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Loan Modification News has a great article regarding some recent (today in fact) court cases of the AG going after loan modification companies in california (and other states) "The loan modification industry is teeming with confidence men and charlatans, who rip off desperate homeowners facing fo...
From Loan Modification News   The National Consumer Law Center has just released a report "loan modification scammers step in when loan servicers refuse to provide relief". The report, available here via pdf states what we have been pointing out for a very long time. Loan Modification scams are h...
The Loan Modification news site has a great article outlining what to look for when it comes to online companies (and lists one example of what very much looks like a fraud company). check it out by clicking here As always, if you are looking to do a loan modification on your own goto www.selfloa...
Our partner blog Loan Modificaiton News has a great article about what to look out for, and mainly, common sense when it comes to trusting things online. Such as - dont trust companies with free email addresses, no addresses, no bbb, websites with spam all over the place, etc. From the article: "...
Most lenders offer loan modification programs to borrowers who are having a difficult time making their monthly mortgage payments.  Lenders have set up Loss Mitigation Departments to handle this aspect of their business and have trained staff to help troubled homeowners with loan modifications to...
The new york attorney general Andrew Cumos has gone after 14 loan modification companies and plans to go after at least one more in the near future. Earlier today Cumos said he filed an "Intent To Sue" to Amerimod, aka American Modification Agency, Inc for illegally charging up front fees and fal...
If you are considering applying for a loan modification you may be wondering how much it may cost you.  Actually a loan modification can cost you thousands of dollars all the way down to absolutely nothing if you negotiate your own loan modification.  There are many loan modification companies wh...
It's actually gotten that bad that the Loan Modification News site has actually started a loan modification scam news section!! (I am not kidding) For more information click here: Loan Modification News Scams
More Fraud From Loan Modification Companies: HOPE NOW: " According to the Commission, the defendants advertised, marketed, and sold mortgage loan modification services to consumers nationwide using Web sites including and The FTC charged the defendants wit...
If you are considering a loan modification you probably have several questions.  It can be a confusing time, trying to get your bills under control and deal with an unfamiliar process such as a loan modification. To get your application for a loan modification approved you will need to become fam...

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