tarp: OBAMA "Gives and Tells"! - 12/02/09 12:33 PM
Congress has gifted over $700 BILLION to the banks to save themselves and help homeowners avoid foreclosure. So is it working? Obama says not yet and he's going to name names of the banks who are dragging their feet!
Heavens, we are not complaining about a promise of hundreds of Billions in TARP money going to banks to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and modify their mortgages right now! These funds are sorely needed to stop this train now wrecking many American homes. Recent New York Times articles describe in horrific detail the problems with the HAMP and Making Home Affordable programs so touted by Fannie … (6 comments)

tarp: NON Toxic Assets: Step Right Up, Get'em While They're HOT! - 03/21/09 01:48 PM
NEWSFLASH: Not ALL Mortgage Backed Securities Are Bad!National Public Radio Podcast from the Planet Money Team 03/20/09: http://www.npr.org/templates/player/mediaPlayer.htmlaction=1&t=1&islist=false&id=102154567&m=102154705The analysis is laid out on the actual payback of Mortgage Backed Securities over time vs. the value today (i.e., if you sold your holdings). If you sold them today, sure you'd get back 50 cents on the dollar of your investment. You see, the world has gotten the view lately that risk is bad. Lots of folks are buying these things and would continue to buy them today. According to Planet Money: because they are handled by the big money managers who consider … (2 comments)

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