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First Time Home Buyers face many challenges in today's Real Estate Market. An experienced First Time Home Buyer Specialist can help them navigate the turbulence they may encounter and make owning your first home a pleasurable experience.



Working with home buyers, especially first time home buyers, in today’s market is making “lifelong learners” out of us whether we like it or not. Makes me feel like I should have served in the Navy. They understand that “It’s not just a job it’s an adventure”Loan guidelines change more often than...
If your Riverside first time home buyer resolution for 2012 is to become a first time home owner in Riverside, then it's important to realize an important fact: Buying your first home in Riverside is a "road trip" not an event. On this road trip you're going places you've never been before and Go...
Buying your first home in today's Riverside real estate market, can be confusing and frustrating. There's so much information and misinformation for Riverside first time home buyers to sort through that it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. When you've made the commitment that 2012 w...
Is real estate a good investment for Riverside first time home buyers? If you’re a Riverside first time home buyer and asking yourself that question, it’s almost impossible to get an answer that means anything to you and your family.The disconnected national media (on-line and offline) is no help...
First time home buyers in California have a huge opportunity waiting for them and unfortunately many are still paying more in rent than they would for a comparable home because of the misinformation being disseminated. I'm not sure how these things get started, but I would like to take a few minu...
If you’re a first time home buyer who isn’t quite ready to make that commitment. Then maybe one of the many homes available as “rent to own” might be an option for you. It will give you an opportunity to “test drive” the lifestyle and find out if homeownership is the right thing for you and your ...
First time home buyers are not immune from divorce, and while an unfortunate circumstance, it's important to recognize there is a "business" side to it and knowing how divorce affects your credit is as important as the actual legal proceedings. First time home buyers who let "the chips fall where...
According to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) the average down payment made by first time home buyers is 12%. Unfortunately this type of reporting has led many first time home buyers to believe that homes can only be purchased if they have a substantial down payment...
If you're a first time home buyer facing the prospect of divorce, taking the right steps now will ensure that when the time comes to buy your first home your credit won't be a stumbling block. In our first post we recommended  getting a clear picture of your credit by creating a spread sheet of a...

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