home staging fresno ca: They Got What They Paid For - 05/21/15 06:39 AM
A few months ago Selling By Design Staging received a call from an out of town investor inquiring about staging his newest remodel. After talking to him and viewing the property I gave him a quote for staging that included furniture and accessories.
He thanked me, sounded enthusiastic, and said he'd get back to me soon. However, since I didn't receive any further contact from him I assumed that his company had decided not to stage or that the property had sold super quickly as some do.
Now here is where the story gets weird. My daughter, who is an agent for Keller … (24 comments)

home staging fresno ca: Owner, Agent, Stager. What A Team! - 05/05/13 09:35 AM
In the last few months Selling By Design-Staging has taken a new turn in service delivery. For now I will call it Staging Consultation/Accessory Only Staging, Paid For By Real Estate Agent.
The paid for by REA is not being mentioned to scare away agents who do not opt to pay. I mention it simply to acknowledge this new option. I believe that the first choice is to have the seller pay for staging, but many agents are encorporating staging into their marketing budgets.
If I am contacted by a seller I always assume they are willing to pay for the … (3 comments)

home staging fresno ca: High End Homes Need Staging Too. - 10/27/12 09:24 AM
As a home stager I often peruse through the MLS to see what's out there. I've come to the conclusion that what's out there are a lot of high end homes that could benefit from at least a home staging consultation.   Most real estate agents go over with their clients the basics of readying a home for sale. clean declutter do any necessary repairs, paint etc. This is great advice and imperative for selling most homes. It seems that many agents are understandably hesitant to suggest a home staging consultation for homes that are in the higher end of the market … (0 comments)

home staging fresno ca: From Fresno CA We Say, " Bombs Away!" - 09/14/12 09:45 AM
About once a year I take a break from my usual home staging tasks at Selling By Design-Staging in Fresno, CA to address the issue of  photographs on the MLS or multiple listing service. Many home stagers have echoed my sentiments (or maybe I am echoing theirs) about the plethora of  really bad pics which are used to advertise homes via the internet.
Photo bombs, or pictures where a person or animal jumps into view unannounced to the subject of the photograph, were one of the subjects of  segment on national news today. These appearances, this time by animals invading … (8 comments)