If one cares to venture out of their air conditioning shelter, on Saturday night, July 26th, there will be a benefit at the ChannelMark for local resident, Andy Hallam, who was injured in a serious motorcycle accident.  The benefit will feature live enteratainment, a silent auction, a dance contact and a pulled pork … (3 comments)

about florida: Fort Myers Beach residents fighting over beach re-nourishment - 07/21/08 04:28 PM
  Fort Myers Beach councilmen are going through another delicate issue: should the beach be re nourished? Should they use the opportunity to get a $10 million dollars fund from the government to help re nourish the beach? The citizens are divided and they have to make a decision before 2010.Otherwise they loose these funds.
 Beach frontage owners are concerned, and you cannot blame them.If the island goes along the Federal funding, they will have to follow their rules.That may mean that many owners may loose some land, that is, the town will then own any re-nourished part of the beach … (4 comments)

about florida: Laguna Lakes Fort Myers is the place to be - 07/18/08 06:08 PM
I am usually not so enthusiastic about a community. Granted many are great in South West Florida, but something does not click fully in your mind. It could be the price, not enough amenities, to far from the beach, the architecture is good but not great, the interiors are cramped, or the pool is to small. This one stands outs. Located in South Fort Myers, Laguna Lakes is about 6 miles from Fort Myers Beach and has so much to offer.Towhouses start at $160,000 for 1800 square feet with 3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms and den. For more informations about Laguna … (2 comments)

about florida: Fort Myers Beach July 18th hazy moon and weather - 07/18/08 04:07 PM
Many were gathered earlier on to see a majestic red orange  sunset along the shores of Fort Myers Beach,but its the moon which caught my attention at 11:01 pm. For these who want to know where Fort Myers Beach Florida is located here is its longitude and latitude. Boaters and pilots can recognize the following:
 Latitude 26.27 N Longitude 81.57 W
    I enjoy checking the weather channel for Fort Myers Beach. I still don't know how a friend of ours does not live without ac, nor cares to have ac. I suppose its a question of getting used to it. Its not … (2 comments)

about florida: Fort Myers Beach Short Sales listings - 07/17/08 02:06 PM
          Investors, potential buyers from the USA, Canada and Europe often ask me if there are any single homes short sales in Fort Myers Beach. There are not many. The following are six of the few available as of July 17,2008.
   The prices range from a low for the beach of $229K to an upscale home at $674,900. Lately, even lenders as Wells Fargo and Contrywide have change their tune and are more willing to "negotiate:.Its about time. Ppurchasinga short sale home is not as complicated as it used to be only some 6 months ago. Some lenders have cut down … (1 comments)

about florida: Calusa Palms Fort Myers gated community - 07/17/08 12:22 PM
CALUSA PALMS  Located in Southwest Fort Myers on A & W Bulb rd, South West of McGrergor Blvd, Calusa Palms is one of my favorite gated community. It is a gated community with 146 single homes and 184 carriages homes. Its is situated only 6 miles to the Fort Myers Beach and also about 15 mn drive to Sanibel Island.   
The privacy and calm of the road and area as you drive from Gladiolus is one of the reasons I always enjoy showing homes at Calusa. Amenities include a 2400 sf community center, fitness center, swimming pool, play area, tennis courts, putting green and bocce … (1 comments)

about florida: Taking a breather with The Calusa Indians - 07/09/08 05:39 PM
WE all need to take a breather. I can walk a few minutes from my house and immerse myself in the immense and overwhelming beauty of the sea and forget the mondane or the pressure from work. There are few others places that I rather be,Walking accross San Carlos Bld I can already anticipate the beach access which open towards the Gulf Of Mexico.
It may be a moment to just meditate and take a step back. The Sea has always been a source of inspiration for many. Some 4000 years ago The Calusa Indians were fishing sea shells and building religious mounds along the … (3 comments)

about florida: Fort Myers the" City Of Palms" and what the heck is the name of that Palm? - 06/28/08 04:25 PM
   It was past due time. I have been living in Florida since 1990, have seen countless palms and still can name only a hand full.Well maybe a few more. I should care. After all I live in the "City of Palms" the nickname for Fort Myers. To be fair in the XIX century it was then known as "cow town" before Edison and Ford put it more on the map in the 1880's. Much nicer name.  So I should know a few names of palm trees. I don't know that many and haven't lost any sleep over it, but lately I had an epiphany. … (3 comments)

about florida: Best and worst Florida Movies - 06/26/08 04:26 PM
   I was surprised to find out that Florida has been the location of quite a few famous movies and others where "cause celebre" and may be, for some, called the worst movies ever.            
Number one " Body Heat"- with William Hurt. AT the time quite cuting edge. 
NUmber 2- "Birdcage" the Miami comedy was hilarous
 Number 3  " Deap Throat" which I saw as a misguided kid and thought gross and not even erotic but made $300 million world wide.
Number4-Coccon " has to be up there as one of the great classics.
NUmber 6- "Great Expectations" with Gwyneth Paltrow..but I think its … (6 comments)

about florida: Shorts Sales: who orders the Appraisal? - 06/20/08 05:11 AM
   This post was writen in response to Real Estate Agent Michelle Way of Jackson , MS " Short Sales ". I just had too much to discuss on the suggestion from a Loan Originator that a Real Estate Agent is the one who orders the appraisal in a short sale. I never heard of this in Southwest Florida in Fort Myers or Cape Coral 
Laguna Lakes
    Even if the seller is willing to pay for the appraisal it does not mean that the bank's appraisal will be the same. I think that this Loan Originator is just trying … (1 comments)

about florida: Fort Myers Beach home deals for investors and island lovers - 06/18/08 04:04 PM
Welcome to Fort Myers Beach! This island located along the Gulf Of Mexico some 26 miles north of Naples,  6 miles to the city limits of Fort Myers Beach also borders Bonita Springs in the South, is a special tropical island. You may want to frolic along its 7 miles of white sand beach, party along its numerous restaurants downtown or along Estero Blvd, play Golf or tennis, do some major boating or wander about along its Back Bay towards Sanibel or cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach has a lot to offer.
Its just a fun place … (0 comments)

about florida: The Great Swing State/Is Obama Buying A Short Sale on Ft. Myers Beach? - 06/10/08 01:30 PM
Shall we examine the recent history of elections in Florida?  I think not.  Do Floridians get too much Vitamin D, i.e. too much sun?  Maybe.  How will Florida vote in the upcoming presidential election?  Will it be Obama or McCain?
McCain is obviously more in touch with the people of Florida, generation wise, post baby boomers. But, Obama has recently announced his intent of purchasing a home on Fort Myers Beach.  It is a short sale, and there's not many of these on Fort Myers Beach, but he's managed to find a gorgeous beach shack.   If the sale goes thorugh (which is dependant upon the Bank's response … (5 comments)

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