krista lombardi: My Top 10 Songs I Can Listen To On Repeat - 07/22/11 09:34 AM
I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music. Billy Joel
1. Adele- "Rolling In The Deep"Even though many others have covered this amazing song. No one sings it like Adele.
2. The Beatles- "While My Guitar Gently Weeps"George Harrison was studying ancient Chinese text and decided to take its advice – he picked up a random book, saw the words “gently weeps” and started writing.   It’s been covered by just about everyone, and Harrison performed it solo … (3 comments)

krista lombardi: How I Learned Patience - 07/21/11 07:14 AM
 “Patience and fortitude conquer all things.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson
 1. Write it down.  A very effective way of controlling an impulse is by learning to become aware of it. Once you are aware, you have taken the first step to controling it.  
2. What is it that sets you off? As you become aware of loosing your patience, find out what it was that set you off in the first place. Was it that your husband didn't take out the trash? Or maybe it was that your best friend is always interupting as your telling a story. Certain things will happen more frequent … (2 comments)

krista lombardi: My Unexpected Mentor - 07/20/11 09:21 AM
 Many years ago I worked in the hospitality industry as a concierge at a 5 Star Resort. This was a fun and new time in my life. All of a sudden I was attending celebrity party's, hanging out with sport stars and had the "key to my city". Attending comped diners at different restaurants was part of my job and research. I would regularly get invited backstage to concerts, art openings and put on the VIP list of chic nightclub's. Another part of my job at the hotel was to greet people on my VIP list for the day. This particular day I noted that Dr Maya Angelou was … (3 comments)

krista lombardi: Downtime- What I Do Offline to Recharge - 07/18/11 07:24 AM
As agents, we all work very long hours and often forget to recharge our self. It's important to make time to do something fun and offline so that we can continue to perform at out BEST!
I've decided to share a few of my favorite ways to Recharge.
1. Being pampered at The Spa. Oh how I LOVE a good massage and mani/pedi. It improves circulation and I always feel fantastic.
2. Going for a walk at The San Diego Zoo. A fun way to exercise and enjoy your day. It's more fun than the treadmill!
3. Having friends over for Dinner and … (3 comments)

krista lombardi: Friends I Can't Wait To Meet - 07/15/11 07:16 AM
Ive been very lucky in that I already have a lot of wonderful friends. However, I feel that as an Agent we all need to cosistantly branch out to meet new friends and contacts. What friend would you like to meet?
Here is My List:
1. Oprah- Because she's probably tired of Gail by now. LOL
2. Dr. Sally Ride- Not only the first American woman in space, but also the youngest person when she rode the Challenger in 1984.
3. Madonna- Hey, Ive already met her BFF Ingrid. It could happen. :)
4. Neil Armstrong- This is a no brainer.
5. Dr. Mae Jemison- … (3 comments)

krista lombardi: Submit Back Up Offers On Your Short Sales, Here's Why - 07/14/11 04:51 AM
3 cheers to Bank of America!
What?  Did I say that?  One of the most notoriously difficult banks to work with?
Well, I give credit where credit is due, they did something right this time. 
Bank of America is accepting back up offers on short sale listings now. 

That means that if the buyer of your short sale does not move forward with the sale then the back-up buyer can take over without requiring the process to start again.
That saves months and months of time.  Hallelujah!
Read More

krista lombardi: Ten Guilty Pleasures - 07/12/11 11:05 AM
 A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The "guilt" involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes. Fashion, music,and junk food can be examples of guilty pleasures.
 In an effort to come clean, I've decided to share my list with you.
1. All things Barbra Streisand. I mean everything from Funny Girl to her One Voice Concert at " Camp Barbra" LOL
2. Fried Twinkies.
3.80's Music-  It was super cheesy and I LOVE IT!! Wham, Madonna, The Pretenders, Simple Minds, and dont forget to "Wake … (6 comments)

krista lombardi: Mission Hills Historic Home Tour Today! - 04/02/11 04:16 AM
This is Mission Hills Heritage's 7th Annunal Home Tour, highlighting Inspiration Heights!
If you love historical homes, this is the place to be, Mission Hills Heritage opens its doors to all for a wonderful tour of 7 historic homes in the Inspiration Heights area of Mission Hills.  See the beauty and the architectural detail.
These homes make your jaw drop and have the exclusive opportunity to view them today!
Purchase tickets at 1915 Sunset Boulevard, San Diego, CA, 92103, event starts at 11 am and ends at 4 pm.
To view beautiful Mission Hills homes, exclusive photos can be found at

krista lombardi: Gorgeous Banker's Hill Property in San Diego, CA. 92103 - 03/09/11 12:02 PM

Looking for a great central place to live in San Diego California? Then you have to see this unit in the Laurel Bay complex in Banker's Hill situated minutes to downtown San Diego California. This recently constructed complex feels like a tropical paradise with lush landscaping, fountains, island vegetation, pool and much more. As you walk into the main courtyard you'll feel as if you stepped into a Hawaiian oasis and you'll forget your in a major metro area of southern California.

This unit features an open floor plan that makes it ideal for decorating. … (3 comments)

krista lombardi: 3 Gamechangers for San Diego Real Estate in 2011 - 12/26/10 04:28 AM
Everyone in the real estate industry is waiting for 2011 with baited breath.  What will happen with the economy?  There are so many game changers out there right now.
Here are some new programs to look for in 2011.  We'll see as the year progresses if these programs can aid in turning things around.
1.  The VA loan limit has increased to $537,500 which is a $100,000 increase over last years loan limit of $437,500. 
With so many Vets in San Diego, if you are a current or past member of the military 2011 offers a golden opportunity to take advantage … (0 comments)

krista lombardi: Where are the Foreclosures? - 09/25/09 03:29 AM
The Update is that on September 15th the Foreclosure Moratorium Lifted.
So where are all the foreclosures?
Henry Fishkind, an Orlando-based housing economist, says some banks tell him they "are holding back [foreclosed-home] inventory" to avoid depressing prices any more than necessary. "It's in their interest" to avoid flooding the market, and regulators haven't forced them to do so, he says. That suggests that the backlog of homes headed for foreclosure will be stretched out over several years. ...
If that is the case, then we are going to see a turnaround with the housing market.  It may be sluggish, but … (5 comments)

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