fha 203k: Short Sales and FHA 203k Loans....Real Estate’s Vinegar and Oil - 01/25/12 09:34 AM
Short Sales and FHA 203k Loans....Real Estate’s Vinegar and Oil
Seriously, are Short Sales and FHA 203K Loans mutually exclusive?  Much like Vinegar and Oil, they will never blend together effectively?
Anyone who knows me, or my blogs, or my comments on the advice forums knows I am a HUGE advocate of the FHA 203K renovation loan program.  I really do believe home buyers, sellers, real estate agents and contractors are leaving a lot of money and opportunity on the table by not embracing and garnering knowledge about the benefits of the FHA 203K program.
I have been … (12 comments)

fha 203k: Hiring a contractor? Hiring a lender can make more sense - 06/30/11 12:14 PM
Hiring a contractor?  Hiring a lender can make more sense for many of your construction needs. When FHA 203K renovation financing is utilized, there are a series of “stop gaps” and guarantees that are not available to a consumer employing a contractor directly.

An important distinction between a consumer hiring and employing a contractor totally independent of the FHA 203K renovation loan and financing the entire project is that in the latter the consumer is protected from the beginning and throughout the process to the completion of the project.

Protections for a homeowner … (30 comments)

fha 203k: Why is the FHA 203K Loan so Misunderstood (Maligned)? - 06/09/11 01:01 PM
I have written several articles on the FHA 203K loan and continue to believe it is the most under used, misunderstood, and absolutely the most creative finance product available in todays’ real estate market.  
SERIOUSLY, what other product will allow a consumer to finance up to 110% of the FUTURE value of their owner occupied property for either a purchase or refinance?????
Misunderstood is probably not the right word.  Maligned would be more appropriate.  Many listing agents are loathe to suggest buyers accept an offer for a 203K; sellers have rarely heard of … (63 comments)

fha 203k: If I Were a Carpenter.............. - 09/06/10 05:39 PM
If I were a carpenter............and, if I were a real estate agent............and if I were a potential home buyer looking for the perfect property.......I would talk with a FHA 203(k) mortgage finance professional.  Seriously, there is an hugely under served population of home owner's and sellers out there that could benefit themselves and many home buyers.  Put the "creative" back in your business and discover the benefits of the 203(k) program!  99% of agents don't have a clue....differentiate yourself with knowledge!  Willing to attend a two hour seminar on how this program can improve your business...contact me now!

fha 203k: Understanding FHA(k) loan..Part Three - 09/01/10 01:57 PM
Understanding the FHA 203(k)......Part Three
Marketing the opportunity
In my previous segments I discussed exactly what the FHA 203(k) loan is and the specifics of the underwriting and process of working with a client utilizing the product.  This segment is focused on the "how to" generate and market business using the FHA 203(k) program.  There are many opportunities and I believe they all start with having a "vision" for the perfect version of any particular home.
Listing Agents
Every listing agent has either listed or previewed at least one "ugly baby" house.  And, in Real Estate marketing … (6 comments)

fha 203k: Understanding FHA 203(k) Program: Part Two - 08/29/10 02:32 AM
Understanding FHA 203(k) Program:  Part Two
Process, Procedures and Best Practices
Second in my series to help real estate agents and consumers understand the opportunities that are available in considering renovation or customization of a home at the time of purchase or as an alternative to selling in the first place.  Many, many people think that custom construction is a arena of real estate that is only available to the very wealthy.....the FHA 203(k) program is available to anyone from the first time home buyer to the CEO of a major corporation.  The program is open to anyone who … (19 comments)

fha 203k: Understanding FHA 203(k) Program: Part One - 08/28/10 08:59 AM
FHA 203(k) Renovation Loan....Easily the Most Underused and Least Understood Mortgage Product Available
The opportunities for utilizing the FHA 203(k) program abound in the current market; however, there are very few consumers or agents taking advantage of the opportunity.  The reasons for the under utilization of the program expose a couple areas of misunderstanding:
1).   The 203(k) program has been in existence and available for consumers for well over twenty years.  However, there are very few lenders who offer the product and there are even fewer lenders and loan officers who know how to originate and process the program.

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