bailout blues: Buddy, can you spare a RATE? - 03/07/09 02:20 PM
WOW...were locking between 4.75% - 5.0% this week for our best 80% LTV, 30 year fixed terms for perfect and I mean perfect applicants. So many caveats exist on your final loan offer that it is literally impossible to quote a 'rate' until we have reviewed your equity position, the kind of property you are financing, your credit, liabilities and income. Still --every person who calls or stops me on the street asks: "What is today's rate?" and "Will they go lower?" 
If only it were that simple. Watching rates has become like watching a volleyball match or the stock market for that matter. If you are the gambling … (0 comments)

bailout blues: Bailout Blues for the Big Boys! - 09/29/08 12:35 PM
Wonder Why the Economic Rescue Bill Failed in Congress Today?  Marcy Kaptur put it succinctly to  the House of Representatives:  
Rep Kaptur repeated her warnings that the process was being conducted behind closed doors...and rushed through Congress with unnecessary haste.      
The economists and main street bankers I have spoken with have expressed concerns that our Federal Reserve--a private institution--and their investors, including JP Morgan Chase, are attempting to reward the upper echelons of investors at the expense of the rest of us. When you can buy a bank (WaMU) worth $370 Million for $41 Million there is some unusual profit taking going on somewhere by someone. Express your concerns to your Congress … (2 comments)

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