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man! Someone stole my website! I had to get anothe one!  Sucks!  But I just updated my loan officers and info on my new website.  I was actually a victim of website theft. Someone logged on my account and changed the owner so I could not access my own website. They then waited until it expired an...
Aloha from Sean Remos and Loan Network Honolulu LLC. I have been daving people homes using loan modifications recently and seen rates as low as 4.25% fixed.  For many of my clients their mortgage gets cut in half!! Here's some more info about the company that I work with called Mitigation Online ...
                                                          LOAN NETWORK HONOLULU                                                         The Fun Way to FinanceContinues our commitment toCREATIVE SOLUTIONSHere’s another opportunity to mingle with us!!! Please think of us for your mortgage transacti...
The Truth About 10 Credit Score MythsSean Remos Global One LendingCredit scores are enormously important to both borrowers and lenders. In the same way that doing better in work, sports or at school produces real benefits, the same is true with credit scores. With good credit you can borrow more ...
Wow, this is kinda MYSPACY huh guys!! Anyway a big aloha to the folks that put this engine together to get US TOGETHER! What a great way to meet more contacts and generate leads and referrel business for all of us. I am a manager downtown at GLOBAL ONE LENDING.  I can definately say we have compe...

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