real estate market: The Perfect Storm - Part Two - Technology - 11/30/10 01:20 AM
As I mentioned in the previous article, The Perfect Storm Rages On, the real estate market has been hit, and hit, and hit, one after another for more than three years now and even through all of that, many of us have managed to keep our heads above water. Yet now the evidence is becoming clear that technology is the latest culprit in a long list of offenses against us, and it could be the one that will drive some -if not many- of us out of business.
The technology that I'm talking about here isn't new, not by any stretch … (3 comments)

real estate market: How to Compete in the Short Sale Market - 10/06/10 02:45 AM
For any homeowner who is looking to sell his or her home in this current market, then they already know how difficult that challenge can be. With property values having plunged in the past couple of years, it can be troublesome to consider letting go of the investment made. It is also sometimes painful to consider what might have been if they had sold at an earlier date, or what could be if they could only hold on for a little while longer.
But if the homeowner is ready to sell now, then there's a good reason and they most likely … (0 comments)

real estate market: Are Your Clients Ready to Buy a Home? - 09/30/10 04:22 AM
When people have the approval in their possession, the approval for a home loan, common sense and practicality can often slip right out the window. Some people hold their collective breath waiting for word, others wonder what they will be approved for, and still others wonder about the rates, points, and other factors related to mortgages. Even though someone has been approved for a loan, it doesn't always mean that they are ready to buy a home.
Why you should be looking out for your client's best interest
We are in the business of making money. Selling homes, finding loans, and … (0 comments)

real estate market: Keeping Your Head Up in Today's Market - 09/25/10 03:21 AM
No one ever said that the real estate business was an easy one. With regulations, licensure, and laws that differ from state to state and sometimes even county to county, it can pose somewhat of a challenge to stay on top of your game. Aside from that, the challenges to find and secure homeowners looking to sell, or potential buyers dipping their toe into the waters, can force you to prove your mettle every day of the week and twice on Sundays.
The booming years
It is no secret at the moment that we have lost, at least momentarily, the boom … (3 comments)

real estate market: Is the Real Estate Market Ripe For Investing in 2010? - 09/14/10 03:40 AM
The past two years have been brutal for the real estate market around the country. No region has been spared. Not New York, not Washington, and certainly not California. Homes have lost incredible value from their peaks and homeowners are continuing to struggle mightily to keep their homes out of foreclosure. The federal government put in place programs that were designed to help these struggling homeowners, as well as to inspire first time homebuyers to dive into the tepid waters.
And yet with everything that has happened, and is happening at the moment, with the news out of Wall Street and … (0 comments)

real estate market: It’s a Buyer’s Market: So Where are They? - 08/20/10 04:59 AM
It’s easy to assume that since the current housing market is indeed a buyer’s market, then these buyers would be crawling out of the woodwork, seeking every opportunity to invest, to buy up real estate, and to add to their own personal wealth. Yet even with mortgage rates at all-time lows and home prices at ridiculously low levels, these buyers are still not dipping their toes into the warm waters. Why?
What is keeping these people from buying houses, from investing in real estate –which is, arguably, one of the only consistent positive investments over a long period of time? It … (2 comments)

real estate market: Facing Foreclosure? Knowing When It's Time to Sell - 08/02/10 04:25 AM
Millions of homeowners have faced the prospect of foreclosure in recent years. In fact, the crisis of foreclosure became one of the most significant in United States history and while many people had assumed that the depth of the crisis had passed, the truth has been less than ideal as millions more homeowners have the daunting prospect of losing their home and everything they have.
Hanging on to the bitter end
Even with mounting debts and bills and all these other negative aspects pressing in on their lives, far too many of these homeowners cling to hope that they will be … (1 comments)

real estate market: Foreclosures Are on the Rise - 07/09/10 05:59 AM

Just when the average homeowner thought it was safe to dip their toe back in the water, bad news finds them once again. As much as the housing market has been hopeful for some positive news, and has been seeing some, trouble is still lurking in the deep waters. While the news agencies would like to have the average citizen to believe that the economy is on the rebound and the housing market is seeing signs of life once again, there are forces that will continue to pull it down.
Foreclosures spiking
There's no need to consider that the recent … (0 comments)

real estate market: What Are the Most Overvalued Cities in America? - 06/28/10 04:17 AM

The question about where the real estate market is strongest is an important one, especially for individuals who are looking to purchase homes in the near future. The last thing anyone wants to do, especially if their interest is in an investment, is to buy into a market that will soon be depressed. In other words, why buy in a region where prices are expected, or predicted, to go down?
Focus on the overvalued
Before turning one's attention to the regions of the nation that are expected to increase their real estate values, it's a good idea to understand which … (1 comments)

real estate market: Regions With the Highest Drop in Home Prices - 06/12/10 05:30 AM

Throughout the country, there have been varying degrees of success, and trouble, within the housing market. Some have certainly fared better than others, and while many are quick to blame the individuals states in which these regions lies as a part of the problem with their housing market, the answer is not always as clear cut as it may seem on the surface.
Numbers don't lie
The most recent report of home prices dropping in cities across the nation is eye opening for several regions, but it doesn't take into account the actual cost of other cities that have almost … (2 comments)