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  To compile a time capsule of the year 2011, there was an obsession with the Royal Wedding, drama with marriages and divorces (Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries) and Lindsay Lohan’s woes.   But there have been other dramas — of the real estate kind, all obsessions in real estate.   Here are fiv...
Ive spent some time in Austin, TX and I agree that it is a beautiful/cool place to be. The music scene, the bats under the bridge in summer and Lake Travis are all good reasons to live there. The price of homes are still affordable. What more do you need?   Where are today's Young Adults, aged 25...
Here is a video I did with Bruce Jenner. We talk about real estate and why I have a coach. Bruce is a very warm and wonderful man and I'm glad he took the time to make this video with me.  Are any of you using a real estate coach? Do you feel that using a coach has helped you achieve your career ...
Good Morning. After reading Suzi's blog today, I was very suprised that this was happening. Unscrupulous debt-buyers! What a horrible thing. I wonder if this kind of thing can be stopped?The improper re-aging of debt can significantly-and negatively impact borrwers' ability to secure a mortgage. ...
  In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I've decided to make a list of things that I'm thankful for.   1. My Parents- Both of my parents gave me a wonderful childhood. They made sure that I was comfortable in every social setting and often exposed me to people of different economic back-rounds so that ...
Jeanna has a very good question in her post today. I know a lot of us as Realtors are competitive but how many of us take the time to help out new Realtors? Ive had many mentors in my life and I hope to be able to pass that along to others. What are your thoughts?  To Help or not to Help…it is re...
Good Morning everyone. Mary Ann has posted some good information about Obama's new mortgage refi plan. I was not aware that many of the extra fees to participate in the program have been waived! This is good  news to hear. The Ins and Outs of Obama's New Mortgage Refi Plan Daily Real Estate News ...
Ive been trying to make more videos for my listings and blogs. Here is my latest video that shows off my new listing in La Jolla, CA. Check it out and let me know your thoughts. I've been using Real Estate Video Magic which has made it much easier. Are you making videos for your listings as well?...
Here is an adorable listing that is cute, cozy and walking distance to Balboa Park. It shows very easy and has breathtaking amenities. Perfect for 1st time buyers. You can enjoy beautiful fountains,herb gardens, pool and spa. You can be in the heart of it all in your own private oasis while enjoy...
this is one of my favorite places to visit in San Diego. The Barefoot Bar in summer is fantastic. All rooms are seperate bungalows. There is a world class pool and spa, mini golf, and beautiful gardens to explore. The Baleen restaurant is very good and located on an island with bay views. Be sure...

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