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Take it! I should end the blog there, but in fairness, I'll fill you in on some news you can use. Sellers right now are in a predicament.  If they really want to sell, they have to accept the current financial and economic situation.  Just like there is no magic wand out there for the economy of ...
The dirt on short sales So the housing crash has left at least 11  million people in the unenviable position of owing more on their homes than they are worth.  Although it seems grim, we are in a much better place than we were in the fall of 2008.  That was a scary time. We've had a year and a h...
Is submitting a low offer like gambling? Now I know what people are going to say. It's still a buyer's market. This is true if your definition of a buyer's market is affordable prices and low interest rates but as far as home prices are concerned probably not. I recently read an article stating ...
The Department of Housing and Urban Development have launched investigation into some mortgage lenders. Am I the only one that feels like these banks have gone completely haywire? The most recent news that I've heard is that multiple investigations were ordered following a report in the New York ...
I'm asked this all the time. Do you have to be there at closing if you're buying or selling?  Do you have to sit at a closing table? This question has been popping up often because I've had quite a few clients from out-of-area.  I'm going to really go out on a limb and say that I hope that means ...
Comic Con Happy Sunday San Diego!  Today is the last day of the weekend, so make it count! The San Diego Real Estate Cafe picked out unique and interesting events for this week that can appeal to a wide range of people.  There's lots to do in San Diego, so if there is something specific you're l...
You'd think after everything that has happened with the housing economy (and the economy in general) that everyone would lay off the scams.  Well they won't. Real  estate and mortgage fraud are vast.  An estimated $4 billion to $6 billion in annual losses result from it according to FBI reports. ...
Have changes in your current economic status made it harder to keep your pet? I was thinking about this and wondered about people who have come to the unfortunate realization that they might have to give up their pet.  It's a tough and hard call to have to part with pets no matter how long you've...
Every once in awhile, especially in this market, a seller has one of those buyers that he just can't deal with anymore. Truthfully, you've lived in your home for years and years.  Raised your kids in the home, did upgrades, had parties, had dogs tear up the furniture, sat around the table and had...
Now this is one of the questions I've been asked several times. Many renters out there have seen their rental properties hit by the recent increase in foreclosures. More often than not the landlord doesn't inform them that anything is wrong and tenants find out when someone comes and puts up an a...

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