san diego real estate market: San Diego's Best Realtor - 02/09/12 03:24 AM

Krista Lombardi Lombardi Wins San Diego’s #1 Realtor Award!
Krista Lombardi of Prudential California Realty has been voted the Union Tribune’s Best Realtor of San Diego by the San Diego readers.
The Union Tribune unveils each year the best of everything in America’s Finest City. They ask their readers to nominate their favorite local places for everything from shopping, surfing, clubbing…and real estate! When all was done and tallied (538,032 tallies to be exact) San Diegans had answered the question, “Who do you love?”
And San Diego voted for Krista Lombardi. “I’m excited and … (4 comments)

san diego real estate market: BIG Incentives to Sell Your San Diego Real Estate! - 01/18/12 03:38 AM
There are a lot of Short Sale Incentive programs out there these days!
Of course, there is everyone’s favorite—HAFA which gives the seller $3,000.00 at close of escrow. Then, there is also the Bank of America Cooperative Short Sale Program which we closed recently and got the sellers $2,000.0o, there’s TAP, and there are even short sale incentives offered by such banks as Citi, Wachovia, and Litton Loan Servicing. But, the biggest short sale incentive of all and the one that is getting the most media hype right now is a short sale incentive program offered by Chase … (2 comments)

san diego real estate market: A Jewel in La Jolla - 01/17/12 08:31 AM
Check out this amazing home only a few blocks from the beach in La Jolla, CA


Location, location, location! This La Jolla bungalow is just 4 blocks walk from Marine Street Beach as well as Wind & Sea Beach. This property is the perfect way to get into this highly desirable and saturated location. Home is close but not to close to bustling La Jolla village. Property has tons of potential as can be seen by surrounding homes in the area. This is the perfect market to make the move to La Jolla. There's … (0 comments)

san diego real estate market: Your Get Out of Jail Free Card for Real Estate - 01/13/12 10:35 AM
    If you miss a mortgage payment, the lender has a right to foreclose — to sell your property and recover the loan amount plus foreclosure costs. However, lenders sometimes prefer to work out matters so that foreclosures can be avoided because a typical foreclosure action results in a $40,000 loss to the loan owner. If you can make up the missing payment and otherwise satisfy the lender it may be possible to avoid foreclosure. Not foreclosing is an act of forbearance.
This post is about not being foreclosed on, especially if you lost your job.
Let’s just call it … (0 comments)

san diego real estate market: STOP!!Did You Check Your Credit Score? - 10/20/11 07:54 AM

Ever think that you know exactly what is going on with your credit score?  Well, think that no more!
Some 14 million Americans have errors on their credit report because of medical collections according to the Commonweath Fund, a Washington-based nonprofit focused on health care research. 
These routinely small-balance blemishes can go unnoticed for years and can be a death sentence for refinancing because they can cause outright refusals or make closing costs so high that you decide not to refinance at all.
One case was a resident of Texas who pays 7% on her mortgage.  In October … (3 comments)

san diego real estate market: Free Money? Anyone? Buehler? - 10/13/11 09:07 AM

The federal government can’t even give money away to help the unemployed pay their mortgage.  How sad is that?
A $1 billion program to assist the jobless will likely end up spending only half the funds because the criteria is just too strict for most people.
Apparently the Housing Department is only able to qualify 10,000 to 15,000 people. That’s only a tiny sliver of the 100,000 who applied.
Those who are able to make the cut are expected to receive between $35,000 and $45,000 in aid, he said.
The program was modeled after a very successful program … (2 comments)

san diego real estate market: Would You Do The Same? - 10/12/11 06:34 AM

Answering all of your phone calls is always an interesting experience.  You never know who you’ll find on the other end of the line.  Could be a disgruntled agent, it could be an old friend, it could be a new buyer or seller, basically it could be great or horrible, you just never know till you answer the phone.
So guess what happened the other day?
I missed a call.  It went to voicemail.  At the other end of the line was this frail crackled voice.  I couldn’t understand it too well so I called back, uncertain of who … (5 comments)

san diego real estate market: A simple way I found to make real estate videos. - 10/10/11 06:48 AM
Good Morning Active Rain friends. Be sure to check out the link below.  It shows you how to make easy Real Estate Videos for your business. I like it a lot and hope it will help you as well. You can gain free access by entering your email. It's worth a try.
  <!-- widget-pre-headline -->     Free Video Training Series Reveals Why Making Video Is Currently The Largest Marketing Opportunity In The Real Estate Industry Period!

san diego real estate market: Kids FREE in October - 10/07/11 06:48 AM
Want to tap into your child's creativity? Well now is your chance! October is the time to bring the kids to The Museums of San Diego and San Diego Zoo.
Some of the places you will want visit are:

San Diego Veterans Museum
A great place to visit and remember our Veterans.

Natural History Museum
Kids and adults always enjoy the Dinosaurs!

Photographic Arts Museum 
 The architecture at this museum is breathtaking.  

San Diego Zoo
I will be at the zoo on Saturday to see all my favorite zoo friends.

Birtch Acquarium
The … (2 comments)

san diego real estate market: Photos From The Union Tribune Awards Party - 10/06/11 11:04 AM

Here I am with my assistant Alex. We all had a great time that night.
The food was delish and we gave away lot of prizes.
The Charger Cheerleaders were at our event signing calanders and adding more fun to our party.

Here I am with Jim Reifeiss our Branch Manager of Prudential California Realty.
Big Thanks to The Fleetwood, The Union Tribune, The Charger Girls, and all THE WINNERS!!!
Hope to see everyone again next year.

san diego real estate market: Thank You Active Rain Friends - 10/03/11 06:39 AM

With sincere apprieciation, I would like to thank you for joining us at the Union Tribune awards party.  We had a great turn out and I thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our event.  
We hope you will be celebrating victory with us again next year.
Krista Lombardi

san diego real estate market: Facebook Contest Winners - 09/29/11 04:57 AM
It's time to announce the Winners for our first Facebook Contest for Real Estate Video Magic.

san diego real estate market: Facebook Contest - 09/22/11 05:01 AM
Hello Active Rainers. Please take a moment to watch this short video and join Real Estate Video Magic's Face Book Contest. It's Fun and you can win prizes up to $10,000

san diego real estate market: Feds Warn Against Tax Scammers - 09/21/11 05:05 AM

The Internal Revenue Service is warning Californians about a ring of scammers who take advantage of people by posing as tax preparers.
The San Jose Mercury News says the scammers target mainly Asian groups at community centers and churches. They charge up to $200 and offer to help their victims get tax credits through a program that doesn’t exist.
IRS spokesman Jesse Walter says the agency has received hundreds of reports of the scam in recent weeks from San Jose, Oakland, Sacramento, Fresno and other cities.
No arrests have been made yet.

san diego real estate market: When Will Home Prices Turn Around in San Diego? - 09/20/11 08:03 AM

Nationwide, the U.S. housing market remains deep in the doldrums and economists expect prices to fall another 5% to 10% in many places.
Email us questions about home prices in your area at
In a few of the hardest-hit areas, such as Detroit, homes have become so cheap that it no longer makes sense to rent.
In other places, like Los Angeles, price drops haven’t stopped, but they’ve slowed, and homes are selling faster. Plus, even if your area is still hurting, your neighborhood might be on its way back.
Here’s what the economists are saying, when … (0 comments)

san diego real estate market: Which Real Estate Data is Reliable? - 09/09/10 01:34 PM

In real estate trends, who's right, who's wrong and who's just plain lost?
Are you or anyone you know confused about the current San Diego real estate market? With every article the confusion grows because they all seem to have varying perspectives on the market. Whether you're buyer or seller, which one can you trust? I read from various sources of real estate data to get as large a cross section view of the market as possible.
We're all familiar with sources such as, and NAR (National Association of REALTORS). The thing we have to understand that the … (3 comments)

san diego real estate market: San Diego Rents Are Steady - 09/08/10 11:10 AM

How much longer will rents hold steady?
As a REALTOR in San Diego I look at all aspects of the San Diego real estate market. Today I was looking over some rental statistics that drew my attention. This was an article on the stability of rental prices here in San Diego.
The article goes on to basically say that rental prices are relatively steady with very low vacancy. This could be an indicator that some of the potential buyers that didn't take advantage of the several first time home buyer credit have decided to step onto the sidelines. Being a first … (1 comments)

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