Have a large tax debt that you’d like to settle with the IRS for pennies on the dollar through the Offer in Compromise program? Filing an Offer in Compromise allows taxpayers to make an offer to the IRS to settle the entire amount due for a lesser amount if they cannot afford to pay.The main focu...
We’ve all heard the ads on the radio and TV claiming to settle tax debts with the IRS for “pennies-on-the-dollar”. Is it a real program? Yes! Can anyone apply to have tax debts reduced? Absolutely, but this is not always the most appropriate solution!The main focus of my practice is income tax re...
The main focus of my practice is income tax representation for individuals. Many taxpayers who come into our Raleigh, NC office often need help understanding how the IRS collection process works. Luckily, there is a roadmap laid out to uncover some the mystery behind the IRS collection process. T...

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