business development: Happy New Year! - 01/01/10 09:17 AM
Wishing all the extraordinary people in the Active Rain network (and those who have not yet discovered this virtual reality) all the best for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2010...and beyond. 
To your success,


business development: 4 Simple Truths About CHANGE - 11/14/08 05:07 AM

Lately, do you feel as though the entire system universe is working against you and your business?
Today's paradigm shift has been triggered by many factors; government, a shift in public policy, environmental concerns, global economic crisis...and what a whopper this one is! What's the bottom line? The rules of the game have changed.
As I see it there are 4 Simple Truths About Change...
1. Old strategies become useless. Experiencing a paradigm shift is like venturing into a cold, dense fog on the open sea. In one moment all that was once visible to you is replaced by uncertainty.  You cannot see what lies ahead or beside … (3 comments)

business development: The 10 most ADMIRABLE characteristics of a real estate PROFESSIONAL. - 11/12/08 02:23 AM
People on Active Rain have been so generous and gracious with me as I develop this brand new skill (to me) called "Blogging". To express my gratitude I thought I'd share my experience of what I've learned about you and who you've been for me these past few days...  
The 10 most admirable characteristics of a real estate professional. Yes, I'm talking about YOU! :-)
1.    Your products and services are tangible; grounded in reality like the salt of the Earth.
2.    You are focused and goal oriented.
3.    You have a sense of humour; you're able to laugh with me as we share and … (45 comments)

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