krista lombardi: BIG Incentives to Sell Your San Diego Real Estate! - 01/18/12 03:38 AM
There are a lot of Short Sale Incentive programs out there these days!
Of course, there is everyone’s favorite—HAFA which gives the seller $3,000.00 at close of escrow. Then, there is also the Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale Program which we closed recently and got the sellers $2,000.0o, there’s TAP, and there are even short sale incentives offered by such banks as Citi, Wachovia, and Litton Loan Servicing. But, the biggest short sale incentive of all and the one that is getting the most media hype right now is a short sale incentive program offered by Chase … (2 comments)

krista lombardi: A Jewel in La Jolla - 01/17/12 08:31 AM
Check out this amazing home only a few blocks from the beach in La Jolla, CA


Location, location, location! This La Jolla bungalow is just 4 blocks walk from Marine Street Beach as well as Wind & Sea Beach. This property is the perfect way to get into this highly desirable and saturated location. Home is close but not to close to bustling La Jolla village. Property has tons of potential as can be seen by surrounding homes in the area. This is the perfect market to make the move to La Jolla. There's … (0 comments)

krista lombardi: Your Get Out of Jail Free Card for Real Estate - 01/13/12 10:35 AM
    If you miss a mortgage payment, the lender has a right to foreclose — to sell your property and recover the loan amount plus foreclosure costs. However, lenders sometimes prefer to work out matters so that foreclosures can be avoided because a typical foreclosure action results in a $40,000 loss to the loan owner. If you can make up the missing payment and otherwise satisfy the lender it may be possible to avoid foreclosure. Not foreclosing is an act of forbearance.
This post is about not being foreclosed on, especially if you lost your job.
Let’s just call it … (0 comments)

krista lombardi: National Association of Realtors Versus New Housing Tax Legislation - 01/06/12 08:24 AM
The National Association of Realtors recently reported on legislation signed into law that will be taxing housing to pay for the extension of the payroll tax, and maintain Medicare payments and unemployment benefits.
Despite the Association’s strong opposition to diverting housing resources to pay for non-housing uses which will increase in fees on mortgages and charges for lower downpayment loans are being used to pay for the extensions.
What is unfortunate is that these increases will translate into additional costs for home buyers and sellers, people who already pay a hefty sum of money to … (0 comments)

krista lombardi: Mission Hills Deal Alert - 12/28/11 10:58 AM
We were out looking into some properties that have shown up as great deals in the 92103 Mission Hills area.
This property is not a short sale so you do not have to wait between 3 months to 1 year to hear back from a bank only to realize that they are not interested in your price or terms and ask for money.
This property is located just after Park Boulevard heading toward Morley Field at 3440 Georgia Street.
It comes out to about $425.00/square foot. Down roughly $75.00/80 per square foot from last year.
Interested in best buys in … (1 comments)

krista lombardi: Unusual 2012 Resolutions - 12/27/11 08:28 AM
With every New Year comes the same old resolutions. Loose weight, Exercise more, etc..etc..
So this year I decided to ask a few friends to give me one resolution that was something new they have never considered in years past.  
This is what they came up with. :)

1. Pet a Panda

2. Become Famous

3. Save Up for Plastic Surgery

4. Become a Better Lover

5. Grow Hair like Lady Gaga

krista lombardi: What should I make for Christmas Eve Dinner? - 12/22/11 08:06 AM
This year I will be house sitting at a friends home where I'm expecting 6 guest for Christmas Eve Dinner. The only problem is I have no idea what to make?!

I've decided to incorperate decor elements from this photo.

Maybe a Christmas Ham with a few side dishes? I really have no idea what would be appropiate. Does anyone have some suggestions for me?

krista lombardi: A look at Old Town in San Diego - 12/21/11 04:13 AM
Here is a recent video we made with some friends in Old Town, San Diego. Old Town has a lot of culture. You can find specialty shops with handcrafted items, home made tortillas and some of the best Margaritas in San Diego. Gary and Justin are two of the friendly locals you might run into while visiting Americas Finest City.

krista lombardi: The Scoop on Governmet Refinance Program for Help - 12/12/11 03:56 AM

Lately with the economy the way that it is, lots of people need lots of help to be able to make it month to month. It hasn’t been easy lately.
So as of December 1, 2011 they have made changes to the Housing Affordability Program. And while this has not been wildly successful over the course of the years, the changes are expected to have improved so that more people can be helped.
Nothing tried, nothing gained. So…what is the scoop?
- Starting December 1, 2011 authorized lenders may begin the loan application process … (0 comments)

krista lombardi: What's You Favorite Holiday Movie or TV Program? - 12/07/11 08:06 AM

When I was growing up my favorite holidays special was How The Grinch Stole Christmas. It still brings me fond memories of my childhood with my mom and dad. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas is another favorite of mine!

and dont forget Year Without a Santa Clause. I loved this show as well!

As I got older I moved onto Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas Special!
What are some of your favorite holiday shows that I might have missed?

krista lombardi: Holiday Party Idea - 12/06/11 07:16 AM

This year Ive decided to host a Winter Wonderland Party. Here is my party guide so far. Let me know if you have any other fun ideas to contribute?
Winter Wonderland Ive asked asked guests to wear white or blue.  Im going to use clear glass or clear plates and paper lace cake rounds for placemats. You can even use the small ones for place cards.
White pillar candles and tapers as well as white twinkling lights for ambiance. Also incorporate white and blue christmas lights you may have.
Foods and Beverages
Shrimp cocktail Baked brie and crackers White cheese … (4 comments)

krista lombardi: What's San Diego Like? - 12/06/11 04:10 AM
Just wanted to take a moment to introduce everyone to Mark and Gary. Two great guys in San Diego. Gary is an excelent handyman and Mark owns a fantastic Bistro in Old Town called 25 Forty. Give them both a try some time.


krista lombardi: Jungle Bells!! - 12/02/11 04:08 AM

What kind of exotic animal gets its wings every time a jungle bell rings? Find out for yourself during our Jungle Bells celebration, when the San Diego Zoo is transformed into a magical winter wonderland. You’ll find a nightly tree-lighting ceremony, bell ringers filling the air with music, and lighted animal figures dotting the grounds.
If you read my blog then it's no secret that I love going to the San Diego Zoo and Jungle Bells is one of the best times to visit.



krista lombardi: 32nd Annual OB Holiday Parade - 12/01/11 10:55 AM

Come out join the local Obecians for the 32nd Annual Holiday Parade! The Ocean Beach Annual Parade, Saturday, December 3rd, 2011, is hosted by the Ocean Beach Town Council's Tree Committee. Every year, Newport Ave. is taken over by the geriaitric surf team, motorcycle riding dogs and marching bands - plus Santa Claus on a fire truck! Come early to get a spot, there is parking throughout the neighborhood. Parade start time is 5:05pm. This year's theme is Surfer's Paradise. It's always a fun time!

krista lombardi: 2012 Top Influential Nominee - 11/30/11 06:56 AM
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                        Krista Lombardi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Readers of The Daily Transcript recently nominated Krista Lombardi as a Top Influential – a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the real estate industry and our business community.
Publishing December 30, 2011, San Diego’s Top Influentials will highlight the Who’s Who in San Diego business, profiling the top newsmakers of 2012. The special publication will also feature lists from San Diego’s prominent industry sectors, combining thought-provoking editorial and useful data to offer the best resource for San Diego business.

krista lombardi: Travel Safety Tips - 11/29/11 05:45 AM

If you are going to travel this holiday season be sure to remember the following travel tips. Have a Wonderful Holiday!!
1. When you travel, plan ahead. Use your GPS and plan your route there and back. Get a weather forecast and remember to check for road or highway closures.
2. Travel and conduct your business or shopping during daylight hours if possible.
3.Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and that you have an extra battery and charger. If possible, know the emergency cell codes for your area.
4. Keep a Breakdown Kit … (0 comments)

krista lombardi: 5 Fun Facts for Thanksgiving - 11/21/11 07:01 AM
I did a little reaserch and found a lot of  fun facts sourrounding Thanksgiving. Here are some you may not have heard of.

1. The author of Mary Had a Little Lamb ( Sara Hale) was credited as the person most responsible for making Thanksgiving a U.S. National Holiday.

2. In 1939, Franklin Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving to one week earlier than usual so that Christmas Shopping would last longer. After pubic disapproval, he later admitted his mistake and officially made the fourth Thursday in November a National Holiday for Thanksgiving.  

3. The Worlds Largest … (3 comments)

krista lombardi: Real Estate Is More Affordable! - 11/18/11 04:35 AM

 Lower prices and interest rates in the third quarter of 2011 contributed to an improvement in housing affordability for California home buyers.

The percentage of home buyers who could afford to purchase a median-priced home in California rose to 52 percent in the third quarter of 2011, up from 51 percent in second-quarter 2011 and was up from 46 percent in the third quarter of 2010, according to C.A.R.’s Traditional Housing Affordability Index (HAI).


San Diego real estate affordability went from 14% in 2005 to 41% in the 2nd quarter of this year … (0 comments)

krista lombardi: The Truth About Real Estate Auctions - 11/17/11 07:59 AM

Real estate auctions are interesting, usually there is a reserve price so a lot of people get brought in by a low advertised price and then get caught up in the excitement of it all and pay much more than they had anticipated or budgeted for.
Well just recently six people including two licensed real estate brokers have pleaded guilty to conspiring to rig bids at public foreclosure auctions in California.
Prosecutors said that the conspirators would rig the auctions so that the prices would stay low. Once the bidder bought the property at the … (1 comments)

krista lombardi: The Old Globe's Annual Christmas Tree Lighting - 11/16/11 05:37 AM

The  Old Globe Christmas Tree Lighting will kick off the holiday season in conjunction with San Diego's favorite holiday musical, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas!   This is a this free event and will be held on November 21st at 6pm at the Old Globe Copley Plaza in Balboa Park.

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