dogs: Myth #5 - "Tail-wagging means a dog is friendly!" - 03/28/09 04:43 AM
Don't count on it. Tail wags have lots of different meanings, some friendly and some not.
You have to look at the body posture of the animal and everything else it's doing. Is the dog growling or bearing its teeth? Is the fur standing up rigidly on its back?
How is the tail wagging? Stiffly, tucked and wagging, nice and flowing, is the whole body wagging? That all has to be taken into consideration.
Some signals to consider:

Relaxed, comfortable dogs generally have a gently wagging tail held horizontally or slightly lowered. Confident dogs carry their tails up. Dogs with … (14 comments)

dogs: Myth #4 - "Bad breath is normal for pets!" - 03/28/09 04:37 AM
A healthy pet has fresh breath. Just as in people, bad breath is a sign of a serious health problem. Periodontal disease is the number one most commonly diagnosed problem in veterinary medicine.
By having good oral health, pets can live up to 15 percent longer, which is an average of two years. Brush your pet's teeth regularly, making sure to use a toothpaste that's intended for your dog or cat. Daily is best, but even weekly is better than nothing.
Now eating something disgusting and coming over to you and burping does not count as this kind of bad breath!

dogs: Myth #3 - "Dogs and cats eat grass when they're sick!" - 03/26/09 12:05 PM

Nope, they're just connoisseurs of the green stuff, says Marty Becker, DVM, author with Gina Spadafori of The Ultimate Dog Lover and The Ultimate Cat Lover.
Pets love the taste and texture of grass. The newer shoots with a little water on them from the sprinklers or rain is even better.
It's like an all-you-can-eat salad bar buffet!
Sometimes dogs will consume large amounts of grass, which then propels food through the intestinal system, either back up or out the other end, so that may be the source of the myth.
They even sell living "pet grass" at the pet … (24 comments)

dogs: DOG DICTIONARY - 03/24/09 01:32 PM
DOG DICTIONARYLEASH:A strap which attaches to your collar, enabling you to lead your person where you want him/her to go.DOG BED:Any soft, clean surface, such as the white bedspread in the guest room or the newly upholstered couch in the living room.DROOL:Is what you do when your persons have food and you don't. To do this properly you must sit as close as you can and look sad and let the drool fall to the floor, or better yet, on their laps.SNIFF:A social custom to use when you greet other dogs. Place your nose as close as you can to the … (20 comments)

dogs: 22 dogs in station wagon with owner! - 02/19/09 03:16 AM

On Monday, the police in Pottsboro, Texas seized 22 dogs in a car, locked in and the driver woman inside. Pottsboro is just outside Sherman and about 70 miles north of Dallas.
The 22 dogs were crammed in a station wagon type of car. The owner refused to open the doors when a constable tried to serve her a warrant for the seizure of the dogs.
How can you drive with 22 dogs in your car? Can you imagine the potential risk that driving with 22 dogs in a car can cause to other drivers?
Here is what the Society … (25 comments)

dogs: Unconditional Puppy Love! - 01/29/09 02:40 PM
Every day when I get home, I am greeted by my welcome home committee!
My two Golden Retrievers, Bailey & Baxter are always waiting by the utility room door to greet me with wagging tails and expressions of their love for me.
Baxter normally finds something to bring me like a slipper, shoe, or even his bone. Then he whines while holding his ‘treasure.'
Have you ever seen the movie, Men in Black? When they place the alien colony in Will Smith's locker and the tiny beings all chant, "All hail J! All hail J! All hail J!" Well it's like … (16 comments)

dogs: Put your heads together! - 01/27/09 11:59 AM
I have been integrating my Golden Retrievers, Bailey & Baxter into my Realtor marketing for some time now.
It seems to stand out as different from all the other house pictures out there promoting Real Estate. This is my latest marketing piece that I have created using my dogs.

Does it catch your attention? Would it make you stop and look at it compared to everything else in your office mail box?
I use 5.5 x 8.5 full color, glossy post cards to give it a professional appearance.

The funny thing is, that I think I promote and market my community more because … (12 comments)

dogs: Doggie Style Marketing! - 01/19/09 02:50 PM
Thanks so much to the collective Active Rain Think Tank!
In my previous post, Doggie Style, I had solicited the help of Active Rain on a marketing project that I was doing for my friend, Henry.
I posted a cute picture of a Yorkie curled up asleep in the covers and asked for a clever tag line.
We were so pleased and overwhelmed by the outpouring of humor and suggestions! We couldn't believe the amount of choices we had in such a short time.
The tag line we finally selected was "Who says you have to give up luxury in a patio … (11 comments)

dogs: Doggie Style - 01/06/09 12:06 AM
Marketing gurus often mention thinking outside the box and grabbing your audience's attention. They also advise to know your target market.
I am working on a marketing piece for a coworker and we were brain storming on what message he wanted to use to appeal to his audience.
He sells patio homes at Sedona in Frisco and the majority of his buyers are empty nesters who are down sizing and single women who want a low maintenance lifestyle. The common thread they both have is that they are small dog owners.
Another friend provided me with a picture of her adorable dog, … (72 comments)

dogs: Live Puppy Cam! - 11/15/08 03:33 AM
Just when you think you have seen it all, along comes Puppy Cam! Here is a heart warming story that is guaranteed to lift your spirit!
A San Francisco couple wanted to be able to keep an eye on their dog Kika's litter of Shiba Inu puppies while they were at work. They placed a web cam in the dog crate where the puppies stay and use a live video stream through to spy on the adorable six puppies who are now five weeks old Workers in the office at noticed the cuddly pups online and realized that it … (25 comments)

dogs: Dog Day Afternoon - 08/25/08 04:52 AM

Here is a picture of my dogs, Bailey and Baxter, after a long day of swimming at my parents house. I saw the picture of the dog sleeping on the bed which was hanging over the bed and thought that it offered nice symmetry.
My mother was not nearly as pleased as I was with the results. She couldn't believe that I had let two damp dogs on her clean, white bed spread.
It was all in the name of art :-)

For more information please contact Lara O'Keefe at 972.838.9156 or visit Hunter's Creek.

dogs: Do your dogs sleep on your bed? - 08/24/08 01:26 PM

I think that you know my answer from the picture!
Our first dog, Bailey, was sweet and quiet and adjusted well to crate training at night and when we were not home. We just had to do it for the first couple of "puppy brain" years.
He was so good that we got a second "child." We picked Baxter because he was sweet and quiet. That is until we got some food in him and this dog barked for everything! Needless to say, crate training did not go nearly as well. Baxter barked and whined and cried some more! The second … (112 comments)

dogs: Funny Story-911 Puppy Emergency - 08/20/08 01:43 PM
I promise that this blog will not make you cry.
It has a happy ending with two very spoiled Golden retriever buddies, Bailey & Baxter!

Bailey was about 6 months when he out grew his crate (over night) and was trusted alone in the master bedroom while we were out. I had read all the puppy books and treated the corners of the walls and the window sills with "bitter apple." Apparently I missed a corner. We got home and Bailey was standing on the bed eating the stuffing out of our comforter! Upon closer investigation, he had … (8 comments)

dogs: McKinney, Beat the Heat, Golden Retriever Misting System - 08/13/08 02:38 PM
How to beat the heat in McKinney, Texas!
Texas summers can feel like it's as hot as the surface of  the sun!
We have found a way to combat this oppressive heat! A highly specialized, personal misting system.

Our two Golden Retrievers, Bailey and Baxter, are so glad that we built them their very own swimming pool!
Once a week, we take time away from Real Estate to beat the heat.
It starts the moment we turn on the outside speakers. Their excitement starts to build. Once they see the bathing suits, the barking to go … (14 comments)

dogs: Hound Mounds-"#1 in the #2 business!" - 08/08/08 02:41 PM
 Marketing is every good salesperson's hobby.
We cannot seem to turn it off sometimes. Well, I was spending the day by the pool with my Golden Retrievers and I was thankful that my husband had talked me into a new poop scooping service. I say this because it was 107 degrees and I did not miss the foul odor.
This got me wondering about clever names for such services. I googled it and was amazed how creative and funny these company names were. So I decided to share them with you: 
•·        Doody Calls
•·        Scoop Le Poop
•·        Muttley's Maid

dogs: Bailey's Big Adventure - 08/06/08 04:17 PM

"Hello, I'm Bailey and I had a very exciting adventure!
My mom and dad cam home from Petco and gave my brother Baxter and I some raw hide treats. We had been very good dogs, so we deserved a special treat.
Well, I was very happy and gobbled my treat down as fast as I could, hoping to get another right away. I tried to swallow and couldn't. I started to gasp and then cough. That raw hide had lodged itself in my throat! I started to make strange noises that my parents didn't recognize.
They realized I was choking and … (4 comments)

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