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of a fast and fun Holiday Season!I dressed as Cleopatra at a Halloween Party this week and got a new client.  Dont forget to take your business cards with with to all those party's. Over the years I have gained many new clients this way. It's a great way to meet new people and have some fun! Have...
  It's that time of year again where we all go celebrate Halloween. However, this year I was planning to stay at home, pass out candy and enjoy some peace and quiet. However, Ive just been invited to a neighborhood Halloween Party and guess what? I have no Costume!!  At this late date I'm not su...
I agreee that Mickey needs to be stoped at the source! No one wants to deal with rodents. I am very thankful that my one encounter with a mouse was minimal.Stop Mickey at the Source !  Home Inspections Seattle | Bellevue | Everett Rodents can cause thousands of dollars in damage to crawlspaces. F...
Hello Everyone. I'm having a great day and hope that you are as well. Here is a re-blog that was posted by Curtis. I like the tips about what you should do after you have been rejected for a home loan. There are a few I had not considered. Some borrowers think that because their mortgage applicat...
     One of the key factors when deciding which agent to work with is negotiations!  It just is.  With all the factors that go ino the process, you just want to make sure that you don’t leave anything on the table while not turning relations between all the parties into sour grapes. What are the ...
    With hundreds of thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure, are there any financial tools available to distressed borrowers that haven’t been tried yet? And is there a way to help owners that won’t rack up huge federal expenditures and add to the deficit? The Obama administration has been ex...
I'm going to venture out into the scary Haunted Trail of Balboa Park this weekend! I hear it's an experience in outdoor terror that is too big to house indoors.  The trail is one mile long and full of surprises. Not sure if I'm ready for this or not. This is not recommended for children under 10...
  Ever think that you know exactly what is going on with your credit score?  Well, think that no more! Some 14 million Americans have errors on their credit report because of medical collections according to the Commonweath Fund, a Washington-based nonprofit focused on health care research.  Thes...
      The news on the streets is indicating that starting October 2011 buying a luxury home is going to be a little more difficult. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will no longer secure loans at $729,750.00 in places where real estate is high like San Diego.  The new number is going to be reduced to a...
      I attend a lot of networking groups in San Diego and just last week we had finished a networking meeting in which a new member was voted in. After the meeting, the new member came up to pick my brain about her property which is listed for sale.  She seemed a little nervous since she had spo...

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